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Mental Health Conditions
Anxiety can send the human body into fight or flight mode, which enables a person to manage perceived threat.  During fight or flight mode, various changes occur to the
Psychotherapy Treatments
Like adults, young children and adolescents can experience post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. After an extremely distressing event or experience, the memory
When dealing with anxiety and trauma, people tend to avoid whatever it is that is causing them to feel pain or worry. For example,
Mental health professionals use a variety of techniques when working to help people improve their lives via their emotional health. Depending on where and
Online Therapy
Choosing the right online counseling service for your needs doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Though there are over 20 providers offering similar services
Conflict is inevitable in close relationships; whether the relationship is with a spouse or romantic partner, a parent, or a friend, the longer the
Being in an intimate relationship for the long haul is both challenging and demanding. As you and your spouse encounter new experiences and grow
Does marriage counseling really work? It is a common question that marriage therapists get all the time. And it’s a question that couples wonder
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The current coronavirus pandemic has complicated a plethora of physical and mental aspects of our wellbeing. Individuals are forced to socially distance themselves from
People often use the term narcissist to describe someone who is overconfident, desperate for attention, and manipulative. However, a person with narcissistic personality disorder
A sadist describes a person who derives enjoyment and satisfaction from inflicting pain, retribution, and shame on others. The term “sadism” derives from an 18th-century