dating ptsd

Dating Someone Who Struggles With PTSD

Dating is hard. It’s hard enough to find someone that you can connect with, have similar interests, ideals, and values with, and someone you’re attracted to! Adding medical and mental health conditions into the algorithm of dating can be difficult and is a process that people must navigate when considering a long-term relationship (LTR). Dating […]


What are the Causes and Symptoms of Infantilization?

People always say that babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and that is true! While people have been raising kids for hundreds of thousands of years, new parents who do not have much experience with being around children will usually develop parenting styles from one of the following: they will try to follow exactly […]


Family: They’ve Got You, Babe

Throughout time, family connection has been a huge part of the human condition; sustaining close, personal relationships with those you have genetic ties with has helped people understand themselves and the way that they think, interact, and behave (for better or worse) based on the history of their lineage.  Often family has also been a […]


Insomnia: What is it and How Can I Get More Sleep?

We all know what it is like to try to get through a day without a good night’s sleep; brain fog, lack of energy both mentally and physically, and mood swings are common when quality sleep is missing the night before. Some people experience this night after night, causing them to experience significant difficulties in […]

survivor's guilt

Do You Have Survivor’s Guilt?

Mental health professionals frequently discuss the aftermath of terrible tragedies to help understand the impact that these events have on those who survive them. Many describe those who endure terrible, tragic things as experiencing what is often called “survivor’s guilt”, or feelings of guilt that impact the way they feel about their actions during the […]

panic attack

How to Stop Panic Attacks

Worry, stress, and fear are all feelings that most people have experienced; life is full of times that cause us to feel a sense of unease, frustration, or difficulty thinking things through without feeling some sort of anxiety. While this is a natural part of life, some people experience such significant amounts of worry or […]

love yourself

How to Love Yourself

As we grow, we meet various milestones in our lives, from learning how to walk and talk, learning fundamentals about the world, and going through puberty, all in the ultimate goal of developing into an independent adult. One developmental milestone that many do not immediately identify is the development of emotional intelligence, or the ability […]


What the heck is Trypophobia and is it a real thing?

Phobias, or excessive fears or aversions to things that most people do not fear, have always been a fascinating feature of psychology and mystify both clinical and everyday populations alike. Psychologists conduct excessive research on phobias and determine through their studies whether or not an excessive fear warrants the criteria of becoming an actual medical […]


Is Anatidaephobia a Real Phobia?

One of the main diagnoses that psychologists treat is anxiety; anxiety is defined as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease” that typically involves feeling a sense of uncertainty about the outcome of a situation . It is common for people to feel nervous or worried about many situations or experiences in their life, but […]

the brain

What does a Neuropsychologist do?

Psychology is a field that has many different subfields to fit a variety of interests and specialties; from clinical to industrial organizational psychology, there are many different ways that professionals in this field can utilize their knowledge of how brains work to help improve peoples lives and the way we function in the world. One […]