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Marta Curry
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Westport, Connecticut

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Connecticut, California

Hello! I'm Dr. Marta Curry and I'm a licensed clinical psychologist in Westport, Connecticut. I specialize in women's wellness and couples therapy. Life has an inevitable way of presenting us with different stressors and life transitions such as...
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New York, New York

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New York, California

My first career was in the entertainment business as a t.v. and movie producer with my own production company. After creating and developing stories with three-dimensional characters for film, the transition to becoming a psychotherapist was a...

Mental Health Resources in Pomona, California

Pomona is located in Los Angeles County, California. It’s part of the Pomona Valley, which is between the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley. Some of the main employers in the area include the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. One of the reasons Pomona is well-known is because it’s the site of the Los Angeles County Fair, even though it’s around 30 miles east of Los Angeles itself.

The cost of living in Pomona is relatively high but is lower overall than that of California as a whole. The average cost of living for the U.S. is 100, while it’s 169 for California and 153 for Pomona. The cost of housing is also below the California average, although it’s significantly higher than the U.S. average. The median home cost for the entire U.S. is $216,200 while for the state of California, it’s $548,100 and for Pomona, it’s $414,300. Along with a high cost of living, other issues could be seen as problematic in Pomona, including regarding mental health and in particular, untreated mental health issues.

Mental Health Issues in Pomona

Financial stress, economic disparities, and a high cost of living are often factors that play a role in mental illness. They may not create mental illness, but these issues can make coping with mental health issues more difficult. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 21.5% of the population of Pomona lives below the poverty level. 22% of children in the city live in poverty. 38% of the adults in Pomona have less than a high school degree, and only 18% have college degrees.

A study from several years ago showed that the number of people in Los Angeles County who were diagnosed with clinical depression increased significantly. According to that study, in 2011 14% of respondents said they had been diagnosed with a depressive disorder at some point. That compared to 9% who gave the same answer in 1999. That report showed that women reported depression more often than men, and it was often linked to other health problems including heart issues and diabetes.

A few years ago in 2013, there were reports of an up in suicides. While a lot of effort has been made in the city to reduce crime and homicides, it remains a place where there is a lot of gang activity in particular. The number of homicides in Pomona each year is generally higher than the California state average. The violent crime rate in Pomona is estimated to be 30% higher than the national average.

In a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration l (SAMHA) looked at substance use and mental disorders in the Los Angeles metro area, an annual average of 1.6 million people aged 12 or older reported using an illicit drug in the year before being asked. That was 15.4% of the area’s population. There were 892,000 people 12 or older classified as having a substance use disorder in the past year. 5.4% of the population, based on the survey, also reported a major depressive disorder.

Pomona Mental Health Resources

While there are issues that the community and public officials must tackle in Pomona, there are resources as well. For example, the L.A. Department of Mental Health recently announced proposed spending of $896 million in extra funding on projects and services. Among these projects are the building of a new urgent care clinic at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and psychiatric mobile response teams. There is also a branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) that serves the Pomona Valley.

Tri-City Mental Health offers a wide variety of services and programs including adult outpatient services, and child and family outpatient services. They also feature clinical services, supplemental crisis services, and a peer mentor program. Mental Health Services are also offered at the San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center, also. Specific services include a family resource center, support groups, mental health services, and advocacy groups.

Pomona Therapist Directory

While there are many resources available for mental health care and services in Pomona, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for a provider. You may also be looking for someone who provides a specific type of mental health care. That’s why we created the Pomona therapist directory. These care providers are experts at what we do, and the above directory format can streamline your search for someone who offers the services and specialty you need.