ethical monogamy

What is Ethical Non-Monogamy?

While some cultural standards have idealized the goal of finding that one person to marry and spend eternity with, it appears that this is harder than it looks. Research continues to show that about half of marriages end in divorce, and a large amount of those divorces are a result of a person committing sexual […]

sanguine temperament

What is Sanguine Temperament?

Many theories about personality and general psychology come from theories developed long ago that still hold true today. Theorists like Freud and Jung often are credited for a lot of the ways that current psychologists conceptualize the symptoms they notice in human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how to treat what ails them. Sometimes, a […]

trump anxiety

Is There Such Thing as “Trump Anxiety”?

Politics has always been something that has evoked passion from many people all over the world, on all sides of the political spectrum. The discussion of how to run the country (and the world) is a topic that involves a lot of different beliefs and decisions that need to be made by a large group […]

emotional intelligence

What is the Connection Between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health

Most people know what an intelligence quotient (IQ) is: the score that averages a person’s overall intelligence with their peers based on a variety of standardized tests. What many may not know much about, however, is a newer term coined emotional intelligence (EI). Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to understand and differentiate between […]

halo effect

What is the Halo Effect?

Social psychologists have long studied the ways people think about and interact with others, due to the fascinating ways our brains can affect our relationships. These researchers and theorists have found that humans have several patterns of thought that deviate away from rational or normal judgment, causing people to develop “subjective social realities” that distort […]

fidget spinner

Do Fidget Spinners Help Decrease Mental Health Symptoms?

If you have school-age children, you’ve definitely seen them… Fidget Spinners. Fidget spinners are small, fan-like toys that can be spun on a person’s fingers. They are touted by some manufacturing companies as something that can alleviate symptoms of all sorts of mental health conditions, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder […]

semantic memory

Semantic Memory: What is it and Why is it Important?

Researchers have long studied the way human memory works to determine how memories are stored both short and long term and the functions and purpose of memory storage. When people think about memory, it is common for them to first think about how their own experiences in life get stored in their brains and how […]

mental health goals

6 Mental Health Goals for 2019

The beginning of the new year can feel like a motivating and inspirational time; January 1st often marks a clean slate on the calendar where people re-focus on goals or dreams they struggled to fully follow through with the year before. Many will make resolutions to meet certain goals for the new year and will […]


Love: What is it Really and How Will I Know?

There are a few things people need to survive: air, water and food, somewhere safe and secure to live out of nature’s elements, and sleep. While these things are the bare minimum of what people need to survive, theorists have long studied other parts of human condition and identify that there are other things that […]