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Last Updated on November 13th, 2018

On the surface, it may seem like couples counseling might be different from ‘regular’ online therapy. After all, one of the main benefits of online counseling is the convenience of being able to communicate with a therapist whenever you want, something that becomes more difficult once there’s another person involved. However, this is not entirely accurate. For example, many people assume that both people in the relationship need to be part of the counseling session, but this is generally not the case with online therapy, as having the therapist meet with both partners at once is not required in all sessions, and sometimes may never even be necessary.

ReGain is a platform for online therapy, but with a focus on providing therapy to people in relationships, whether it’s done individually or as a couple. Now, there are no shortage of relationship counseling programs online, so what sets ReGain apart from the rest? Let’s find out in my in-depth review.

Company Profile:

If you were to look around, you wouldn’t find too much information about ReGain online. If ReGain wasn’t a brand, this would be cause for concern. However, ReGain is currently considered the go-to online relationship counseling service. Couple that with the discreet nature of their service and it’s no wonder why people will be hard pressed to find much information about them. What I do know is that they were founded in 2016 and are based in California. They employ licensed psychologists only, and they have strict policies in place throughout the entire counseling process, both for the couple and the therapist, which is one of the primary reasons they have received so much positive exposure in the media recently.

Signing Up:

When I tested BetterHelp online therapy, I thought the sign-up process was second to none. It looks like they have met their match. The ReGain sign up process is currently the most straightforward that I have tested to date. There are just the right amount of questions for ReGain to compile enough information about you without it being drawn out and overwhelming. First you are greeted by a question asking if you would allow your partner to join in the therapy session. You can choose either couples counseling of individual counseling. It doesn’t have to be couples counseling only.

ReGain Sign Up Process

ReGain Sign Up Process

You are then asked what benefits you are looking to achieve. You choose from all sorts of answers (in the form of check boxes), such as ‘improve our communication,’ ‘resolve conflicts and disagreements,’ or ‘improve our intimacy.’ ReGain then asks you to answer just a few more questions about yourself and what you prefer, so that they can pick the right relationship counselor for you. Once you are finished with that, all you need to do is create your private account by entering in your name (which doesn’t have to be real), email address, and password.

Creating a ReGain Counseling Account

Creating a ReGain Account

Once that is complete, ReGain asks you for your partner’s first name and if you would like them to invite your partner. Feel free to say no if you’d like to start off your relationship or marriage counseling by yourself. You are then sent a verification code to your email address. Simply enter in the confirmation code into the ReGain website and you are taken to a welcome page, where it explains to you what happens next and how much it will cost ($45/week – which I elaborate on below in the pricing section).


Something important to note about the Regain pricing is that it can range anywhere from $35/week to $80 per week depending on your plan. For my specific needs, Regain charged me $45/week, billed on a monthly basis. The fact that this service is only $45 per week for complete unlimited relationship counseling is simply remarkable. Aside from the fact that traditional face-to-face relationship counseling is expensive, oftentimes therapists will charge an additional ‘x’ percentage because there are two people in the therapy session. This is not the case with ReGain. The $45/week fee won’t change, and both you and/or your partner can benefit from it. More importantly, if you don’t like the service, canceling your subscription is as easy as clicking a button. No, seriously, it is – I tried it.

Usability (Desktop & Mobile):

Like the sign-up process, usability is outstanding. You can tell that this relationship platform was created with love (no pun intended). ReGain didn’t want to add on any stress for a couple already going through various issues. Like a few other online therapy services, ReGain directs you to a user chat room, which essentially looks like the Skype interface, just with different colors. The platform works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. You also don’t need to be online or connected to ReGain all of the time. ReGain will send you email updates, notifying you of when your therapist replies. And, of course, there is an app on both iOS and Android. So, you can connect whenever you feel the need.

ReGain Counseling User Interface

ReGain User Interface

Counselor Support & Effectiveness:

For starters, I would like to make it clear that therapy will only be as effective as you let it be. If you don’t go in with an open mind, don’t expect positive results or change. That said, I found the support to be as personalized as it can be over the internet. Sure, nothing will replace face-to-face therapy, but in all honesty, using an online platform to resolve my relationship issues was just as good. Of course it varies from person to person, and I’m not saying that online relationship counseling is for everyone. However, if you let it help, chances are it will help dramatically. With ReGain, I felt more intimate support than through any other online service. I was connected with Sheri Wyatt (MA, LMHC), with 30 years of experience providing therapy. It also helped that depression and anxiety, which I suffered from mildly in the past, was part of her expertise.

Connected with Sheri Wyatt - Therapist at ReGain Counseling

Connecting with Sheri Wyatt

I signed up for this service specifically because I was going through significant life changes, which primarily affected my behavior toward my spouse. Just as she described before we started therapy, she identified what old mechanism was being triggered and helped me develop newer more useful coping skills. This enabled me to successfully navigate all the current aspects of change and also develop skills that can be used when facing life’s next challenges.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Another reason why ReGain rose to fame in such a short period of time is due to their stringent privacy measures. For starters, there is no need to identify yourself. You can use an alias. Your communication between you and your therapist is protected by state and federal laws. ReGain themselves don’t have access to your chatroom. ReGain also doesn’t work with insurance companies so nothing will ever be shared with any third party. They also employ a ‘Shred’ button within your 256-bit SSL secured and encrypted chatroom, which basically deletes any message you choose. Their servers are hosted in an ‘A Grade’ facility. And, their databases are further encrypted and scrambled, which renders the data useless to hackers in the highly unlikely event of a breach. All in all, ReGain’s security measures are certainly tops in the industry.

ReGain’s Counselor Qualifications:

Every counselor working through ReGain are fully “licensed, trained, experienced and accredited.” They employ PhD/PsyD’s, LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCs or LPCCs. Every counselor has a Masters or Doctoral degree in their field. They are accredited by their state’s board. This means they all have at least 3 years and 2,000 hours of hands on experience under their belts. Online relationship counseling may be new to you but the professionalism through this kind of service is just like you’d receive in-office.

Bottom Line:

If you are in need of relationship or marriage counseling, I strongly recommend ReGain. As mentioned above, online relationship counseling is viewed as a less desirable form of therapy. But, that will change now with ReGain’s dominance in this industry. From professionalism and privacy to usability and pricing, this is definitely the new wave of the future for relationship counseling. Don’t let your relationship go down the drain when it doesn’t have to.

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  • Specializes in relationship counseling
  • Therapy by phone, chat, video and message board
  • All therapists are licensed and experienced
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    My partner and I signed up for Regain as he has aspergers and has had addiction in his past. I have ADD. We specifically asked for a non religious therapist and three times now they have paired us with religious therapists. We signed up for couples counseling and they even paired us with one that didnt do couples. The first therapist quit Regain a week in. So now we are over a week in and do not have a therapist. Getting ahold of Regain is IMPOSSIBLE which does not make me feel good.

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    $45/week is a great option. I don’t necessarily agree with Justin’s review below of how Regain is a replacement for face to face counseling, but it nevertheless is a good option for what it is. If you are going to use this service, I would try and use video based therapy as much as possible, even if you are using Regain alone (i.e. not with your spouse). Couples counseling needs more personalization and intimacy, unlike people who are depressed or anxious who can get by mostly with chat based therapy. So just make sure to set up video therapy as much as possible.

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    Regain counseling says they are not a replacement for face to face counseling but I beg to differ. Our in office appointments almost caused a divorce. By using Regain though, my wife and I were able to initially separate our therapy sessions. We started off with separate therapists and after roughly 10 weeks we decided to use one therapist together – Amber Priestley. We still communicate with Amber separately for the most part but we also have bi weekly video sessions together with her. This has quite literally saved our marriage. There was a HUGE disconnect between me and my wife. Both of our emotional systems were severely affecting our basic behavior toward one another which created a wealth of problems between us. Amber took a liking to us and bothered to understand how both of our emotional systems operate, which enabled her to created effective options for solving our issues.

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    Regain connected me with Laura Pengelly after I answered the questionnaire. She has been very receptive and interactive at the same time. I was worried in the beginning because you have this notion in your mind that marriage counseling involves two people. This isn’t true as the review above mentions. I started marriage therapy *on my own* without my husband. I still have yet to convince him to join me but I am confident now that I will be able to do so. This confidence in large part came from Laura. There was no way I could have gotten to this level with her. Also, by improving on my own behavior, I have seen nice sized improvements in my relationship already. Once my husband joins I am certain things will get much better. We were arguing nonstop almost daily for a little over a year. That has now dropped to once or twice a week, and that’s just on my adjustments alone. Regain is an amazing service.

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