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Guide to Finding Mental Health Professionals in Bakersfield, California

The region of Southern California lends itself to a diverse population, very high living costs, and because it also near Hollywood and Los Angeles, there is also a very high emphasis on social status because of the culture that both of those places in the United States. Bakersfield, located in the Southern California area, is a rare exception to this, as the culture of the city seems to be a bit different than most of the Southern California area.

Bakersfield Lifestyles and Mentalities

Unfortunately, Bakersfield is not exempt to the high living costs that entail most of the Southern California region. While there are very few taxes for a business owner, making Bakersfield much less stressful for a business owner, the costs of living for somebody who does not have a business are only slightly lower than the rest of Southern California. This can create stress for people in Bakersfield who work for somebody and do not own their own business.

This would not be an issue if it wasn’t for the struggling education level of most people who live in Bakersfield as well as the very niched job market. A look at its Wikipedia page will reveal that many of its biggest employers are in blue collar industries as well as the city or the county itself. When it comes to education, only roughly 15% of the citizens of Bakersfield possess a college degree or higher. Another fact is that only 79% of Bakersfield citizens over 25 have a high school diploma (with less than 25% possessing a college degree). This limits job prospects.

The jobs available may be overwhelming and very physically taxing. Hours are typically longer than usual, and this can affect a person’s relationships. This is especially true if one has a family or any group of people who they spend time with at the home. Working very long hours can also affect stress levels which can also affect mental health.


While most cities can be crowded and may have so much to do in terms of entertainment that it could overwhelm a person or cause too many distractions for a person, Bakersfield seems to have the reverse problem in that there are very few major entertainment venues in the city. There is not much available in the form of entertainment and culture in Bakersfield.

While this may appear negligible, this can be extremely troubling for anybody, especially those with families. One aspect about mental health that often goes unaddressed are feelings of boredom.

It may seem trivial to see a mental health counselor to address boredom, but as any expert in improvement will argue, addressing potential problems of any kind usually prevent much larger problems from surfacing. This is true in the mental health field as well, as many of the more significant mental health problems that many people possess are most of the time smaller problems that were never addressed. Boredom is no exception to this.

Where and How to Find a Mental Health Professional in Bakersfield

E-counseling has a  database can make it a bit easier to find a mental health professional is. Finding a good therapist that fulfills your needs is an investment in your personal mental health for the future.