6 Signs You Have Lost Your Identity

A common goal in life as we age and grow involves beginning to develop a solid sense of self; this is the development of identity, values, and self-worth that become stable over time. It is not something that is inherently developed, but often takes time and involves a process of learning and accepting yourself by […]

faking happiness

Are You Faking Happiness?

In a world where we are so interconnected by the internet and social media, the way we interpret our own self-worth can be heavily influenced by what we see from those we scroll past on our newsfeeds. It is hard to separate the seemingly perfect lives we see on our phone screens from the reality […]

covert narcissist

Is Your Partner a Covert Narcissist?

Often when discussing narcissists, people are quick to talk about all of the outward social behaviors that related to narcissism: arrogance, grandiosity, lack of empathy, entitlement, expressing that they are unique, special, worthy of success, manipulating others, etc.  While these are definitely traits of someone who falls into the narcissistic personality disorder category, researchers have […]


What is a Choleric Temperament?

As mentioned in my previous article about sanguine temperament, Hippocrates, a Greek physician that lived from 460-370 BC, had a theory that connected the inner workings of the body to a person’s personality and behavior and lead to the development of the Four Temperament Theory. He theorized that human feelings and behaviors were connected to […]

type c

What is Type C Personality?

We’ve all heard of Type A personalities; these are characteristics in people’s personalities that include: competitiveness, neurotic, perfectionism, strict organization, ambitiousness, aggressiveness, impatience, and meticulousness. People who have Type A personalities generally have jobs where they are in charge and directing others because of their dedication to getting tasks completed and having opinionated ideas about […]

shadow psychology

What is “Shadow Psychology”?

Carl Jung was one of the most famous psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and founders of psychology as we know it today. He developed theories about why we think and feel the way we do and  had many philosophies that influenced the field of psychology; a major one involving the unconscious parts of human personality and why they […]

cry angry

Why Do I Cry When I Get Angry?

While people generally experience the same emotions, the way they express them can be rapidly different from person to person. Some may have more muted reactions to their emotions, while others may be very expressive. These differences are accounted for by many things, in particular the way a person’s genetic make-up connects their emotions and […]


Have You Dreamed Your Teeth Are Falling Out? Research on Dreams and Their Meaning

We’ve all had dreams where we wake up bothered or confused by their content and often wonder what they could mean.Dreams have long been studied in a variety of cultures and civilizations, and some have connected dream meanings to emotional things that people are working through in their everyday lives. There are many conflicting beliefs […]


Law of Attraction: Can it Help you Win The Lottery?

The Law of Attraction is a concept that was derived in the 19th century by Phineas Quimby, a spiritual teacher who had been ill throughout his early life and began using the power of thought to improve his health when medication was not helping him. From this experience, Quimby developed the concept of the New […]

lack romance

In a Marriage Slump? How to Bring Romance Back into your Relationship

Long-term relationships are difficult, and many people in long relationships experience moments where they feel less connected, less intimate, and less engaged in the romance and passion they experienced when the relationship began. This is a normal part of a relationship and is not something to worry or fear; it is a result of seeping […]