What is Stendhal Syndrome?

Have you ever been to an art museum? If you have, you know that there are many amazing, beautiful works of art that have been created over the history of human life that are awe-inspiring. But, while viewing these masterpieces, have you ever experienced the following symptoms: rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion, and hallucinations? If […]

kid trophy

Should Kids Get Participation Trophies?

Every parent wants their child to succeed and be happy. Seeing children sad, frustrated, or disappointed can tug at our parental heart strings like nothing else and our impulse is to protect our children from all the negative experiences they may feel in the world. While that impulse is a natural and good natured one, […]


Finding the Balance Between On and Off Screen Time

The technological advances in recent years have been stunning; you cannot look far without seeing some kind of screen or technological device that peaks interest or excitement. The evolution of cell-phones from tiny bricks in our pockets to handheld laptops at our fingertips has made it difficult to tear ourselves away from screens. Just as […]

culinary therapy

Can Culinary Therapy Really Help?

The word “food” can mean many different things to a person, depending on their relationship with it. For some, food is comforting. For others, food is stressful. Similarly, the art of cooking food can be positive or negative experiences for someone, depending on who you ask. Cooking and preparing food are tasks that requires a […]

color therapy

Color Psychology: What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Psychologists and other researchers have long studied the impact that colors make on human life; color has been found to influence people’s ideas, perceptions, and preferences for things both obvious and discreet. Color is used in marketing and advertising to entice people to purchase products and can influence a person’s emotional state and mood. Understanding […]


Does Hot Weather Make People Aggressive?

We all know that weather can affect our mood; depending on the climate in which you live, a person may have a personal preference for a particular kind of weather. If you get a lot of rain, you may really enjoy brief moments of sunshine, and if you live in a predominantly hot, sunny place, […]

emotional infidelity

What is Emotional Infidelity?

Relationships come in all different sizes and with different relational dynamics in each one; a relationship is established by developing some conscious (AND unconscious) boundaries and limits while developing an intimate connection with another person. All relationships require work and dedication toward maintaining the intimacy of the relationship while also respecting the boundaries that have […]

self harm

What is Self-Harm Behavior and How is it Treated?

Approximately 322 million people worldwide experience depressive symptoms every day. While depression can look different from person to person, those who experience symptoms identify with at least some of the following general list of symptoms that impact their ability to function in the world: sadness, irritability, hopelessness, decreased interest in previously pleasurable activities, difficulty sleeping […]


How Common is an Exhibitionism Disorder?

Sex and sexuality have been studied for centuries and different cultures have their own unique perspectives about what constitutes appropriate and “normal” sexual expression and sexual conduct. What has been learned when studying sexuality is that most people have a particular thing that stimulates them sexually; and while there is nothing inherently “wrong” about what […]


What is Acute Stress Disorder?

When someone experiences a severe or traumatic event in their life, they can begin to develop disruption in their mental health and overall functioning. Mental health professionals describe these mental, physiological, and emotional changes using a variety of descriptions based on what the person identifies experiencing. Acute stress disorder is one of the classifications that […]