The Differences between Polyamory & Polygamy

There are many different types of relationships. Most people are familiar with monogamy which is the practice of being married to or with one person at a time. Beyond monogamy, there are different types of relationships that people sometimes misidentify. Two other types of relationships that can be confused for the other are polyamory and […]

ptsd help

5 Important Tips for Supporting Someone with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) involves the mental and emotional stress a person experiences after going through some sort of trauma. Trauma can occur in one major event (like war or sexual assault) or events over the course of time (like chronic abuse). For many people, the trauma experienced leaves them struggling to manage high anxiety, […]


How to Stop Overthinking?

Do you have the tendency to overthink or overanalyze things? Think about a time you gave an important presentation, had a conversation with someone you wanted to impress, or went to a party and talked to people you had never met before. When the presentation is over, the conversation ends, and the party is over, […]


Is “Cuffing Season” Really a Thing?

“Cuffing season” is the time of year where people are more interested in coupling up with someone else. The time of year is specifically during the winter months which typically fall around October through March. Dating is such an important of life for many people, but why are people more interested in coupling up during […]

toxic friendship

What Is a Toxic Friendship?

Toxic is a word that can be overused when people talk about friendships. When referring to friendships, toxic is a word to describe a relationship that poisons you in some capacity. It can poison the way you think, the way you feel about yourself, the way you feel about others, and the way you behave. […]


Resentment and How to Defeat it.

Bitterness and resentment are not uncommon feelings to experience. We experience those feelings when we feel we have been treated wrongly or unfairly by someone else. It can be a signal that something is not a right and that change needs to happen. However, long-lasting bitterness and resentment can cause serious issues. Resentment in relationships […]

repressed memories

Do We Really Repress Painful Memories?

The quick answer is yes, we really do repress painful memories. Not all bad memories are repressed. People still remember things like someone close to them passing away or abuse during childhood. However, there are certain painful memories our brains allow us to forget on a conscious level. It is our body’s way of protecting […]

narcisstic abuse

What Is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic individuals are people who have an overblown sense of self-importance, an overwhelming desire for attention and esteem, issues in relationships, and lack the ability to empathize. However, underneath this façade of a highly confident individual reveals a person who has low self-esteem and shatters under even the smallest critique. Narcissistic abuse comes from the […]


How to Spot “Quiet” Borderline Personality Disorder

To understand “quiet” Borderline Personality Disorder, it is helpful to understand the general diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is a disorder marked by intense emotional reactivity. Individuals with BPD are typically manipulative and explosive in their relationship. They experience a tension between desiring connection with others and wanting to push them away. People […]