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No lives are completely void of risk taking; however, there is a vast continuum of risk seeking behaviors. Risky behaviors are those that expose
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Triangulation is a tactic used to manipulate an interaction between two people who are not communicating directly with one another. It is problematic because a
Alternative Therapies
Play therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that is used to help children explore life and their surroundings freely. Play therapy uses play to help deal
Eating disorders can be extremely dangerous for the those that suffer from them. Drastic changes to food intake can make a person seriously ill,
Online Therapy
Online Therapy
By Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
Choosing the right online counseling service for your needs doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Though there are over 20 providers offering similar services
If you’ve been involved in romantic relationships that have come to an end, you are likely familiar with that feeling you get when you
Conventional wisdom tells us that it’s a bad idea to get involved in a long-distance relationship. However, research has illustrated that this notion may
The notion of love is actually quite complex. We can love someone in the notion of love and go on to marry and make a
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Therapy Apps
Even before the global pandemic of COVID-19, it seemed like you could find an app for almost anything. Now, as a result of most
Imagine if you could have control over the workings of your mind. Innovative findings in neuroscience tell us that we can actually train our brains
Online Therapy Guide
The world is becoming increasingly reliant on digital solutions to replace traditional, “real world” alternatives, and mental health services are no different. Therapists and