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Last Updated on October 3rd, 2018

Founded only in 2013, BetterHelp has taken off as one of the leaders on online therapy. BetterHelp offers over 2,000 US-based licensed professionals that are certified in virtually all help areas. But, it’s not just about the sheer size of their service that has pushed more than 1,000,000 people to use their platform. Their superiority in personalization and usability, in addition to total anonymity and privacy, is unprecedented.

Company Profile:

Remember, BetterHelp started in 2013. Less than two years after experiencing rapid growth, they were bought by Teladoc, the largest telehealth provider in the country. With hundreds of employees and the Teladoc resources behind them, BetterHelp has been able to focus on making their platform the best in every area. Moreover, the one thing that truly stands out is that BetterHelp realizes that human to human contact should not be replaced. Rather, they are simply leveraging new technology to meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

Signing Up:

If usability is your concern, then look no further. BetterHelp designed one of the most intuitive platforms I have tested. For starters, you will need to sign up for an account. There is no need to use your real name or any other real credentials. If you don’t feel comfortable, using an alias is completely fine. Once you have registered, you will be led to fill out a short questionnaire in a multiple choice format.

BetterHelp Matching Process

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be led to the secured payment page. After entering in payment details, BetterHelp then pairs you with the appropriate therapist based on your answers, while also using their back end algorithms. It is believed that most BetterHelp customers are satisfied with who the algorithm has paired them with. If you are not happy, you can always request a new therapist. Once paired with the therapist, you will be led to a secure and dedicated chat room that only you and your counselor can access. Additionally, this room is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While chats are almost always not in ‘real time,’ BetterHelp counselors make extraordinary efforts to reply as quickly as possible. Moreover, should you want actual ‘live chat,’ you simply need to schedule it in advance with your counselor. The same goes for live phone and live video sessions. All plans come with unlimited chatting – via desktop/app, phone and video – tops in the industry (generally, other online therapy providers will charge an additional fee for phone/video sessions). Starting a phone session is easy as well. You simply need to schedule a date and time with your counselor prior to receiving phone counseling.

Betterhelp Dedicated Chat Room


By now, licensed therapists across the country have heard about BetterHelp and their massive success. Thus, it is not surprising to see thousands of therapists flock to work with BetterHelp. Due to this, I was initially expecting to pay a premium for using their service. However, it turns out BetterHelp is one of the cheapest e-counseling services on the market. Plans start from $35/week and can go up to $55/week. No matter what you pay between those price points, you have access to truly unlimited chat.

Usability (Desktop & Mobile):

From a user experience standpoint, BetterHelp’s platform is very straightforward. Simply log in to your account and you are directed straight to your dedicated chat room. If you have ever used any chat service (like Google Chat or Skype), BetterHelp’s functionality is very similar to these. You send messages with the click of the button while you receive answers as soon as your counselor replies. Moreover, you don’t need to be connected to BetterHelp’s platform at all times. You will receive email notifications informing you of a reply from your therapist. Additionally, you can access the BetterHelp platform both on your desktop and your mobile device. BetterHelp offers a free app for both iOS and Android.

Counselor Support & Effectiveness:

There are those who have said that therapists cannot help people online as much as they do “in-office.” There are numerous factors involved in determining how helpful a therapist can be, many of which have to do with the individual session itself (and not the distance between you and your counselor). Knowing this, I kept an open mind when BetterHelp paired me with a therapist named Idiana Morales. Being that I currently reside in Florida, BetterHelp paired me with Mrs. Morales as she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MS, LMHC) in the state of Florida. As I had started feeling anxious and stressed out for close to a year, I instantly felt some level of comfort when I saw Mrs. Morales credentials. Her specialties are stress, anxiety, relationship, family and anger (with experience in several other fields as well) – essentially the areas I needed help with. It is difficult to accurately describe how helpful Idiana was in a simple review like this. But, for the sake of professionalism and reporting, I will try my best. I am a Type-B personality at heart. Nothing ever bothered me too much. That changed after 8 years of marriage, when I started feeling anxious and animosity toward certain family members. Idiana was able to defuse several situations and enabled me to tackle the underlying issues head on, and in a considerate, timely and professional manner. Overall, the level of support given by my counselor was phenomenal.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

I have seen a decent number of people suggest that e-counseling is not safe. These naysayers claim that in the digital age, nothing is safe. Perhaps that is true, but how safe are “in-office” appointments? Your individual sessions may not be saved but your files and summaries of your sessions are very likely saved on your therapist’s office computer. This is just as susceptible to attack as BetterHelp; however, a hacker would likely have an easier time gaining access to your therapist’s office computer rather than BetterHelp’s sophisticated firewalls. BetterHelp is serious about privacy and takes several steps to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. The BetterHelp browsing encryption system (SSL) is provided by Comodo, a world leader in data security, while messages between you and your counselor are further encrypted with bank grade 256-bit encryption. Moreover, since all BetterHelp counselors are state certified, they are subject to strict local and federal privacy laws, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your medical and other health information is private, and is not shared with insurance companies since BetterHelp doesn’t cooperate with insurance companies. Overall, BetterHelp does an outstanding job protecting your information.

BetterHelp’s Counselor Qualifications:

All BetterHelp counselors are licensed, trained, and accredited at the state level, and each of them hold either a Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their respective field. Moreover, they all have three years and 2,000 hours of hands-on experience, at a minimum. The counselors are psychologists, family therapists, clinical social workers or licensed professional counselors with a broad range of expertise.

Betterhelp Counselor Qualifications

Specialties & Areas of Expertise:

One major benefit to using BetterHelp is that they cover virtually all areas that people would need help with. Though this may seem like a given, it isn’t. There are several e-counseling services that do not offer a full range of areas of expertise. Some of the main areas that BetterHelp covers are:

  • All Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Career
  • Chronic Impulsivity
  • Conflict
  • Depression
  • Eating
  • Educational Assessments
  • Family
  • Grief
  • Health
  • Intimacy
  • Life Transitions
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Religion
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sleeping
  • Social Behavior
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Trauma & Abuse

Bottom Line:

There are an abundant amount of reasons why BetterHelp is a top rated online therapy service. US-based licensed therapists? Check. One of the only online therapy services with a low, set cost? Check. Rigorous screening procedures of therapists? Check. Best-in-class anonymity and confidentiality? Check. More counselors than any other service? Check. Easy to use platform? Check. Fast reply times and counselors who make a concerted effort to help you live better? Double check. If you are looking for a one stop online therapy solution, BetterHelp is your choice.

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Average rating:  
 90 reviews
by Murray R. on Betterhelp

betterhelp is a good service. it provides you with all of the necessary tools which is nice…but like any therapy, it will only work if you actually work on yourself with your counselor. this is kind of hard to do over chat. the good thing is that like anything else, it just takes time to get used to it, but that time should come, at least for most people in my opinion. been dealing with depression now for some time and so far ive seen some positive results. nothing that makes me shout from the rooftop that this is the second coming of christ…but still, its nice to have some days of alleviation after years of not having that at all! im a betterhelp user since august 2018.

by Trinity M. on Betterhelp

It would be good if they would stop rejecting people to get counseling.

by Nadine A. on Betterhelp

I had problems with customer support answering my questions. The price plan of $35.00 per week as far as my personal experience DID NOT EXIST. It was $65 per week unless I wanted to try and use my insurance. I was only shown counselors in my regional area (e.g., state). If this is online, I don't know why I wasn't able to look at possible counselors anywhere in the country. I couldn't find a counselor that I liked, so a counselor contacted me and my credit card has been charged and I have not had a single discussion with ANY counselor AT ALL. I am disputing the charges now.

by Laureen E. on Betterhelp

This is the best therapy option for a college student like myself. In addition to my studies, I work part time. Of course my life is beyond hectic and naturally I deal with a lot of stress and anxiety, mixed with a bit of depression apparently. I pay $200 per month, which is manageable. I actually recently saw that Talkspace just started working with some sorority group but I’m not apart of them. I kind of wish Betterhelp would take the initiative and start offering discounted prices or other deals to college students in need. Mental health is a HUGE issue on college campuses throughout the US. They could help so many people in need. Anyway, it’s convenient because I can send chats during classes or work. I can also have phone and video sessions in the evenings. My therapist is thankfully very flexible with hours. Overall I’m happy that a service like this exists. My only gripe is that I wish the price was a bit cheaper. I know – people can’t work for free, especially trained individuals, and I should be happy about this price compared to in office therapy. But still. For college students every dollar counts.

by Michael W. on Betterhelp

I recently got divorced from my wife of 22 years. I needed therapy badly but there was no therapist near my home (Huntington, Utah). I searched online and initially came across Regain. I was going to use their service but decided to use Better Help instead because it has tens of thousands of customer reviews while there was little information on Regain. Turns out it was a pretty solid decision. Though I’d ideally like to see a therapist in office, I had no choice but to settle. I took the advice of many other customers and immediately scheduled video sessions with my therapist. It’s been 11 days and I’ve had 2 video sessions so far. It’s been well worth the money.

by Norris Y. on Betterhelp

the Better help service is convenient. its relatively affordable. its easy to set phone and video appointments. Texts are short but helpful. i don’t feel pressured to reply right away and the same goes for my counselor. you know how sometimes you respond better to texts because you have time to formulate your reply? This is what i have found is the main benefit to online therapy. although, I would like to note that I am only dealing with a minor addiction problem. im not sure how this type of service would/could help someone going through more serious issues. But overall at least for me this service has been great and I would recommend it to anyone seeking out help.

by Margaret M. on Betterhelp

i was shocked at some of the betterhelp reviews i read here. going through them, it seemed as if betterhelp was somewhat of a scam. which was hard to believe because they are the only online therapy company with an A+ rating from the BBB. so i was torn. do i sign up or dont i? well i did a little more digging and it turns out that if you read the terms of service which is on the payment page you will see that they charge you on a monthly billing cycle. it wasnt in fine print either. its actually hard to miss. i also dug more and saw that a long time ago they used to not tell people that they charge on a monthly cycle. but now they do. people -if you are going to pay money for a service, be a big boy/girl and read the terms of service. also, dont put down a service that is incredibly helpful to millions of people. millions, not thousands. by doing that you are a culprit as to why so many people are still living in agony and pain. we get it - it may not have been good for you but its important to remember that thats your personal experience and is not likely what other people experience. for example me. i have nothing bad to say about betterhelp at all. nothing. they have been very useful and have helped me adequately manage my frequent anxiety attacks. thats more than i can say for any other therapist i have seen in person. i get your frustration but at least try to be objective.

by Hayley B. on Betterhelp

Getting therapy is hard, period. Firstly, you need insurance. Your schedule needs to work. You have to wait several months to find a specialist, then you may find out you do not click with them.

I was needing a little help and due to schedule constraints, finding it was pretty much impossible. Betterhelp was my next best option. So I tried it for a couple months. The therapist I was matched with was good, and I enjoyed being able to write out my thoughts to gather myself. I felt really good about it for the first month.

The second month, I was finding this app to be a little bit of what I was afraid of was going to happen. Firstly, the app gets very expensive--I would pay that much for therapy if I also was receiving medication management too, but not just chat sessions. Second, the nature of having an application like this means that you innately have less boundaries. I think if I was really in the midst of a crisis, this may have been beneficial. The constant ability to have contact with your counselor became more of an annoyance rather than a benefit.

If you really enjoy privacy like I do, this is actually not your best option. You have the privacy of being behind a screen, but you never really get left alone. Unlike talk therapy, you can't leave everything in the therapy room. You have to drop everything to be in therapy mode when your counselor messages you, no matter what you're doing--this became bothersome after awhile. I got to the point where I was dreading talking with the therapist, because the contact was so frequent I really ran out of things I needed to talk about--I was actually just getting anxious from doing the therapy. For most people like myself, I would recommend this as a last resort.

The issue is, that they actually have very good therapists and the idea is wonderful and well-intentioned. However, the nature of a counseling application really does not utilize these therapists in the most optimal way. Good in theory, but in practice the application turns out to be intrusive, inconvenient, and cumbersome.

If you need an option and have exhausted yours, however, I would recommend this. I'm glad I tried it, but it's not for me. There are people who can switch gears easily, but for me, I was never in the mindset to do therapy if I was receiving messages from my therapist at random hours of the day or while I was on vacation.

by Henry I. on Betterhelp

Been using Betterhelp for around 2 weeks now. So far my therapist makes the effort to help me deal with my anxiety as any therapist you would see in person. However, it’s just not the same. I don’t mean to put down a service that is here to help people but in my opinion it’s just not the same. Text therapy is strange because there is no human to human contact, at least from how I have used Betterhelp so far. I know there is a video based therapy option but I have yet to try it and probably never will – even though other reviews here say it’s very different from text therapy. Unless money is really that big of a concern to you, I just have this idea that if you’re willing to use video as a therapy option, then you may as well schedule an in office appointment with a therapist. There’s nothing like person to person interaction. Betterhelp is a good alternative but it is just that – an alternative – not a solution.

by Morgan R. on Betterhelp

Do not use this app!!! It is a scam!! These losers prey on people that are desperate and sick. They charged me over $200 with no notice after using the “free trial” for less than 7 days. In those 7 days I BEGGED someone to speak to me. Text me. Call me. Set up an appt. nothing. one doctor replied more than 24 hours later every time even if I replied immediately. It was a robot. Not a human. When they stole this money from me I WAS NOT NOTIFIED IN ANY WAY. Because I was severely depressed I had allowed my finances to go unnoticed. Better help never sent me a notice, invoice, receipt or anything. Thy stole the money quietly and I didn’t even know until 2 months later. THIS IS NOT A REAL APP IT IS A SCAM. Look online. They do not help anyone, they steal money from mentally ill ppl.

by Eva R. on Betterhelp

I really don’t have the time to go see a therapist in an office. Also a therapist in my area (Greenville Texas) charges north of $100 per session. I don’t have $500 a month to spend on therapy, even if it will help better my life. I am not THAT depressed to take on that monthly fee. So I joined Better Help which charges me less than $200 per month. That’s something I can afford. It has been just like seeing a therapist IRL. I receive replies from my therapist Jennifer Gagnon within a few hours, of course depending on the time of day/night I write to her. I have already gone through one video session with her. No spotty internet connection and the session was very similar to ones I experienced with a “live” therapist. Jennifer gave me quality insights as to why I may be feeling what I am feeling and she also brought up a lot of my childhood past which were things that I thought TOTALLY did not bother me. I’m talking about things from 30+ years ago! It is strange what effect the past can have on your overall emotional wellbeing, especially things you thought NEVER bothered you. Also it has become increasingly difficult for me to leave my home. I often find myself lazing around the house which apparently is part of my depression. Jennifer is helping me overcome everything in a professional setting and manner. What’s also even more amazing is that one day I hope to meet Jennifer as her office is located less than 30 minutes away from my residence…and I am confident I will be able to get out of my house and make the trip now.

by Gaby H. on Betterhelp

Let me start out by saying that just *thinking* about counseling was hard enough. Going to a therapist was not going to happen. I decided against therapy for 19 years. I’m 46 now, divorced and my life is in shambles. That “breaking point” that everyone mentions finally happened to me. My ex holds all the cards, dangles money over my head, brings me to court just for the heck of it. You get the point. I couldn’t deal any longer. Still wasn’t enough to get me to see someone in person. Besides I didn’t have the time for it with everything going on in my life. So I looked on Reddit and found online therapy as an option in their mental health section. I have actually heard about it for a few years now but thought the concept of texting was too millennial. Not for me. But again I wasn’t going to go to seek a therapist. So when I saw it was $50 a week I said screw it, im signing up. Just a quick side note: they charge you on a monthly cycle so don’t freak out when you see a $200 charge. Anyway I have now been with better help for 3 weeks. My emotional life is doing a bit better even though im still going through some nasty stuff. But at least it helps me deal with that part of my life which enables me to focus on the important stuff. I cant say its been a life changing experience at least so far but it has certainly (and surprisingly) helped. Who knew? Talking to someone online I guess is the new way. Kind of changed my perspective a little on the millennial thought process.

by Kristin S. on Betterhelp

I signed up for BetterHelp hoping to get in contact with a counselor. They give you a questionnaire with a few basic questions such as age, gender (with nonbinary option included), what type of counselling you're looking for (LGBT+ issues, family issues, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, etc) and if you have a preference for male or female counselors. After you answer those you are sent to an open chat with an automated message requesting you type out a more detailed description of what's wrong and based on that description they will match you with "one of their 2,000 professional counselors."

I wrote about 6 paragraphs detailing my situation and about an hour later another automated message came up requesting I write more. I added another paragraph and again, an hour later I got another automated message requesting more info so I wrote again.

I didn't expect to get a quick response that day because it was the fourth of July when I applied. But the next day much later I get an automated email stating this:

"Hello Kristin,

Unfortunately, based upon the answers that you provided when signing up, we have determined that online counseling may not be the best resource for you. This decision reflects the ethical recommendations of the major counseling associations.

Online counseling is still a fairly new approach and is not considered the most effective form of care for everyone. In order to ensure that you receive the most appropriate and effective care possible, you may consider scheduling an intake with a licensed counselor who can provide you with in-person counseling in your area. You can find many available counselors by clicking here."

Honestly, this was very upsetting as especially because how unclear it was as to why I wasn't accepted. You approach a company and ask for help, which is their job to help you, and they turn you away without even explaining why. Simply "Our higher-ups decided this isn't for you.

If you have any questions or if you need assistance please contact us at"

Personally, I would've wanted an explanation as to /why/ these higher ups decided to refund me because I REALLY need help. Since they seemed open to questions I did email that contact email asking what brought them to this decision. I received an automated email stating they would get back to me within one business day.

Three business days later I still hadn't heard from them. I sent another email restating my question very clearly. They simply resent the original email that states that I wasn't eligible and signed their name to it. As if I didn't read the email even though I specifically asked them to elaborate.

I am so disappointed in this company. Try teladoc or another online counseling company, this one is not looking to help everyone.

by Tiffany W. on Betterhelp

My honest and unbiased review is this: the platform is easy to use. They matched me with my therapist within 3 hours. My therapist contacted me pretty much right away. it started off slow but contact increased over time. It didn’t work out well with that therapist so I requested a new one which was changed for me within 36 hours. The new therapist was much better. Eventually I incorporated video sessions into my therapy schedule which had a huge impact on the success of my sessions. I highly recommend Better help for anyone whos looking to join. However, there are some downsides to this type of service. Chat therapy is inconsistent. Some therapists are unhelpful which really impacts many people. And, pricing, even though cheap compared to offline therapy, is still not totally understandable to many people which is the #1 reason why I see so many pissed customers. Make sure to read the billing schedule on the payment page before you join. They charge you on a monthly basis. Overall I would rate this as a 3.75 but there is no option for 3.75 stars so I rounded up. One thing to note: I decided to join Better help a few months ago and overall I am glad I did. I almost did not join because the Better help reviews online are very inconsistent. Aside from, I have yet to find neutral reviews about Better help. They are either overwhelmingly positive or negative. There is essentially no in between, leading me to believe that most reviews on other sites are either paid for by Better help or really disgruntled customers – both types of people you should stay away from.

by Faith R. on Betterhelp

For me, going to therapy was never a question. It’s something I always knew I needed for my depression. The problem is that there were frequent issues with every therapist I saw, and there was always one underlying issue that affected my therapy sessions no matter the therapist I interacted with. What was this issue? I’ve never been able to strike a balance and connect with any therapist before. It was the most frustrating thing in. the. world. I am not oblivious to the world of counseling and understand that most people are scared of therapy, or just don’t want to go. Thankfully, I have never had that problem. I view therapy as a necessity. Something that will help increase my overall quality of life. But I couldn’t get over this thing of not finding a balance with any therapist. Then I heard of online therapy. I laughed. Look, there are MANY things you can do over the internet, but therapy? Something this intimate? I thought it would never work. And yet I tried it anyway. Why? Because I had nothing to lose. I couldn’t find a therapist to connect with properly anyway so I said “F it” – I’m doing this. Well, call it luck or whatever you want but I finally found a therapist who I connected well with instantly (Deborah Unger). I’d also be lying to myself if I thought Deborah is just plainly awesome by herself. I’m sure she is fantastic but the fact that I connected with her over the internet probably helped counteract the issue I have always faced. Maybe it’s a self esteem issue with me why I never connected well with a therapist? I’m still figuring that out in my sessions with Deborah. But that’s a side point and an issue that doesn’t bother me all too much if I don’t get an answer. Deborah has been central in keeping me out of a constant depressed state of mind. Yes, I still revert back to feelings of depression every now and then, but I also understand that it’s a process. It takes years to overcome and free yourself from the worst mental health disease in the world (in my opinion at least). Deborah has helped me so much in just the 6 weeks I have been “seeing” her through Betterhelp. Perhaps it was her warm way of conducting therapy sessions but I also give equal credit to Betterhelp for having the technology to enable this form of therapy.

by Tasha B. on Betterhelp

Every online counseling service states on their site that online counseling is not a replacement to traditional therapy. I beg to differ. Online counseling via Better Help has completely erased my need for in office therapy. The convenience, the affordability, the stigma, the ability to have as much or as little therapy as I want – all of it is better than going into an office for 45 minutes each week and sitting on a couch where you know you are getting ripped off. No thanks. I’ll take my $45/week for unlimited talk therapy any day.

by David L. on Betterhelp

I signed up for Betterhelp about 4 weeks ago. So far I have used it 6 times, my last interaction with my therapist being 5 days ago. The level of support has been very good but I stopped because of the erratic nature of online therapy. It is unlimited text therapy but the replies are not instant. Another downside is that if you put it on hold like I did 5 days ago, billing stops. So Betterhelp then sends you a boatload of emails reminding you to check in with your therapist. Call it helpful or slightly unethical business practices. It doesn’t matter. It’s annoying.

by Alyssa C. on Betterhelp

If you are looking to really change your lifestyle, better help is the way to go. I have been using better help for a few months now and was asked to leave a review by my therapist Lisa. Lisa has been great at getting me to see what life should be like. She literally helped me find many solutions to most of my life problems, all the while helping me achieve personal growth. In her own words, “therapy is as simple as that” – this is something she certainly lives by. She is open, honest, empathetic and collaborative. She doesn’t see me as a “$” sign but rather a partner in the therapy process. Naturally I need to give credit to Betterhelp for helping me in finding Lisa but it was really Lisa who has helped me more than I ever thought was possible.

by Karen A. on Betterhelp

Based on the Betterhelp website I expected to be able to find a therapy experience that would be very close to the in-person experience but would work with my busy schedule. Maybe, for me, it would even be better than in-person. I have had two false starts with therapy in recent years and thought this approach might not overwhelm me. It started great with a counselor that laid out a plan for our conversations and had clearly read the information I provided. The first week continued to look promising with good questions and dialog. The suddenly it all stopped and the conversation devolved into "how are you?" and suggestions I spend more time with friends and do a little volunteering. I told her my life is already full of time with friends and volunteering. Next I was told to read a book that, on reading the reviews, had nothing to do with issues I wanted to work through. When I told her I had hoped for deeper conversation and discovery I was told I should expect that from online therapy and should find someone else to speak with. If this is true, the BetterHelp website is selling an experience you don't get once you've paid them your money. Unless, this is limited to my own personal experience which I don't know because I didn't try to switch therapists. I simply left. It took a lot to get me to seek therapy again and this response back was really disappointing. I guess if you are looking for an actual therapy experience, this isn't it. I will say though that their customer service team was very helpful and friendly even when I cancelled my account with them.

by Claudia E. on Betterhelp

I started using Betterhelp in September 2017. My last contact with my therapist was April 2018. Since then, I have become a (nonpaid) spokesperson of sorts for Betterhelp. This is why. I had been in offline therapy for years. I switched therapists on the regular. Went through 12 of them (you read that right) in 7 years from 2001-2008. Nothing worked. I took a very long break and held the belief that I was destined to live in a constant state of fear, depression, and anxiety the rest of my life (which often led to anger, self esteem issues and signs of bi polar disorder). My only outlet was my co worker Nancy. We would go out all the time. She was supportive and caring of my situation but every time we would get together, the conversation would ALWAYS come back to the state of my mental health. I didn’t realize it at the time but that could become draining to anyone. How much can someone else talk about someone else’s problems? She told me to try therapy again since she couldn’t provide real therapy. I told her that speaking to her was a much better outlet than any other therapist I had ever seen. Still, she told me to try again or find something new. I wasn’t mad at her after she told me; I truly understood her position. “Normal” people don’t want to be around constant negativity. So I did what anyone else would do: I went online. I looked all over. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, I read blogs. After about a week, I was greeted by a very in your face Betterhelp advertisement on Facebook. I clicked. I browsed around. I made an impulse decision and signed up. Initial charge? $220. That made me a little angry which I decided to take out on Betterhelp. Yes, I blasted them all over the internet. That was a huge mistake. Aside from potential law suits I could have faced, I didn’t even give the company a chance. It also happens to be that on the payment page, it says that they bill you on a monthly cycle. I didn’t notice that probably because it was an impulse buy and who the heck looks at the terms and conditions? Anyway, I was paired with Becky Scott. Becky took my situation personally. Unlike every other therapist I went through, Becky took the time to actually check in on me all the time. Other Betterhelp reviews have said that they only receive a reply from their therapist if they initiate contact with their therapist (I’d like to think that’s not true judging from Becky’s overall support and Betterhelp’s constant screening of their therapists). Well this wasn’t the case with Becky. She was super responsive and initiated conversions on her own. She was professional yet relaxed. The open atmosphere was very nice. That wasn’t what separated her from the other 12 therapists I saw. With Becky, she viewed my problems as her own. Also, it helped that her style of therapy was similar to my conversations with my friend Nancy (a lot of humor was involved). I did 7+ years of in office therapy. Nothing worked. I did 7.5 months of online therapy with Becky and most of my issues have been dealt with entirely. Because of this, I recommend Betterhelp all over the place – online, offline, in conversations that don’t even have to do with mental health, etc. I can’t recommend Betterhelp enough. It was nothing short of a life saver.

by Agnes A. on Betterhelp

Prior to starting with Better help, remember that online therapy is new and different from traditional therapy. If you want Better help to work, follow these steps. No, they are not individualized. Anyone who follows these steps will have a great experience with Better help. Step 1: understand the process. Know that it will take time to start seeing improvement in your mental health. Step 2: Use every form of communication. I would assume that, like me, anyone who starts with Better help typically communicates with their counselor via chat. That’s fine. Just understand that it will be like a standard Whatsapp thread between you and a friend/family member. You mostly will not receive long winded responses from your therapist. Now, most people will say that this is ludicrous and that therapy can’t possibly work this way. That’s true, but only if this is your only way of communication. Also, having back and forth sessions where every reply is very long probably won’t work either. Sometimes your questions/answers need to be short, sometimes medium and sometimes long. I have found that if you use chat as your base for communication but you schedule weekly phone and video sessions that go into detail, you will see excellent results. Stick to this and Better help will (probably) work. I say probably because this service isn’t for everyone, just like anything else in life.

by Orson B. on Betterhelp

I was going to use 7 cups because its free. After seeing who provides the counseling for the free service though, I decided to pay to use betterhelp and get therapy from a licensed therapist. Unfortunately using a licensed therapist via betterhelp doesn't seem to be much better than what I have heard about 7 cups. Sure you probably get terrible support and bad life advice from 7 cups listeners but what good is a betterhelp therapist if they don't provide much support? I write my therapist at least once a day and receive sporadic replies a lot of which are literally just questions to my questions. For example I will write “today such and such happened to me which is dragging me down today, how can I get over this?” I will go into detail on what happened too. but my therapist will then focus on something I said in the text and ask me to elaborate on it. This isn't a one off occurrence. our messages will go on like this for days until I finally get a real reply with steps to help me feel better. By that time my feelings on what happened have dissipated and either im okay or im down about something else. It’s essentially a cycle. In hindsight the advice I get is good but its too little too late. Anyone else experience this with their betterhelp therapist?

by Vicki L. on Betterhelp

Before I get to the review it is important to understand that communication is key…as cliche as that sounds it’s true. Know that when you start, you will need to communicate issues that may not be so easy to put into words…especially to someone you don’t know…even if that person is a licensed therapist. That said: when I started with better help I used the messaging system mostly through their mobile app. All was good at first but as the time went on my therapy sessions got more personal. I needed more time and more effective communication i.e. voice and video. I tried both and both are phenomenal. I have been using better help for about 2 months now. My schedule is crazy and I am always on the go so I don’t always have time for video…which is why I mainly talk to my therapist on the phone. There are a lot of moving parts in my life…not just in regards to my work schedule and my better help therapist (Laura) understood this from the get go. We frequently explore my thoughts and feelings in really what I can only describe as an interactive environment. For example, Laura gets that there are a million different viewpoints on anything. She focuses on my specific viewpoint and how I am *specifically* looking at my issue, and then helps me identify the solution. No, she does not give me the actual solution but the tools to FIND the solution. I believe the reason behind this is to help me down the line in finding solutions on my own so that when I stop with therapy I will be fine. THIS is the kind of therapist you should look for…one that doesnt just look at you as a revolving door of cash.

by Alma D. on Betterhelp

I’ve gone through two therapists now. The first one was condescending. The second really didn’t seem interested and seemed like she just wanted to collect payment from Better Help. People have said not to give up on this service and that it can work but how much can a person take already? I will be cancelling this week. It is not a good alternative for real therapy.

by Dale T. on Betterhelp

Betterhelp is an above average service. I accidentally stumbled upon it scrolling through the Google Play store for mental health help. The app is extremely easy to use and my therapist replies almost always within a few minutes. My only qualm is that most of the time the replies are too short. In my opinion, therapy requires back and forth discussions that can last a long long time. I was taken aback by the short burst style replies, even if they were helpful. Overall I’m thankful for having found Betterhelp since it saves me a ton of money but on the other hand I am not going through something overly serious, which makes it a solid solution for me. I’m not sure how effective Betterhelp would be for someone who has something like severe depression.

by Angela C. on Betterhelp

Anxiety is bad but I have never been one to get therapy. Its not severe enough that I felt I absolutely needed therapy. Still I was encouraged by my family to speak to someone. I didn’t feel that $250 per session was justified so I looked into online therapy as an option. Using Betterhelp comes out to about the same price but it was unlimited therapy for an entire month. So I signed up. Turns out my therapist April Redmond was excellent in providing insight and helping me adequately cope with my anxiety (also turns out I was right – my anxiety is only mild). I 100% recommend Betterhelp to anyone, and I definitely recommend April if you are anxious.

by Austin J. on Betterhelp

My wife and I needed therapy for our marriage. We initially came across Regain but after reading some of the reviews about Betterhelp we decided to try this service. A half a million people using Betterhelp provided a level of comfort for us…whereas we couldn’t find much information about Regain. We started off doing video sessions together in our family room. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. Our therapist took it seriously and both my wife and I were more comfortable in our own home than going into an office. We’ve now have gone through 7 full video sessions (which lasted approximately 45 minutes each), 2 phone calls and now text messages (we have now MOSTLY moved to therapy via text). Instead of setting a specific time and place for therapy which is required for video sessions, my wife and I can somewhat wing it now. I’ve found that it’s not as effective as video but it still works if everyone is truly engaged. I will say that therapy has been an in office “thing” forever so doing it over the internet is weird at first. If you keep an open mind though, you’ll get over it quickly.

by Sharon R. on Betterhelp

If you have gone through a traumatic event, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Certain things can trigger negative emotions, even the slightest of things. That can lead to frequent mood changes along with a host of other issues. This is pretty much was my daily life until I signed up to Betterhelp and was paired with Patrick P. I believe that a therapist can really understand your situation and help better than other therapists if they themselves have gone through similar events. Apparently Patrick was impacted by many terrible things in his life including depression, substance and domestic abuse, and divorce. Therefore, he understood the need to create a safe, comfortable and supportive backdrop for me in our therapy sessions. This was first and foremost. Then, even though it was in my subconsciousness, he told me that therapy would be a process. It’s one thing to know it in the back of your mind. It’s another when someone physically tells you that. It makes a difference because it’s now not something I can just walk away from. Unfortunately I cannot go into every detail of my therapy sessions so far but I will say that Patrick has helped significantly reduce the amount of times I relive the trauma. Whether it is over text messaging, phone calls or video sessions, Patrick goes above and beyond every single time. In sum, to be honest I was very skeptical at first because some of the reviews about the Betterhelp therapists aren’t so great. But after having sessions with Patrick, my personal experience has been the exact opposite of some of those bad reviews.

by Richard H. on Betterhelp

I joined Betterhelp hoping that the online interaction would be more comfortable, also because it is cheaper than conventional face to face. I reached out to betterhelp when I was in a tough spot, and needed some help to get things in order. I had my first counselor for about a week. He barely communicated with me, explained nothing, showed no interest, and then forgot our scheduled appointment. My second counselor communicated more over the second week, reviewed the process and then provided responses in a timely manner. Again, this counselor "forgot" our scheduled appointment. I now am on my third week with betterhelp, I have not had a single one on one session with a counselor, even though I paid for a one on one session once a week.

by Mason U. on Betterhelp

i found some of the customer reviews here to be unfair and false to say the least. For example, hunter said that you will wait “8 hours” for a reply over text…yea, if your depression gets the better of you at 2 in the morning and you need your therapist right then and there. if he did happen to text his therapist during the day perhaps it was a one off that he didn’t receive a reply quickly. i am now on my second therapist for better help as my first one left the platform. been with better help for close to 3 months now. as long as i am texting during the day, i never wait more than about 90 minutes for a reply. and it seems pretty obvious that he never once tried the video session even if he said he did. these are just as good as therapy provided in an office and the quality is FAR better than skype. And then i see multiple users complaining about billing. be an adult and read the terms of service instead of doing “impulse buying”. on the actual billing page, they state that they will charge you on a monthly cycle. Not sure how anyone could miss that? if i remember correctly, the monthly billing charge is literally laid out in plain english by the purchase button on the better help website. And heres probably the best part about getting therapy online: its new so the therapists make an extra effort to provide an amazing service. thats at least the impression i have taken away from this. The editor review above may be a bit exaggerated but in GENERAL, i found it to be overall accurate. its a good service, one that hundreds of thousands of people rely on. You can cancel at any time. You think that many people would stick around if better help was a scam or had a bad service? you think they would still have a A+ BBB rating? no way. its extremely easy to use, its affordable relative to regular therapy, and the therapists make a concerted effort to go above and beyond the scope of their job. what more could you ask for? im honestly asking….

by Gavin T. on Betterhelp

i found betterhelp to be an above average service. a few months ago i had to go to mandatory anger management courses. when that period ended to my surprise i found these courses helpful for the most part. of course i wanted to continue so i went looking for a life coach. nope, too much for me…some were asking for around $100 an hour! insanity! and dont get me started on therapists. just by browsing around i saw that the price could be double that of a life coach. while i was going research online i came across better help. could it be that i have access to therapy from a licensed therapist for $50 a week? of course i was skeptical but i signed up anyway because why not (7 day free trial and all was especially enticing)? this whole experience has been a complete shock to me because its been very very good. looking back, my rating is probably in part due to the shock factor. i wasnt expecting this. now i know that if you are dealing with more serious issues you may need constant face to face therapy but for what i was going through better help was overall good. i have not tried the video or phone therapy options but thats because i dont need them, chat is enough for me and i dont mind waiting a few hours for a reply. my personal recommendation to people is this: if you are going thru a mild crisis there is no reason why you should pay for therapy in an office. better help is solid in this regard. if its more serious i honestly cant say how well it would work because i simply dont know.

by Kaylee G. on Betterhelp

Using Better help could really save you especially in college. My campus (ASU) is heavily under funded and there are a lack of therapists on campus. Plus, even with a scheduling system, the therapists often are unable to stick to their times, probably because of demand. So I turned to Better help after seeking a new form of counseling. I didn’t have the money to go see a therapist outside of school and I also didn’t have the time. Better help alleviated these problems for me. $35 a week – I could easily do that. Now, the downside of using Better help is that the first therapist you are paired with probably won’t be the one for you. This was the case for me and also for 2 other of my friends from school. We all have to switch therapists a few times until we found the right one who connected with us individually. It’s an annoyance for sure but once you find the right therapist it’s a life saver. With all of the pressure I was facing, I needed a counselor that would constantly be supportive and someone who can provide me with the necessary tools to overcome the many stresses of college. Better help was able to give this to me for a price that a college student living on his own could afford.

by Hunter S. on Betterhelp

I have tried many online therapy services. First I started with Blah Therapy’s free option. Had a terrible experience. Then I moved onto 7 Cups of Tea. Also had a terrible experience. as you can probably guess, I was trying to save money. After two services didn’t work, I decided to pay. I went to Talkspace. Still had a terrible experience. Chat therapy was bad, inefficient and unhelpful. Then I found Betterhelp and decided to call them. The customer support staff was phenomenal. So good they had me signed up that day. Unfortunately though, it was literally the same experience as I had with Talkspace. Literally, there was no difference. In fact, after doing some research I saw that most of the therapists work both on the Talkspace and Betterhelp platforms. The text based therapy was awful. You will wait 8+ hours for a reply, even if you text mid day (Eastern time). The video therapy was very spotty and unclear. It doesn’t help that its through the Betterhelp platform. Maybe if it was through Skype it would have been better. And I know my internet is not the problem as I have 100mbps plan. On top of this, it’s written in very small font that they will bill you monthly, not weekly. And it’s upfront billing so there’s no canceling and/or getting your money back. You’re basically taking a $200 chance on a service with no money back guarantee. I would assume that like me, this service doesn’t work for many people. Think about that before plopping down that much money.

by Arianna D. on Betterhelp

my counselor virginia has been extremely helpful for me. unfortunately for me i am sensitive to peoples exterior judgments. i can feel it all. the. time. immediately virginia picked up on this and has been very empathetic. i have been using betterhelp for only 2 weeks and i already seen an improvement in my behavior towards other people. the only problem i can see with this service is the waiting period which i have yet to experience. call it luck but virginia has responded to me within several minutes every time so far. and, they arent juvenile answers. they are professional and helpful as you would expect from a certified therapist.

by Wyatt H. on Betterhelp

After reading some of the Betterhelp reviews I noticed that people weren’t receiving instant replies. It’s basically delayed chat therapy. But for a week free trial I wanted to see what that was about. Sure enough, I was paired with Jill O. and did not receive a reply for several hours. That was depressing so I asked Jill if it was difficult to try and have a live session. I was about to cancel but I remembered I had 7 free days. So I stayed, and I am glad that I did. While it is true that it took her another several hours to reply she said she would make an effort to reply as fast as possible to my chats. We worked out the time schedule and what works best for both of us – essentially speaking what times both of us are generally free. And now? When I stick to these times I receive a reply within a few minutes and many times instantly! It has been nothing short of amazing. I strongly recommend Betterhelp. Just make sure to SET A SCHEDULE.

by Carter W. on Betterhelp

In my honest opinion Betterhelp is only good for people who are desperate for someone to talk to once in a while. If you need real therapy your best bet is in an office. I tried this service and ended up using it twice a week. having the ability to run some ideas and thoughts by someone 2 or 3 times a week simply isn’t worth $180 monthly.

by Lillian Y. on Betterhelp

The therapist I was paired with made a concerted effort to help me. She really did. It seemed like she was pulling out all the tricks – being empathetic, respectful, being very responsive, supportive and caring. But it still wasn’t enough for me. I gave it a real shot, I really did. I was satisfied with the effort from the therapist but therapy via the Betterhelp platform fell short. The texts seemed too limited and short. Even the phone calls and video sessions seemed rushed. I guess when you are working for a fraction of your traditional hourly bill rate, you need to rush. I get it, I am honestly not harping on this. But this still doesn’t negate the fact that it wasn’t helpful. To be fair, in office therapy also feels rushed and I have always felt like just another brick in the wall to quote Pink Floyd. It’s sad for me because I have no other option to turn to really. Both online and offline therapy have not worked. If anyone has any thoughts or recommendations for help with anxiety and bipolar issues, please let me know.

by Ava J. on Betterhelp

I am not quite sure why people would question this service? Because its over the internet? So what? You are getting the same quality counseling at a fraction of the cost. Like me, if you are depressed, then you need therapy. There’s no other option. And like me, if you don’t have a 6 figure salary, then you can only afford Better Help. realizing this I was originally concerned that this service only caters to the “under privileged.” But, this isn’t true at all. I brought this up to my counselor (Lisa Stevenson) and she told me that most of her clients are affluent. It’s a funny thing. I asked her why those people would use this service and she said primarily because of “convenience.” I know, I’m getting off topic so anyway here’s my honest review of Better Help: depression is a terrible thing especially if it’s on the severe side. Most people like me need to hear someone talk to them and hear them out. Better Help is great but also not so great. Because it’s over text mainly, your therapist is getting paid less which makes them want to reply quicker because they want to keep you as a client. Yes, their professionalism is also a priority for them but equally as important is their continual compensation. Still though, most of the time you are waiting a few hours to receive a response. That’s not particularly helpful to a moderately or severely depressed individual. So I reached out to my therapist and told him this. He made it a priority to get in touch with me over text based therapy as soon as possible. He also recommended that we set up daily phone calls. This has REALLY helped me over the past few months. So much so that my depression is completely gone, at least from my standpoint. He says there are still a few residual issues I need to deal with but overall he is happy with my progress. Like I said, this is high quality counseling. I wont even entertain the notion that it’s “different” therapy because it’s not. It’s the same psychologist as you would see in an office. It’s the same person receiving the therapy (you). The ONLY difference is the setting. And if you are hung up about that, then therapy through phone calls will solve that issue. Video, even though I haven’t tried it, will probably help even more than phone calls. This is a great service.

by Jackson A. on Betterhelp

Been using better help for about 2 months now. My therapist is Sarah Liu. Just a little background, I have been in therapy for the most part for about 8 years. I saw results but nothing substantial. I felt as if it was just helping me stay afloat in life. I decided to change my approach to therapy and give online therapy a try. Got paired with Sarah and my life has never been the same since. My feelings always mattered with her. Always. She was there to guide me through one of the largest, in not the largest, decisions in my life. Not only did she guide me through it but she empowered me to be bold. Simultaneously, she helped me live a better life, one with meaning and honesty. I was also able to make a career change after 20 years of industry experience in one field. I was miserable with my career path and she helped solidify my confidence in making my decision. Even though money is tangible, you cant put a price on that. Had it not been for Sarah, I would still experience extreme depression and very low self esteem, in addition to being unhappy with my career.

by Olivia B. on Betterhelp

I couldn’t have had a more awful experience! for starters it took a day to pair me with someone. This isn’t something you do to someone when that someone needs therapy. Then aside from the automated message my therapist didn’t write to me for an additional one and a half days. The responses were basically one or two sentences. Thanks but if I wanted this type of therapy I would have invested $20 in some self help books. And lastly, these scammers charged me $240 up front! The only thing I ever saw was $60 per week. Why would you say $60 PER WEEK when you charge on a month by month basis??? This is BEYOND scammy practice. Unbelievable!

by Deborah W. on Betterhelp

The cost of counseling in the Tampa FL area for me is about $150 per 50 minute session. Of course that is WAY out of my league. So I turned to online therapy with BetterHelp because of the $200 monthly price tag and because of their free trial. I was paired with Gabriele Cash who works with clients just outside of Tampa in the Pinellas county area. I had been dealing with a long list of issues, mostly stemming from constant fighting with my husband. Gabriele is a licensed marriage therapist which is exactly what I needed. She’s extremely understanding and completely nonjudgmental. What I liked about her is her fun yet professional attitude (emphasis on fun). There were hardly any days which seemed fun for me but when I talk with Gabriele I always have a smile on my face. I’ll pay any price for that. Gabriele provided a supportive and empathic space for me, and she ultimately convinced me to muster up the courage to drag my husband into therapy. It has now been 5 months and we are still seeing Gabriele together over video chat once a week, while also texting her throughout the week as well. We pay $260/month to Betterhelp and couldn’t be happier. She basically acted as a mediator of sorts. She gave us the opportunity to share our thoughts with each other in a professional setting, which was very important because if my husband and I did that alone it would end in World War 3. Because of this, this space created healing and since both of us changed our attitudes we both saw an incredible improvement in our relationship. Like I said, there is no price you can put on that. Both Gabriele and Betterhelp have literally been a relationship saver.

by Lisa P. on Betterhelp

Online therapy was extremely new. Reading many of the reviews, I became very skeptical. But my alternative was no therapy because there was no chance I would be paying $250 per session in my local therapist’s office. Basically, I had no choice but to at least try it. So I went with 7 Cups of Tea because it is completely free. Since I did not fully understand how this online thing works, I did not exactly read what 7 Cups of Tea was all about. I just assumed that I would be connected with a therapist. Well, that’s not the case if you try the free plan. If you are not willing to pay then you are connected with some random person who they call a listener. This not only did not help but it made me feel A LOT worse! After that I almost gave up on therapy but then I saw that Better Help had a 7 day free trial. I will admit that the only reason why I tried Better Help was because of this free offer. I quickly read through the terms and conditions and saw that you are connected with a licensed counselor even during the free trial. Those first 7 days is what led to me continue using Better Help long term. I am now using them for one and a half months and going strong. I pay $180 monthly which is steep for me but considering the alternative it is a bargain. On top of this, my Better Help therapist really seems to care which is very comforting. Some times I receive a reply within a few minutes and other times I need to wait a few hours. If I really need immediate help then I will schedule a phone or video session which I usually do once a week. I strongly encourage anyone who uses this service to use the video or phone session at least once a week. It’s important to know that someone is really listening and cares about helping you. As for recommending this service to anyone else: I won’t lie. It’s not for everyone. It also takes some time to getting used to – for me it took about 2-3 weeks. Also, people need therapy for different reasons so it’s impossible to know if Better Help will help you. My recommendation is to try it for 7 days or less, just make sure to cancel before the 7 days ends if you don’t like it. If you do like it or you are on the fence, I would suggest sticking with it and to create a schedule! This is the most important thing in my opinion. Take it like you would your job. Create a schedule with your therapist. Let him or her know what hours are best for you and don’t forget to make phone or video appointments. These are super super helpful.

by Joseph L. on Betterhelp

i have been traveling for the better part of 2 years now due to job requirements. i have very random hours which I thought would be a huge hindrance to my therapy sessions. i needed to cancel office therapy because of that. betterhelp has been a pretty decent replacement for my therapy needs – i am always on the go and very attached to my email which is my go to method for communicating with my betterhelp therapist chloe. my traveling has unfortunately exacerbated my depression and my relationship with my family. chloe has been able to help me alleviate a lot of my suffering by creating a custom tailored treatment plan for me. this has led to a very nice increase in my quality of life which is hard given my current traveling circumstances. i feel more fulfilled and a lot happier directly because of her. this was all thanks to the betterhelp platform.

by Susan D. on Betterhelp

supposed to be around $50 per week but you are charged per month. only after I looked in the very small text did I see that. so you are locked in for at least one month after the free trial. $200 for one month is not bad compared to counseling in-office and the service does work but better help should still be more upfront about how they bill their clientele.

by Judy S. on Betterhelp

I know that betterhelp says not to use their service if you are suicidal but not everyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts wants to call the national suicide prevention hotline. You are given counseling over the phone and them a recommendation on local mental health site locations. Not everyone is going to make the effort to go to one of these places. betterhelp is an option where you are paired with an actual psychologist right away. I wanted that but betterhelp told me not to use their service. Yes I get that they say that their service isn’t for suicide but why not? It could save a lot of lives. I know some people who have called the suicide hotline and feel like they are just another name in the system. If you are suicidal you want to feel special and you need the message to be personalized….not just “take a ticket and we’ll be with you shortly”. Feels like a government agency. That said, if you ARE suicidal, don’t mention that to betterhelp or they won’t let you use the service. They will direct you to the suicide hotline. For me betterhelp worked at least temporarily. Once my counselor got on chat with me, we set up a video chat and then she told me I needed to see someone in person. But, that first session really helped MOTIVATE me to see someone in an office. I currently see someone for free because of my suicidal tendencies and I also speak with my betterhelp counselor. This is a good service even if they say it is not for you.

by Stuart G. on Betterhelp

The price, counseling, efficiency and security and privacy are excellent. It also happens to be a great thing to use as an outlet. It is strange but talking to a complete stranger, even if they are licensed professionals, is oddly soothing. I have now been with Betterhelp for 4 weeks and cannot complain. I would and have already recommended this service to a few close friends.

by Beryl J. on Betterhelp

This service is very easy to use. After all it’s an app so the user experience should be good. But, it didn’t help me at all. For starters, the whole thing felt rushed. It isn’t like your traditional therapy session. You are asked a few questions and then you are paired with someone. You are immediately given a message which is clearly automated. The initial dialogue is weird and kept very short. And the messages thereafter feel very rushed. I think the price and usability are fantastic as the review states…but other than that I don’t see much benefit to this service.

by Liora Q. on Betterhelp

This service probably isn’t for everyone. But it is useful if you are open minded. It is a little annoying to have to wait a few hours for replies on off hours but on the other hand having the ability to communicate over chat is easier than setting an appointment and messing up your day to go to a session in an office. It also happens to be far cheaper than going to an office. This is what ultimately led me to use Better Help. I will say that it hasn’t been a complete lifesaver but it has been at the very least as useful as going to a therapist in an office.

by Sheila C. on Betterhelp

Being bipolar is one of the hardest mental health illnesses to deal with. Because of all my frequent mood changes, I had been to close to a dozen therapists within a 3 year time frame. It’s been extremely difficult to find a good connection with a therapist. So when I was paired with Melissa, of course I was very skeptical. I didn’t think it would last. But for a 7 day free trial I figured I had nothing to lose. Turns out online therapy is better for me than in person therapy. Melissa is very kind and understanding. One of the reasons why we were able to connect is because her father is also bipolar. On top of that she’s simply a good person and an amazing psychologist. She was able to help me be more self aware while also helping me through more complex problems. I still need to be medicated but Melissa’s help has really been a superb outlet for me. In addition to this, Betterhelp makes it a heck of a lot easier for me to communicate with Melissa. I am able to stay up to date on incoming messages because Betterhelp sends you instant email notifications of incoming messages, and using the service has been very easy. Both chat and video are very similar to Skype. I would recommend Betterhelp to anyone in need.

by James D. on Betterhelp

Came back from service roughly 4 years ago and have been struggling with ptsd for quite some time. I have been in and out of therapy sessions for a while now. The therapy helped but the costs were too much. My sister in law told me about how she saw an ad for Betterhelp so I figured to give it a shot. It has been 2 and a half months now and I can’t recommend them enough. My therapist is an actual therapist, not just some random person on the other side of a computer. He helps me with different strategies to work through my ptsd. And because he is in the same state, I hope to meet him in person one day soon, just not in his office! He has been fantastic and thanks to the Betterhelp platform I am able to receive effective therapy at an affordable rate.

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