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If you were to compare all of the leading online counseling services on the market right now, you would automatically assume that Talkspace is a prime destination for people looking to live better, happier lives. This is no surprise being that Talkspace has been mentioned in the media more than any other online therapy service, including their largest rival, BetterHelp. CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Mashable, Yahoo!, The Verge, Business Insider, The Huffington Post – this is just a shortlist of media coverage Talkspace has received. Is it because they have raised close to $30 million in funding? Is it because they are excellent at branding their service? Or is it really because they have an all-around terrific service? Let’s take an in-depth look at the Talkspace service.

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Company Profile:

While Talkspace doesn’t reveal figures, back in June 2016, TechCrunch noted that over 300,000 people use Talkspace as their online therapy solution. That certainly puts them in the big leagues, and likely in the top 2 spots. So, what makes them so special? Oren Frank, the CEO of Talkspace, along with his wife Roni, founded Talkspace back in 2012 when Mr. Frank was in need of therapy. He noticed a huge issue: the entire mental healthcare system is broken. And while the people who work in this field may have good intentions, Mr. Frank realized they don’t have the tools to fix it. So he and his wife started Talkspace and, along with an incredible team, steadily built up the company to where it stands now. It also helped that Mr. Frank had a ton of experience in the marketing and publicity fields, as he was a blogger in the past for The Huffington Post.

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Signing Up:

The very process itself of getting started with therapy can be stressful for many people; adding the technology component to the mix, even for people who are otherwise tech-savvy, will just add to this stress. Talkspace understood this from the start and thus set out to create the most straightforward method for joining their service. When you get to their website, you are greeted by a ‘chatbox’ of sorts where you type in your question or comments to a therapist, enter an email address, a password, and a nickname. Once you have completed this, you are led to a secured chat room. It is here that you can ask the therapist more questions about online therapy or what you are experiencing. It is important to note that this is just an introductory welcoming to Talkspace. While you will be chatting with a certified professional, this won’t be your specific counselor. Rather, you will need to answer a few questions from the therapist and pay to use the service, and only then will you be paired with a counselor. However, you can speak with the counselor or ask as many questions as you’d like in this introductory chat room – there is no limit. Additionally, the beauty of Talkspace is that they use IBM Watson for pairing purposes. IBM Watson is a computer system that uses predictive modeling. Using this system has enabled Talkspace to see wild success, as the overwhelming majority of the time customers are happy with the therapist they are paired with. If for some reason you are not happy, you can always write to Talkspace and request a change.


Talkspace offers 3 standard therapy plans from which to choose. The most popular plan is called Unlimited Message Therapy Premium and includes unlimited messaging and 1 live session each month via one of their included communication features. The cost of this plan is $79 per week, billed monthly at $236, but if you commit to 3 months, you can save 10% off that price. In addition, committing to 6 months takes 20% off the standard rate. Their couples therapy service is a bit more expensive, as you might expect, and starts at $99 per week. Overall, they may not be the least expensive brand on the market, but they are pretty close.

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Usability (Desktop & Mobile):

While Talkspace delivers a solid online therapy solution, the standout ‘feature’ is certainly its usability. For starters, desktop messaging takes place in the aforementioned chat room. Though the chat room is simplistic and provides good functionality, the Talkspace mobile app is really what users enjoy. This is because, from the beginning, Oren Frank (CEO of Talkspace) understood the “on the go” nature in today’s world. Thus, his crafty team of developers turned a new technology into a world-class platform. The Talkspace app is available on iOS or Android. When you enter the mobile chat room, it mimics the SMS layout of your smartphone, so there is a familiar feeling with no learning curve whatsoever. You are, of course, able to see prior chat history between you and your counselor. This is helpful because not all of your chats will be in real-time. In sum, TalkSpace delivers a chat platform geared toward providing an excellent user experience.

Communication with the therapists takes place via text, video and audio messages. That means it’s not in real-time. As a user of this service, your therapist will hear your message and respond with a message when he/she is available. However, it’s important to note that Talkspace’s packages all include daily responses from the therapists, 5 days a week.

If you opt for a plan that includes live sessions, then note that those sessions will take place via their mobile app only, which includes video conferencing. This may be a bit limiting for those that prefer to conduct their video sessions on the larger screens of their desktop devices.

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Counselor Support & Effectiveness:

Talkspace paired me with R.J. McNicholl, an LCSW from Illinois. I was disappointed to be matched up with a therapist not located in my area, though I realize that practically it really doesn’t matter where he’s from. R.J. turned out to be great for me as he was insightful and listened to my issues. He provided me with some profound analogies on how to deal with my emotions which, to my honest surprise, shocked me. We’ve all heard the stories about lame, cliche analogies used in therapy sessions, but after speaking with R.J., I must say don’t mock it till you try it!

Additionally, though success can vary, the overall consensus is that online therapy’s effectiveness is top-shelf. The main reason is that the sooner you get help, the more effective it is. Scheduling an in-office therapy appointment can take days or weeks. Talkspace eliminates that wait time since your therapist is always “with you.” Moreover, Talkspace provides unlimited texting, which means that not every interaction is a transaction. This also helps increase effectiveness because many people view their therapists as professionals doing their job with a focus on money rather than viewing them like people looking to genuinely help the person in need. Since Talkspace has unlimited text for a fraction of the cost, it’s obviously not about the money; this provides a sense of comfort for people wary of the therapist’s true intentions.

And, for good measure, Talkspace employs a board of advisors whose job it is to maintain the effectiveness of the service by performing rigorous, periodic testing.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Like any major company that deals with health records, Talkspace takes a tight security approach to how they conduct the safekeeping of data. Talkspace is HIPAA compliant (both their website and mobile app), and they use SSL encryption for protection. Furthermore, Talkspace enables you to create a unique password for your mobile chat room for an additional layer of security. The only critique some users have is that Talkspace does not delete your chat history. However, this is because they don’t have access to it (only you and your therapist do), as it’s against federal law.

Talkspace’s Counselor Qualifications:

All Talkspace counselors are certified professionals in their respective states and they all hold at least 3,000 hours of hands-on experience. It’s important to mention that not all Talkspace therapists must be licensed within the United States. Remember, you can always request a change if you don’t like your therapist. Don’t just give up on the service if you aren’t happy with who you were paired with. Talkspace therapists have all sorts of backgrounds. From PhDs and LMFTs to LPCs and PsyDs (and many more), Talkspace covers virtually every field in the mental health categories.

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Specialties & Areas of Expertise:

As mentioned above, Talkspace therapists cover every area of mental health. These include, but are not limited to:

  • All Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Career
  • Chronic Impulsivity
  • Conflict
  • Depression
  • Eating
  • Educational Assessments
  • Family
  • Grief
  • Health
  • Intimacy
  • Life Transitions
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Religion
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sleeping
  • Social Behavior
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Trauma & Abuse

Bottom Line:

While Talkspace provides a robust package of features, its main selling points are accessibility and affordability. In addition to this, Talkspace has done a fantastic job helping people understand the other various benefits to its service: anonymity, stigma-free, simplicity and comfort. With unlimited access to top licensed professionals for a mere $79 per week, it’s no wonder over 300,000 people currently use their online therapy service.

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  • All therapists are licensed and background-checked
  • Therapy by chat, video and audio message
  • HIPAA compliant

Comments 74

  1. Avatar Addison N. says:



    Contrary to most reviews here, I am mostly happy with Talkspace. The review by E-counseling is on point. However, the only downside is that you need to pay extra for video sessions as another user noted already. Isn’t that why people switch to online therapy? Because they want to pay a set MONTHLY LOW COST fee? The worst part about that is that the extra charges aren’t cheap. If you are really going all in on therapy, you are going to need several monthly video sessions. The costs add up quickly and suddenly Talkspace doesn’t seem so cheap anymore. I am currently debating whether or not to switch over to Betterhelp simply because a set monthly all included fee really means all included. This is unfortunate especially for me because besides from that, I really am happy with Talkspace.

  2. Avatar Riley H. says:



    I have tried both Betterhelp and Talkspace. I tried Betterhelp for about a week when I found out that Talkspace was cheaper and so I switched over right away. For my first week of Betterhelp, my therapist was pretty good at corresponding with me so I thought I would have just as good of an experience through Talkspace. Unfortunately, that is not the case so far. I have been with Talkspace for close to one month now and the text messaging is very erratic. There’s no telling when my therapist will reply. Sometimes I will wait close to 24 hours for a reply. The longest I waited with Betterhelp was five hours. The problem is I can’t go back to Betterhelp because that extra $50 per month is too much for me. So now here I am trying to work out a better schedule with my Talkspace therapist. Other than the scheduling though, I have been happy with the level of support. There is clearly a reason why they are ranked so well by everyone, and this is why. The responses may be sporadic but from what I see, my therapist is making a real effort to help me. I hope we can work out better timing going forward.

  3. Avatar Mathew C. says:



    I think the negative reviews I read above seem to be very unrealistic in their expectations. Talkspace was a life saver for me and it is my shared responsibility to state and evaluate my needs with the therapist up front. I can’t expect someone to read my mind. Due to honest conversations about what we both needed vs what we could both do, I had an amazing experience!

  4. Avatar Mary Z. says:



    I have tried using this 3 different times during my divorce. My initial therapist was perfect, but I moved to another state and she was not certified for that state so could not continue with me. The next time I switched twice and neither were of any help. The last one in this attempt I had mentioned her messages were so different and I wondered if it was even her responding at times. She went off and how she had to contact her supervisor and what I was accusing her of was against HIPPA etc…They were canned messages, replies that anyone could type to anything said, no substance. I had poured out my heart in one and I got a single line response that did not pertain to what I had shared at all. Third time was to be a charm. Nope. I just recently got the response she asked me what she needed to do for me. This is weeks and weeks in to it. I replied when you go to a doctor or dentist you tell them your problems and they know what to do…I don’t have to tell them what to do for me. That is what I’m in therapy for because I can’t figure out what I need to do for myself!! Also if you don’t renew immediately – wait they will send you a huge discount if you come back.

  5. Avatar Jerry O. says:



    This is an overrated service. The communication is terrible. It’s not what therapy is supposed to be at all. This isn’t only as knock on Talkspace but probably on the industry as a whole. Granted I have never tried anything else, but I’ve seen enough with Talkspace to know that online therapy is just not a viable long term solution to people like me with pretty bad mental health issues.

  6. Avatar Troy T. says:



    In my opinion, Talkspace is as good as the counselor that you are matched with. I was somehow matched with a counselor that has a similar work background as me. We are both from the same city. I know that the workplace assessments are irrelevant to our conversations, but somehow she is able to well when I’ve been doing better.
    I joined Talkspace because a man who I thought cared about me chose to date and eventually marry another woman. Usually it doesn’t take me long to get over rejection, but at the time it had been 2 yrs of feeling worthless. I will say that the conversations with her helped me to pull out of that feeling.

    • Avatar Ellen A. says:

      I haven’t found TalkSpace to be helpful. First, once assigned a counselor, none of the intake info was conveyed to her. She didn’t have a very structured process. And, they’ve been unable to provide a receipt for services that is acceptable by my FSA administrative company.

  7. Avatar Coco D. says:

    TalkSpace wasn’t for me. I didn’t like initially having to chat with someone who wasn’t even going to be my therapist just to get matched up. I didn’t love who I was matched up with either. She was more serious than I liked – very straightforward, which is good, but not warm and fuzzy. Also, she would take 1-2 days to reply to my messages and sometimes reply with just a follow-up question (no helpful advice) or only answer part of my message … so then I’d wait another 1-2 days for another reply. I just felt like the timeframe between each conversation was not helpful at all. By the time I hear back, I was over my thoughts. I did not do any video conferences because I found that very awkward and uncomfortable. Just wasn’t for me!

  8. Avatar Ron A. says:



    I am a writer who has, what it seems to me, been dealing with depression for my entire life. Writers depression, yeah that’s me in a nutshell. I am also a huge introvert so I am totally fine with going no contact with people for large amounts of time. I like being alone. I genuinely enjoy it. Yet, I also realized that I needed help. I searched for alternatives to therapy in an office and came across Talkspace. I signed up and paid roughly one month ago. This is what I found so far. Most of the communication through texting is done by me. Yes I write long drawn out text but that’s because issues can’t be summed up in 4-5 sentences. Many of the replies have been my therapist giving me thought exercises, which is fine because they help, at least for the most part. I can see the effort my therapist puts into our sessions but I don’t feel like it’s enough. It’s basically her doing just enough to get by. This helps me a little but keeps me on the hook coming back for more therapy. I have questioned this several times now (to myself). Is this a strategy? Or is it lack of effort? For the record: I am not saying this is a bad service. IT ISN’T. It is in fact helpful. But, it could be a lot more helpful if more effort was put forth. Everything else about what the review above says is accurate. The pricing is very good. The usability is great. That’s all fine but I truly believe the therapists, or at least mine, should put in a bit more effort. It would take Talkspace from being decent/good to great/amazing.

  9. Avatar Kelly B. says:



    I have one of the craziest and busiest lives out there. For me it was simply about convenience and ease of use. Talkspace is a perfect fit for anyone who prioritizes these two things. NB: this service will not help if your mental health disorder is severe. If it’s light or moderate you will be happy with it.

  10. Avatar Virginia H. says:



    I read all of the reviews online. How could I not? Talk Space is everywhere. I’ve been battling depression for years now. Sadly in office counseling did not help me. I actually believe it had the adverse effect on me. I was really at a low point too so I joined Talk Space. I have several sessions with my therapist throughout the week. I have seen people say that online therapy is not as good as the real thing but I found this to be false. Not only false but the complete opposite. My therapist through Talk Space put me in the right head space. It’s been close to half a year now and I have largely overcome my depression. My eating habits are better. My sleeping habits are better as well. My relationship with my fiance has dramatically improved. I know this is my personal experience and everyone has their own so take this with a grain of salt. But for me it was a god send.

    • Avatar Carla R. says:

      My experience was somewhat similar. Talkspace helped me more than therapists have ever helped me in an office setting. Unfortunately, my results so far (3 months into it) are mostly negligible. I have seen only a little improvement in my situation. My depression has gotten better but only by a little. You would think you would see significant improvment after 3 months of therapy but that has not been the case for me here.

  11. Avatar Moe R. says:



    Still have not used the desktop version as I only use the app for my mood swings. It is the best mental health app out there, by far. I have used more than 5 others (Calm, Headspace, Betterhelp, and others). And the $99/month fee is fantastic, ridiculously better than any other online therapy company offers.

  12. Avatar Jennifer W. says:



    A bit of a bait and switch and some important things are not disclosed. Everywhere Talkspace advertises unlimited but the only thing that is unlimited is how many messages I can leave for my therapist Blythe. I adored her during our time together – I felt heard and understood, but when I was ramping in a bit of a crisis, the limited amount of responses was hard to manage. She was like clockwork with her responses in that she checked and responded to messages twice a day Monday through Friday, but I started to understand that those check ins were close in time, so if I posted late at night on a Monday, I would hear back late morning on Tuesday and then unless I responded immediately I would not hear back again until the following day. I now understand that the therapists are told to spend five minutes max at each of ten weekly check ins for a total of one fifty minute weekly session. Given the price, I think that is fair. I also learned from another site that the therapist gets less than half of my fee, so for that small amount, Blythe put in a lot of time and energy and I appreciate that a lot.
    What had me running for the hills was learning that my entire conversation with my therapist could be reviewed for ‘quality’ by unknown people from Talkspace. While I am sure that this was in the disclosures up front, when I discovered this on another site and my therapist confirmed it, I became uncomfortable. I reached out to customer service and they closed my account at my request.
    I have some concerns about confidentiality on this service and learning that Phelps is not an actual client is really disconcerting. I have read about other issues and it was time for me to try something else.

  13. Avatar Laura S. says:



    Talk Space is an excellent way of communicating on a daily basis no matter what time a day around your own schedule! I signed up in 2017 and I love it! Limor my therapist is absolutely outstanding! She’s compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and no matter what the topic she’s always so helpful! Talk Space is great for self growth and going at your own pace! Thank you Limor and Talk Space as its been the best thing I can do for myself!

  14. Avatar Dan C. says:

    I signed up for one month of texting. At first she sent me “copy & paste” messages about how therapy works. I was in crisis mode and rambled on and on. She said that a “switch” is in order and told me to find another therapist. So I switched to another therapist and I learned my lesson – don’t ramble on and on. I was very clear and thoughtful on what I wrote. The new therapist told me I need to join a Church. I told her I already belong to a small Church. She said I need to find a new one because the one I’m going to isn’t working for me.

    I didn’t feel “heard” by this therapist unless it was about Church. I met a therapist at the church I was going to and I told him about this. He told me if his clients don’t want to talk about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior he doesn’t have anything to say to you.

    I guess this therapist on TalkSpace had the same sentiments. In any case, I didn’t want to talk about church or Jesus. I wanted to talk about my issues.

    I believe this is a deceptive practice by TalkSpace. If the therapist only wants to talk about religion they should advertise themselves as a “Christian Therapist.”

  15. Avatar Erin H. says:



    I love Talkspace. I have felt well cared for from the beginning. I was matched and communicating with my therapist within hours of set up.

    I have had no experience with the time crunch of replies that other people have sited. My therapist sends voice memo responses to my messages, twice a day, and the voice memos usually total around 8 minutes of her validating, summarizing, and asking further questions of me.

    Literally no complaints from me. I’m a millennial and this is my 5th therapist and she is hands down the best I’ve had. She allows me to set the pace, tone, and goals of therapy. This was also the most pain free finding and choosing a therapist that I’ve ever had. Yay technology!

  16. Avatar Ivon L. says:



    So I tried Talkspace for three weeks, and was very disappointed. First disappointment was when I signed up I was matched with a therapist, and received a message from her right away. Or so I thought. Turns out it was a type of automated welcome message that immediately pops up when that particular therapist is chosen. So it asked what brings me to therapy, and i give a brief explanation of what I’m going through. I never got another response, I waited almost a week.

    So I ask to change therapists, get matched with another fairly quickly. Then comes my next disappointment. It says unlimited texting, and that is not accurate at all. I was expecting unlimited live texting, with in-depth conversation about my issues. Not the case at all. She asked lots of questions at first about my history, the intake process. She doesn’t have much to say about my history. I message her about something negative I went through, which is like reopening a wound. I don’t get a response until a full 24 hours later, it’s very short and doesn’t even address my message. So this happens a few more times. I tell her about emotional trauma I experienced, and have to wait a day for a response that doesn’t really acknowledge what I told her. It almost seemed like she didn’t even read what messaged her. It was one unhelpful response a day Mon-Fri, with no direction at all.

    I got fed up and tried to change therapists again. I got matched with three therapists, but two of them are the ones I’ve changed from! The third didn’t have experience in trauma, so I asked to be rematched again. I’m told that they don’t have a therapist for me. What? I thought they had thousands of therapists? They give an option to talk with a “match expert.” The “expert” wanted to read all the messages between me and the therapist, which I didn’t really care for. I give permission anyway and I never hear from them again!

    So I wasted $200 dollars that I really couldn’t afford. I know it offers video chat but it costs more, and I could barely swing the fee for the “unlimited texting.” This experience left me confused about therapy altogether. I got no benefit from Talkspace whatsoever. Now I just feel guilty about wasting my family’s money, money I could have used to buy groceries for my kids.

    • Avatar Emma S. says:

      This is EXACTLY why I switched to Betterhelp. Why should I pay more for video sessions when I’m already paying a set fee? Isn’t that the point of online therapy? Although my experience wasn’t as bad as yours, it was still below average and expectations. Their pairing method is worse than they claim.

  17. Avatar Dylan C. says:



    This is definitely a unique experience. It’s way way way different from traditional counseling. Not bad, just different. Overall everything was better than expected. In my honest opinion, it’s not a replacement for in person therapy, and Talkspace themselves even say this. But it’s still anywhere between helpful to very helpful. For me, it was helpful but I still need to go see a professional in an actual office.

  18. Avatar Daef B. says:



    From a user experience standpoint: app works well and is mostly intuitive, the security features are adequate and unobtrusive from using the Talk space therapy room. The service gives the user the ability to choose a therapist that matches their sex, and confidentiality is nice. Given your price tier, you can pay up to $79/wk. and receive weekly half-hour video sessions. Most common pricing is the $50/wk. plan for basic access to message a therapist.

    Signing up for Talkspace is a financial risk that I cannot recommend. Coming from a long relationship with traditional therapy, I found this method to be jarring and unproductive.

    From my experience, the biggest issue that I had with Talkspace is the required amount of work for you to get anything out of the therapy. Billing themselves as “therapy for the modern age” I found the service nothing but an uphill battle to acclimate to and to get even a shred of progress toward better mental health.

    My therapist recommended sitting down and writing out how I was feeling daily for a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening. Totaling 7hrs per week writing about myself and how I am feeling. As someone who is dealing with severe depression and anxiety, I find this incredibly challenging. I hate myself, and that is a core reason why I signed up, and I can’t just write to someone I don’t know about how I am feeling with no context or structure. To add insult to injury after several weeks of trying to write about myself, our discussions lacked any direction to improve to discuss my problems

    This led to my second month going days at a time with nothing more than “Hello Daef I’m back on the platform today” or “I’ve noticed you haven’t responded in a while.” Respond to what? Why bother talking when the only time that I’m available you’re away? My therapist never asked prompting questions beyond “how are you feeling today?” answer: not F$&%ing great that’s why I signed up. Meaning most conversations would never build into something beyond a shallow version introspective analysis.

    I originally signed up for a once per month conference call with my therapist, but my person never reached out to schedule a time. I wasted an extra $10/wk so even if you pay more for a better experience there is no guarantee that you’ll even get what you pay for. I know that you can “easily switch therapists,” but they don’t reimburse you for the time that you spent with the person who wasn’t helping and the money you wasted on their hack job service.

    I wrote this review on the brink of tears, want to know how I’m feeling? Ripped off, lied to, and screwed over. If you need therapy, I recommend trying anything else first. You probably won’t get the help you need here.

  19. Avatar Didi S. says:



    I had one very positive experience with Talkspace and ended up with a very negative one. Good luck if you end up with a therapist who doesn’t suit you. I got one who offered no empathy or insight. Seriously, a random person on the street would have been a better listener. I immediately canceled, yet I was still charged $151 because my therapist “set aside the time for me”! Hopefully you end up with a good therapist because otherwise you’re out $151, after only one exchange.

  20. Avatar Jenn B. says:

    I was recently diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and needed more support than my psychiatrist or therapist could provide. I do one on one therapy with an amazing therapist who I completely trust (now). I use the unlimited text function with a therapist on Talkspace to help me identify what I need to cover during my in person therapy. While this service is not optimal for my diagnosis, my alters have the option of texting or messaging the same therapist that I do. My in person therapist and my Talkspace therapist talked and are working as a team to help me become more stable and higher functioning. I receieve insightful, well written, and professional responses even to my most rambling responses. It helps to research types of therapy before just jumping into a process one might not understand completely. There are a lot more non-verbal cues (body language, eye contact, hand movement, posture, etc…) that can be missed by a therapist if a client fails to articulate their feelings into text. This platform of therapy takes a fair amount of self awareness and strong communication skills.

  21. Avatar Sue G. says:



    disappointed in this service. I signed up for the highest level package. I get 1/2 video a week. The video quality has been poor, I can’t hear my therapist half of the time. A half an hour is really not enough time to get into anything and have the therapist give advice. There is a timer and you are cut off at 1/2 hr. My therapist is ok, but I don’t get much feedback outside of the video. My last video chat was very heavy and I was left feeling really low. My therapist did not send any follow up message. I feel that this has not helped, in fact, I feel worse due to the fact that I have another person in my life who I don’t feel is very supportive. I would not recommend this.

  22. Avatar April P. says:



    Talkspace may be limited in areas that their rivals – mainly Betterhelp – can assist. But if you are going through depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar or relationship issues, I would pick Talkspace any day over Betterhelp. For any other issues, go with Betterhelp. I have used Betterhelp in the past. It’s also a good service but the small things matter. I have found the therapists on the Talkspace platform put in more effort. There is a lot of overlap in therapists – meaning that therapists who work on the Talkspace platform also work on the Betterhelp platform. However, there are many therapists who only work with Talkspace and there’s a reason for that. Highly recommended.

  23. Avatar Zach S. says:



    HORRIBLE sign up process. I went to the web site, clicked “Get Matched”, took about a 10-15 minute quiz and then it gave me options to select a therapist. 3 per page. I wanted to see more so I clicked a button that would show me 3 more. It specifically said that I would be able to choose one of the therapists from the previous group even if I wanted to see more options. I saw 3 groups of 3 and then it brought me to a chat page where the person I was chatting with had no idea I just taken a long quiz to get there and my answers were not stored so I have to pay and then do it all over again and can’t select one of the therapists I was matched with previously.

    I was skeptical of online therapy, read some bad reviews but still tried to give it a try and this is the very first things that happens. Absolutely insane that this could even happen given how this company is dealing with people that are seeking help. Now I’m just annoyed and turned off all together about online therapy.

  24. Avatar Alonso G. says:



    Funny story about my sign up story with Talkspace. I joined after hearing Michael Phelps mention them. I am an avid swimming enthusiast while also battling depression. I understand the nature of advertising but I would like to think that Michael Phelps or any other celebrity for that matter wouldn’t just take money for a company they didn’t believe it. So I signed up. Talkspace’s pairing process is excellent. I was paired within a matter of minutes; it was all very seamless. Moreover, setting appointments with my therapist to payments is also seamless. I love this service.

  25. Avatar Milly T. says:



    Gabrielle (my therapist) has been instrumental in helping me with a range of mental health problems…stress, depression, relationship problems, some serious life changes…you name it. Some of the reviews here are unfair and unwarranted. I understand that some people have bad experiences as is the case with everything in life but that doesn’t mean you should give the service a bad name. Talkspace was the company that connected me with Gabrielle. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know how I would be holding up in life right now. There are some downsides to the service like limited chat therapy (1-2 sessions per day) and also the video sessions are limited as well. If you have a problem with the amount of therapy you receive, that’s one thing. But overall the therapy provided is excellent. To me that’s what matters most.

  26. Avatar Cathy G. says:



    The therapist was atrocious. I’d out her by name but I’m afraid of getting sued. On top of being charged for a service that didn’t provide service and one that I already can’t afford, I’m not going to put myself in another situation that could bankrupt me. No thanks. I would not recommend this service. At all. To anyone.

    • Avatar Helen R. says:



      Thank you. I wondered about counseling with essentially words on a screen v a real human being. Your words helped me remember when I needed a divorce attorney (who later was disbarred) and I too was afraid of being sued. ‘Reviews’ can be done by friends and family with no one verifying its legitimacy.

  27. Avatar Greg M. says:



    Talkspace launched their app for teens recently. I am 19 so I decided to join. The weight off of my shoulders from all my family drama has been a gamechanger. I am now able to focus on my studies properly with the help of my counselor. No interruptions and most of all no distractions. What a freaking relief.

    • Avatar Anne D. says:

      HI I have a teen son having bullying and depression issues. is there anyone you can recommend

  28. Avatar Brittney C. says:



    I was going back and forth between Talkspace and Betterhelp. In the end I decided to go with Talkspace because of their reputation. I have seen them everywhere. I understand that companies do advertising all the time and that is in no way indicative of how they actually are as a service, but I figured I had to make a decision anyway so I may as well go with the safe bet. Thankfully my decision was a good one. Talkspace matched me with my therapist within 15 minutes. I received a notification and started chatting away. I was disappointed when I realized the chat was not in real time but I did receive a reply less than an hour later. My therapist told me that therapy through text was not in real time but that we could move over to video calls, which we did. Let me first say that the Talkspace app is nothing short of amazing. My therapist has been a huge help in helping me manage my depression and especially my anxiety. I have had trouble balancing my work and life. I tended to go to the extreme and didn’t know when to stop. I still do from time to time but it has gotten so much better it is barely noticeable now. I strongly recommend Talkspace.

  29. Avatar Jonas R. says:



    So my story is an interesting one. I grew up in France but I am originally from Switzerland. I have been living in the US (NYC) for the past 30+ years. Gained citizenship legally. Got married, settled down, a good job, nice house. The typical American dream. Then it all came crashing down. My wife divorced me. I lost my job and subsequently my house. My kids aren’t exactly on speaking terms with me. I needed help. However due to the loss of a great job, I was forced to take something that offered less pay. Naturally I couldn’t afford traditional therapy, so I went the online route and came across Talkspace. In what I consider an act of God, I was matched with Linda. Linda grew up in both France and Germany so she shares a lot of “culture” with me. I am able to connect and communicate with her better than I had ever imagined I’d be able to. She has put me through the wringer but in a good way. There were some extremely tough questions to answer, especially in regard to my childhood. I didn’t even think that played a role in how my situation came to be but lo and behold I was wrong. It has been over 4 months now and I an continuing with Linda and Talkspace. I decided to write this review now because I feel as if I have virtually completely the therapy process. I am not leaving because I’d like to maintain my state of mental health and there are still issues (not only having to do with me) that I’d like to try and resolve, mainly my children and my relationship with them. I wasn’t optimistic 4 months ago but now I am, all thanks to Linda and the Talkspace platform.

  30. Avatar Bob S. says:



    My Therapist was excellent.
    But when I cancelled they continued to bill me.
    Like so many other thieving businesses they always seem to bill for what you don’t get and don’t want.
    Hey it’s no problem, you send them a text and they tell you it takes 2 or 3 days to even answer you.
    Not to refund your money, just to answer you.

    Stay away from these thieves and save yourself a lot of trouble!

  31. Avatar Anna Y. says:



    I signed up thinking that I would be getting unlimited therapy. As it turns out, my therapist only replied once a day. I set up video calls but those are limited to. To be fair, the chats were average while the video sessions were GREAT. The problem is you are limited and don’t really receive “unlimited” therapy because the therapists are too busy with other clients. If they could handle 2-3 sessions per week that would be ideal. Therapy once a week isn’t good enough for someone like me who is going through PTSD.

  32. Avatar Carl H. says:



    It saddens me to see some of the negative reviews here. Talkspace has been a lifesaver for me. I went to Betterhlp and told them I was having suicidal thoughts. They rejected me and directed me to the suicide hotline. Been there, done that. Waste of time. I then went to Talkspace and while I didn’t tell them that I was having suicidal thoughts, they took me in. I spoke with my therapist who told me I really should use the suicide hotline but I explained to her that it has let me down more than a handful of times. I told her to hear me out, which she did. She was able to help me so much. However, she did recommend that I do some regular therapy in an office setting, which I set up. So now I am doing both, which has been a massive help to me. In short, I don’t know why these companies turn away suicidal people. Yeah maybe it’s not the best place for all of us but it really can help. I wish the management of these online therapy companies would see that.

  33. Avatar Michaela L. says:



    My experience with talkspace was fair.
    – CON: It was very slow to start; it took several days to find a counselor I thought was a good fit. Then a few days into texting with her, she told me she was leaving talkspace! So I had to start that process over, and find a new counselor. I was three weeks into my $316/month subscription, and had gotten nowhere. (And I was in super crisis mode. If you need to talk to someone NOW, do note that it takes a while to get the ball rolling.)
    – CON: I really craved in-person meetings. My plan was unlimited texting + 4x 30 min sessions/month; I found I wasn’t utilizing the texting very often, and the 30 min sessions via smartphone (it’s like FaceTime) weren’t doing it for me. There were lots of awkward silent moments.
    – CON: Price. I think $316/month is too expensive for 2 hours of total talk time.
    – PRO: Convenience. If you have a hard time getting to a counselor (maybe you have small kids and can’t get a sitter, or you live in a rural area, or it’s hard to leave the house) – talkspace is a great option. It’s also really nice to be able to just plop down on your couch and start a session.
    – PRO: If text messaging is your preferred mode of communication, there’s a pretty cheap plan ($49/month) where you can type your woes away, and your therapist gets in touch with you once/week. If nothing else, it’s like journaling, where your diary occasionally talks back with insight and advice.
    – In the end, while I liked my therapist, it wasn’t for me. I ended up leaving after two months to find a local, in-person counselor.

  34. Avatar Zoe E. says:

    Disappointing experience. The therapist I was matched with gave only very brief, unhelpful comments like “I can see how that would be overwhelming,” and “focus on the positive.” There was no advice given and no opportunity to discuss anything in-depth. It’s supposed to be unlimited texting but that just means you can send as many messages as you want while you wait hours and sometimes days for a pointless response.

    • Avatar Ivon.L says:

      This was my experience as well. I feel so dumb for wasting money on this.

  35. Avatar Jess W. says:

    In my opinion TalkSpace is a rip-off and I believe they are intentionally misleading people about the service they will receive. The package is called “Unlimited Texting” but what they don’t tell you is the unlimited part only applies to the client, meaning that you can text your therapist as much as you want. But after a couple weeks of only receiving 1-2 short text messages a day 5 days a week from my therapist (I was expecting a lot more), I mentioned that I thought maybe she was too busy to help me. That’s when she explained that the therapists are instructed to only spend 10 minutes a day 5 days a week reading and responding to client messages. So I was receiving very short messages containing really obvious comments like “Focus on the positive.” If I was able to do that without help, I wouldn’t need therapy! I have been in a severe depression for 9 months and I need more help than that!!!

    I can see how TalkSpace would be helpful for people with very mild depression, and I can see that it might be helpful for people with no insurance or people who live in remote locations. But for me, a normal live therapy session would cost me a $20 copay a week, and this is $50 a week. I signed up because I thought the “Unlimited Texting” meant that I would be getting MORE than I would in a normal live session a week. I feel like I got less, and paid more than double.

    In addition, they guide they provide says that by Week 3 you should be setting some goals with your therapist. I asked about that several times and told her I wanted to do that and needed her help with that but she just said it “wasn’t her job to tell me what to do” so no goals were ever set.

    While I liked my therapist and I believe she did the best she could within the confines of 10 minutes a day 5 days a week, after a month I don’t feel I’ve received any helpful advice, I don’t feel even a tiny bit better, and I just can’t justify spending another $200 for nothing.

    I also think that since they advertise a per week price they should charge you by the week instead of making you pay for a whole month up front.

    I also found out that Michael Phelps didn’t even use TalkSpace for his therapy, so I think again they are misleading people, they use him to say how helpful therapy was for him but don’t disclose that he used a traditional therapist rather than TalkSpace!

    Everything about this company is designed to mislead you. I truly feel like that $200 was a COMPLETE waste, and coming up with that $200 was really difficult for me. I really feel like they’re taking advantage of people who really need help.

    • Avatar Renee B. says:

      Sounds like the only thing you get are platitudes like everything will be OK you can get through this. well maybe you can’t. I don’t have any insurance and I desperately need some help but I guess there’s this…it sounds like this isn’t the place for me either.

      • Avatar Susan Z. says:

        Like all therapeutic relationships, I think it depends on who you get as a therapist. My therapist is very specific and does not give vague platitudes. I’ve had in-person counseling before trying this and I like TalkSpace. I work 6 days a week and also take care of my 82 year old mother so TalkSpace is very convenient. I can read my therapist’s responses on my phone and then respond to her when I have some free time at home on my laptop.

        I would recommend trying it for at least a month to see if you connect to a therapist and find it helpful. I really am benefiting from my experience with TalkSpace and I have zero regrets. NOTE: One of the things I am working on in counseling is ridding myself of my fearful self-talk and taking reasonable risks. TalkSpace was a risk – financially and emotionally – and I am glad I took the risk and tried it because it has been beneficial.

        I hope a few negative experiences by other people dont sour you on trying something that could have a genuine benefit to you. It all depends on your therapist. I have one that I work well with so it IS possible.

        Best Wishes!

    • Avatar Stephanie S. says:

      That is a very good point you made about Michael Phelps. Seeing his commercial is what brought me here, but I didn’t even think about the fact that he never said he had actually used Talk Space. He and this company should be ashamed of themselves for doing that to people who desperately need help. Thank you for that and for sharing your experience.

  36. Avatar Felicia L. says:



    I am dealing with BPD. It’s not pretty. My family and friends have all abandoned me. I was and continue to feel in the dumps. My only “light at the end of the tunnel” is my therapist (Vivian) through Talkspace. She has helped me not only pick up what’s left of my life and offers hope every day, but also helps me manage my BPD. I have so much to work on but I’m in constant contact with Vivian every single day. It’s been less than two weeks so far and I have nothing bad to say about Vivian or the Talkspace service.

    • Avatar Ashely L. says:

      But how frequently does she actually respond, people are sauimg they’re limited to 10 minutes a day

      • Avatar Leah B. says:



        It’s true their responses are minimal and it’s the part I do not enjoy

  37. Avatar Sherry Katz says:

    Today is November 25, 2018.

    How is it it possible to write a comment dated November 30, 2018?

    • Eric Silver Eric Silver says:

      Hi Sherry. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. This was a fake review added to the E-counseling site by a hacker, and we are adding a security protocol to the site because it has been under multiple attacks recently. The post has since been removed.

  38. Avatar Susan H. says:



    Was charged for the first month a week before I was given 3 options for therapist. Was told the subscription wouldn’t begin until I chose a therapist. Wrong. Yes, I received a discount but for one less week. Also, of the 3 options I was given, 2 people in their 20s with only a few years experience (am in my 60s, retired and have been in therapy before for major life events). So I chose the 3rd person who was older with more exprience (and potentially could relate with). Wrong. I got to hear about his/her (to remain anonymous) personal issues. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

    • Avatar Donald O. says:

      Similar problem here…. paid for my initial subscription and got completely ignored by my assigned therapist. I ended my subscription…. but then I just received ANOTHER charged to my account despite my cancellation request and now no one is answering the listed GOOGLE number….. I literally NEVER got service and despite me canceling my account, they continue to make charges….. I’m already talking to my lawyer regarding the matter.

  39. Avatar Trang N. says:

    Only coming here that I knew my Talkspace therapist didn’t make fun of me: they will answer me once a day, 5 days a week. With that money I can do pretty much valuable things: go backpacking, buy something for my loved one, give it to a homeless… Anyway, I lost that small amount of money, which is twice the price of the old laptop I am using, for nothing… and ended up downloading a free meditation app on App Store. I dont understand the existence of these platforms, to make us more stressful and confused?

  40. Avatar David S. says:



    I signed up and was assinged a therapist. She said she answers her clients once a day, M-F. I wrote to her my issues but she would only reply with one or two sentences and most of the time it didn’t have anything to do with what I wrote. It seemed like she didn’t even read what I wrote. TalkSpace has an option to switch therapist, which I did. I felt heard by the new therapist but she kept referring to her Church and the love of Jesus. She encouraged me to join a Church and get involved. I told her I’m not a religious person and wasn’t interested. The whole ordeal was a waste of my time and money.

    • Avatar Ashely L. says:

      Bringing religion in is not acceptable

      • Avatar Joseph S. says:

        Funny because Religion brings many people hope, mercy, love, peace, joy, comfort, compassion, guidance, community, and many other positive attributes. Sounds kinda necessary to me……..

        • Avatar Beth A. says:

          It definitely does but it’s not appropriate on this platform, especially if the client tells the therapist he is not interested in religion.

  41. Avatar Karl E. says:



    The unlimited messaging therapy is a gimmick. However, video therapy is the real deal. Honestly, Talkspace should just get rid of text therapy, or at least not advertise it so much. It’s not all that helpful. It’s essentially delayed communication with a therapist. By the time they get back to you, you’re already dealing with another issue. With video, you get an uninterrupted session with your therapist. This is REALLY helpful. I have seen similar review with Betterhelp and other major online therapy services. There’s definitely something not right about texting a therapist unless you’re a corporate CEO with literally zero time on your hands. I’ll summarize it like this: for what they advertise, Talkspace sucks. However, there are amazing parts of their service like video and voice chat (preferably video though). This can really help you with any mental health issue.

  42. Avatar Stan V. says:



    I used Talkspace for couples counseling. I started off seeing my virtual therapist by myself. It was nothing short of excellent. My therapist was very supportive and helpful; gave me tips on how to become a better me. However, as soon as my wife joined, *&%$ hit the fan. It not only didn’t work for us but it kind of back fired on our relationship. I am hesitant to put the blame solely on our Talkspace therapist but she certainly had something to do with it.

  43. Avatar Saul K. says:



    Is there really a difference between Talkspace, Betterhelp and all the other online therapy companies? I feel like this industry is one big sham, looking to prey on people with mental health issues. I signed up for an account, had to wait more than 48 hours until I received a reply, and when I did it wasn’t helpful at all. To be clear, I was patient. I gave it a week, then I quit. Don’t waste your time with online therapy. It’s not all that helpful.

    • Avatar Priscilla D. says:



      Just because online therapy didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. How can you make that generalization? I have half a dozen close family members AND friends who use online therapy either through Talkspace or Betterhelp. All of them have been using online therapy anywhere from a month to close to a YEAR now. They have all had positive experiences. So what are you talking about? Also, I’m smart enough to realize that just because they had positive experiences doesn’t mean everyone will. Therapy is an individual thing. It also takes time until you find a therapist you can truly connect with. Don’t generalize and bring down an industry that can literally help millions of people!

      • Avatar Ashley L. says:

        They’re clearly paying the very few people with a good review.

        • Eric Silver Eric Silver says:

          Hi Ashley,

          We heavily vet every review that comes through. One of our missions is to try and protect people who are interested in online therapy. We have several methods in place to check and see if a review is legitimate or not. We have removed fake reviews in the past (they generally don’t even pass our systems check in the first place) and we are not hesitant to do so. While anything is possible, it is *highly unlikely* that Talkspace pays people to post fake reviews on the E-counseling website and that somehow they make it through our security protocols.

          All the best,


      • Avatar Lana S. says:

        Just as you have your opinion so does he – that’s what these reviews are about. This was his personal opinion and experience. He has the right to express it. You don’t need to police people’s reviews.

      • Avatar Dan H. says:

        One bad review doesn’t bring down an industry — many bad reviews do. Everyone is smart enough to realise one bad review doesn’t mean *all* bad reviews… That said, there are a lot of bad reviews here.

  44. Avatar Nikki F. says:



    Not quite sure why Talkspace is rated at #4 here on In my honest opinion, they are definitely top 3 and by my rating top 2. I know Betterhelp has a bigger name but honestly Talkspace is great for me. It feels genuine – not only the sessions with my therapist but also their company culture. Talkspace goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. So far this has been a very pleasant experience.

  45. Avatar Andrew T. says:



    I am a veteran living with pretty serious ptsd. as we all know the government doesnt really care about people like me. I have thought about suicide god knows how much. I have spoken to the nspl even more. then I heard about online therapy and Talkspace. people were telling me that its not a solution for my problems. even the therapy websites said if I’m suicidal I should speak to the nspl. but maybe they dont think right?! could it be that my suicidal thoughts were a result of my ptsd? of course that was the reason. if I fix my ptsd I probably fix my issues. also I had nothing to lose. cant afford office therapy no way no how. and my situation couldnt get worse. but i could afford $32 a week so I tried talkspace. it also happens to be that talkspace has a special section on their site for veterans like me. that was what pushed me to join. I am not really technology advanced but I dont need to be with talkspace. i set up a webcam and now I have sessions with my therapist weekly in addition to texting with her. I am far from being okay but I have already seen improvements beyond anything I could have imagined. years of living like this seems impossible to overcome. its not true, you can do it.

  46. Avatar Selah S.  says:



    I signed up for this company on Friday 6/9/17 and it is now Wednesday. I still have not been matched to a therapist. I was supposed to get 3 to choose from Friday but that did not happen, then Sunday after I filed a complaint, I got two to choose from but neither where what I needed help with so I did not choose any. It was not fast or helpful in any way. I have asked for my money back. I do NOT recommend this site for help.

  47. Avatar Artures V. says:



    Talkspace has been the single more important service in my life. Not Amazon. Not Netflix. Talkspace. I work in a hospital making apprx. $42,000/year after tax. I don’t have $200 to shell out on therapy in office PER SESSION. Talkspace enabled me to pay a bit less than that PER MONTH for unlimited therapy. Yes, in all honesty it’s not exactly like face to face therapy. But with video sessions it can be. And when you supplement that with chat and phone therapy, it turns out to be a great solution. The program is also very intuitive as is the case with their app too. It looks like a typical SMS layout…very very good. The price + the easy to use program + the multiple therapy options = a happy customer. I have been with them for 7.5 weeks now and I feel like I no longer need AA.

    • Avatar Jessica C. says:



      You should try better help. They offer financial aid. Talkspace is a ripoff.

  48. Avatar Jes R.  says:



    BEWARE: Talkspace will take your money and you won’t even get proper care!!!! They will charge you while the therapist will just send you short messages like “hey i havent heard from you in a while is everything okay.” Then when you reply “I don’t want to use this service anymore” you will be charged because hey, you replied! That apparently counts as therapy, who knew??? STAY AWAY!

  49. Avatar Wendy A. says:



    I had no issue with response times from my therapist, but we weren’t a good match. I looked into how to change, and apparently you have to work that arrangement with your therapist. Unpleasant, but okay, fine. (I can see how this might be really hard for some people.) He then didn’t respond to me for 10 days and then told me to do something that isn’t an option in my profile. I emailed support 4 days ago and asked for assistance and I didn’t even get a response. I’ve read bad things about Talkspace as a company, but I tried it anyway but should have looked elsewhere.

  50. Avatar Brenda O. says:



    in the beginning, i did not expect talkspace to be helpful. but for a few dollars a week i couldnt resist, so i went for it. for anyone reading this just know: therapy is a process, not an exact science so *give it time* to work. i ended up using talkspace for 4 months. overall? i saw improvements in my quality of life and state of mental health but nothing over the top. its hard to describe in a review but basically talkspace helped me a bit more than my initial expectations. my online therapist helped like any therapist would or should…just dont expect it to be *the* go to solution.

  51. Avatar Daniella B. says:



    For all the love I have seen showered on talk space I was reluctant. I have had several bad experiences with companies who get a lot of exposure. For me they end up being a dud. Online therapy is new and in my mind there would be many downsides. Also, I currently go to therapy in a traditional setting which in my opinion is the best form of therapy you can get. I was surprised though to see that talk space therapists make a strong effort. I guess after all they are therapists so they are just doing their job, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised. I still prefer my in office appointments but talk space is a fantastic compliment/addition to that.

  52. Avatar Tyler M. says:



    the signup process was long and drawn out but I guess that’s how talkspace was really able to pair me with David – my unbelievable talkspace therapist. Aside from the signup process, 5 stars all around.

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