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Beth Deja

Beth Deja, LCSW

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you are in crisis mode, and sometimes you just need someone to talk to for support. My goal is to help you manage distress, as well as help you determine where your issue comes from in the first place. Originally from Michigan, I gave up cold winters for the palm trees of sunny San Diego. I am empathetic, nonjudgmental, and authentic with a Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 10 years

Katina Boulai

Katina Boulai, MA, LMFT

My name is Katina Boulai and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. I know that seeking help can be a difficult choice but you are not alone. I have many years experience working with families, couples, and individuals using a relational, cognitive behavioral therapy and family systems approach. I have experience with diverse populations with issues relating to depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, parenting, divorce, grief, life transitions, and Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 8 years

Dr. Elizabeth Kane

Dr. Elizabeth Kane, PhD, LMFT

Seeking additional support for areas in our lives that are in need of attention is a wonderful way to focus on personal growth! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of CA. With over 13 years of educational experience in the field of counseling psychology including an earned Doctoral degree in Psychology as well as over 10 years in clinical practice, I blend both my research and clinical skills to Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 11 years

Deanna Daniels

Deanna Daniels, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Coach with 16 years of clinical experience. My guiding approach to effective therapy focuses on seeing the problem as separate from the person. I believe that people are the experts of their own lives. I choose to sit in a place of curiosity to help you uncover already present strengths or develop new approaches to life's challenges. I work collaboratively with those who Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 17 years

Amanda Wiginton

Amanda Wiginton, LMFT

Throughout our lives, we are faced with many challenges and counseling can help provide the tools needed to overcome these life obstacles in a healthy way. It is vitally important to the therapeutic process to find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and trust. I hope to be this person for you. I believe that therapy is a collaboration and together we can focus on issues that may be negatively impacting your healthy development Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 8 years

Bonnie Monfils

Bonnie Monfils, Lmft, M.S.

Hello! My name is Bonnie and I am Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. I received my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Practitioner of Clinical Counseling. My career started at a Dual diagnosis clinic helping individuals with mental health and substance use issues. I have also volunteered much of my time with the LGBTQ community. Within in the last four years my work has been in community mental health, child welfare, family Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 6 years

Molly  Roha-Fuentes

Molly Roha-Fuentes, MS, LMFT

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California with over 10 years of experience working as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. I've worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship and family issues, parenting, communication, life changes and grief and loss. My style is warm, open and engaging, and I believe in treating everyone with respect and compassion. I take an eclectic approach with clients, and Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 10 years

Dr. Negar Nazari

Dr. Negar Nazari, Ph.D.

Contemplating therapy is a courageous first step and I admire your decision to seek help. Perhaps you have been overworked, feeling stressed, worried, and struggling to keep it all together. I will meet you as you are and create a safe space to explore your unique inner world. Together we can identify your strengths, change old patterns, increase self-compassion, strengthen coping skills, enhance relationships, and make life much more meaningful. I provide an environment that Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 8 years

Rebecca Tekeian

Rebecca Tekeian, MA, LPCC

Hello, my name is Rebecca! I am so glad that you have found time to read my page. Receiving counseling services myself in the past, I know how important it is to choose the right counselor, the right therapist. It is important to know their values and to become familiar with how they work. As a counselor, it is important to identify the tools needed to address each individual and the issues that they face Read More...
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  • Languages: English, Armenian
  • Experience: 5 years

Jesse Moon

Jesse Moon, MA, LMFT

I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California. This includes the treatment of individuals. I have experience as a practicing psychotherapist and Life Coach. I treat anxiety, depression,post traumatic stress, sexuality, marriage/ relationship issues, stress, addictions, self esteem, career issues and a desire to increase your sense of happiness,well being and personal growth. I have expertise in Anger Management.. My approach is a combination of a humanistic strength based approach as well as Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 11 years

Overview of Mental Health Resources in Vallejo, California

Vallejo is in the San Francisco area of California. It is an area that offers the best of both worlds. There is culture, found in the museums and theme parks. But it also has areas of undisturbed terrain for hikers and trail seekers. The city was actually the capital of California twice in its history. Today, it’s considered the most culturally diverse city in the county.

Even before other cities recognized the gay community, Vallejo was known for being all embracing. It has a very heavy LGBTQIA community. This is not surprising given that it is so close the San Francisco.

The median household income is only $59,000. The biggest employer are medical centers, schools and Six Flags. The city is very small, with only about 30 square miles of livable space. The other 20 square miles are made up of water. The poverty level is low, at just 17%, despite the low household income level.

Mental Health Statistics for Vallejo

Vallejo is a small city. The population is only 119,000 people. The county estimates that about 5-8% of their residents suffer from depression and other serious mental health issues. The problem is these numbers only account for people who respond to surveys or actually receive mental health treatment.

Vallejo, and Solano county in general, have a plethora of mental health resources. There are close to 400 mental health practitioners in the city. The county prides itself on having the resources their citizens need for mental health care. However, again, these assumptions are based on people who actually seek out treatment. There are plenty of people who don’t seek out help.

Impact of Not Receiving Treatment in Vallejo, California

Vallejo does have several large medical centers that offer their residents mental health treatment. It is really a matter of people being aware of the resources and willing to seek assistance. A lot of people, especially minorities and members of the LGBQ community, are afraid to seek out help.

A lack of mental health resources can lead to:

  • Suicide
  • Divorce
  • Homelessness
  • Unemployment
  • Cyclical poverty
  • Substance abuse

When people are embarrassed of their identity, they are less likely to ask for help.

What Makes Vallejo Unique When It Comes to Mental Health?

Vallejo is a very small city in a very large state. The average income is low. People seem to either have a great job at a medical center or they work for minimum wage at a theme park. With this dichotomy between the cultures, you can expect there to be issues in seeking out mental health assistance.

  • Culture: Vallejo is made up of just about every culture group you can imagine. It is the most ethnically diverse city in the country as of 2012. It also has a very large LGBT community.
  • Economic: The median household income is under $60,000 and it is expensive to live in the city. This doesn’t leave a lot of extra money for therapy and counseling.
  • Climate: The climate is more seasonal than other parts of California. It can be a very foggy and wet place at times. This can lead to depression and seasonal affective disorder.

Divorce Rate in Vallejo, California

The divorce rate in Vallejo is about 11%. This is higher than most American cities. The number is also a bit misleading. There is a high percentage of the population (33%) in Vallejo who were never married. One possible reason for this is gay sub-culture in the city. Marriage rates are still lower amongst this group than in mainstream society.

Vallejo suffers from the same issues that trigger divorce in any U.S. city – financial stress, unemployment and fear of marriage.

Mental Health Resources in Vallejo, California

Vallejo doesn’t seem to have a large mental health crisis like some American cities. Less than 10% of the people in Vallejo suffer from serious mental health issues. However, as pointed out earlier, this is only based on reported figures. There are a lot of people who either don’t participate in studies or fail to seek out mental health resources.

There are about 318 mental health professionals for every 100,000 people in Vallejo. This is one of the higher ratios we see for such a small city. The problem isn’t the number of mental health professionals. It is a matter of feeling comfortable seeking out mental health treatment.

E-Counseling Solves the Challenge of Finding a Therapist in Vallejo

E-Counseling believes that everybody deserves good mental health treatment. People in Vallejo need a place to find mental health resources where they feel safe and unjudged. E-Counseling’s directory offers a unique way of having private access to mental health resources.