What is Cyclothymia?

Cyclothymia, also known as Cyclothymic disorder is characterized as a less severe, more chronic type of biopolar disorder.  It involves episodes of hypomanic symptoms (euphoria and elevated mood) as well as depressive symptoms. These fluctuations in mood do not meet the full criteria for a hypomanic or depressive episode, yet they are experienced in more […]


10 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist

Perfectionism contributes to high stress and anxiety. There can be confusion sorting through what is high achieving vs perfectionism. The critical difference is that perfectionism is the need to achieve self-imposed, unreasonable or even unattainable objectives. Perfectionists suffer from a chronic feeling that it is “never enough.”  This inner distress gets in the way of […]


Can Circadian Rhythm Affect Our Mental Health?

There are physical and mental health benefits to keeping with a daily routine, particularly as it relates to sleep.  The natural patterns and activities that occur in a 24 hour period are referred to as our circadian rhythms. Our sleep-wake cycle is an example of our circadian rhythm.  Our circadian rhythms impact many aspects of […]

type b

Am I a Type B Personality?

The Type A/B personality theory is popular and commonly referenced in the mainstream.  Understanding people and their personalities is complex and sophisticated.  Many factors contribute to our personality.  The Type A/B model is one way to assess and describe characteristics and patterns of behavior. One key factor about the A/B personality construct is that it […]

theory of mind

How Theory of the Mind Helps us Understand Ourselves

Theory of the mind references the ability to think about the mental state of ourselves and others. It includes understanding how thoughts, beliefs, desires, intentions, perceptions and feelings impact behavior. An important component of theory of the mind is that others’ mental states are distinctly separate from our own. Psychologists identify theory of the mind […]


The Bystander Effect in Emergency Situations

The term bystander effect has been described as the trap of inaction. It describes the phenomenon during which the presence of others discourages people from taking action in an emergency situation.  The greater the number of people present in a crisis, the less likely individuals are inclined to help someone in distress.  When there is […]


What is Triangulation Psychology?

Triangulation is a tactic used to manipulate an interaction between two people who are not communicating directly with each other.  It is problematic because a third person becomes involved in a situation that should be between the two individuals involved in the conflict.  Triangulation is a strategy that emotionally unstable people can use to manipulate […]


What Is Parsimony Psychology, Could It Be For Me?

WPsychology can feel abstract and intangible for some to understand. Brain functioning is complex and much of it still remains a mystery.  Scientists are committed to simplifying the study of psychology and human behavior to close this gap of understanding.  Psychologists have simplified their research design, theories, hypotheses, diagnoses, and interventions.  Scientists in varying disciplines […]

split attraction

What is the Split Attraction Model?

According to the split attraction model, how someone experiences attraction can be split into categories. For some people romantic and sexual attraction are distinctly different experiences. The split attraction model recognizes that sexual and romantic orientations are not the same for some people. This paradigm recognizes that people can experience sexual and romantic attraction differently. […]

stockholm sydrome

Stockholm Syndrome, When you Become your Worst Nightmare

Stockholm syndrome has been referred to as traumatic bonding.  It is a survival strategy involving victims can experience feelings of trust or affection towards their captors in situations of kidnapping or hostage taking. This condition generally develops as a protective mechanism for people to cope with such extreme stress. It is not an identified disorder […]