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It may seem exorbitant but there are roughly 90 million Americans living with some form of mental health disorder as of 2016. That is roughly 20% of the American population. While this figure is astounding, it’s even more unfortunate and shocking that many of these individuals don’t have access to local specialized help.

There is a severe shortage of mental health experts all over the world, and particularly in the United States. Well over 50% of U.S. districts do not have a practicing mental health professional. In seeing the lack of service available, a few pioneers set out to offer a viable solution to this issue – to provide online counseling services – therapy/counseling from the comfort of your home or mobile device, and at a time that’s best for you.

It has been several years since the emergence of the e-counseling industry. As such, people seeking an e-counseling provider have dozens of options at their disposal. However, there is very little user feedback, reviews or relevant information about e-counseling. In fact, it’s still considered to be so new that even people with a basic understanding have been left asking: how does it work?

E-counseling.com – A Leader in Online Counseling

E-counseling.com is widely considered as the ‘go-to’ resource for online counseling and therapy, and for good reason. Our team consists of individuals who pride themselves on staying on top of the latest news and tends within the counseling arena. More importantly, we provide in-depth analysis on every leading e-counseling service. Our research is particularly important in this industry, considering the fact that technology is involved. Since technology is constantly changing, e-counseling services frequently change with it. It is our hope to provide as many people as possible with the most pertinent information about these changes and all things related to e-counseling.

The writers here at e-counseling.com also go to great lengths to provide the most useful and relevant content that will keep our visitors informed on industry trends. Due to this, we invite everyone to share their ideas or contact our editors for feedback, in order to create the ultimate e-counseling community. By assisting us in broadening our reach, you will be playing a vital role in spreading knowledge about this revolutionary industry.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy.

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