type A

What Is a Type A Personality and Am I?

Nearly everyone has heard the term “Type A” and most possess knowledge that it refers to a set of personality traits.  However, most people are unaware that the classification was actually discovered by accident by two cardiologists in the 1950’s.  Friedman and Rosenman were surprised to discover that chairs in their waiting room needed to […]

mistake love

It’s a Mistake To Give Up On Love

A plant can be considered as a basic metaphor for love.  Although true that it is much easier to care for a plant than for a relationship, the basic elements are the same.  Plants need water, sunlight, and attention to grow and thrive in the same ways that love and relationships need work, vigilance, and […]


What is Catharsis Psychology?

The Greek term katharsis means “purification” or “cleansing.”  Catharsis in Psychology is often referred to as a release of emotion, leading to powerful healing, recovery, or enlightenment. It is understood that in order for catharsis to occur, intensity in emotional experience must increase, hence the need for release.  In the moment of release, one can […]

cheat on wife

I Can’t Stand My Wife: Should I Cheat or Leave?

Option A: Cheat Option B: Leave There is clearly no right answer to this question. And, where are the other options? Should I cheat or leave sounds like a lose-lose scenario. This proposal is apt to arouse strong opinions and polarizing viewpoints.  There is a fine line without implicitly sending a “pro-marriage,” “pro-divorce,” or “pro-cheat” […]

snake phobia

Petrified of Snakes? Ophidiophobia is a Thing

Ophidiophobia refers to an atypical and illogical fear of snakes that falls under the larger category of herpetophobia, or the fear of reptiles.  Ophidiophobia is fairly common and can range in severity, as some individuals may only be mildly afraid, while others may possess a severe and incapacitating fear.  A minor phobia might encompass a […]

trauma therapy

How Does Trauma Therapy Work

A traumatic event has two important components to it.  The first being the trauma itself and the second being one’s reaction to it.  Trauma can be defined as any type of situation or event that is perceived as threatening to one’s physical and emotional well-being.  Trauma can encompass many different situations including abuse, neglect, accident, […]

imago therapy

What Is Imago Relationship Therapy, Will It Help Our Marriage?

Imago therapy is a type of couples counseling that is committed to help couples to improve communication, to increase connectedness, and to lessen conflict in the relationship.  Imago therapy portrays how early childhood experiences and relationships impact how one converses, acts, and reacts during their adult relationships.  Imago therapy is comprised of counseling and coaching […]

blood type

Does Your Blood Type Affect Your Personality?

Personality is believed to be influenced by various factors, including genetic, environmental, situational, and cultural aspects.  A specific branch of psychology, personality psychology, is devoted to the study of personality, traits, and behaviors.  Personality psychology is rooted in science and utilizes theories to describe what makes a person distinctive. There are some other theories of […]


Petrified of needles? You have Trypanophobia!

It is no secret that humans are not fond of needles.  Nobody likes their arm to be wrapped in a tight tourniquet, only to be poked and prodded until blood is drawn.  Unfortunately, needles are a necessary evil, as they are utilized for vaccinations and to assess a person’s general state of health.  Children are […]

essential oils

Essential Oils For Depression, Does It Work?

Essential oils are extracted from plants and have become increasingly popular in our culture.  Individuals interested in holistic and alternative medicines have exuberantly propelled themselves onto the essential oil bandwagon.  Names that were only found on spice racks and tea bags in the past are now profiled in comprehensive essential oil directories.  Nutmeg and cinnamon […]