Do You Think About Making Yourself Throw Up?

Most of us have experienced a day where we wake up, start to get dressed, and accidentally catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror.  We scrutinize our reflection and immediately begin to note all of the imperfections in our appearance.  We inspect our midsections, thighs, and behinds, while sadness and self-loathing begins to set […]


Traits of a High-Functioning Sociopath

A sociopath refers to a person with anti-social personality disorder.  When one hears the term sociopath, visions of serial killers, assassins, and criminals immediately come to mind.  This frame of reference can be linked to media portrayal and pop culture, as movies and televisions have long portrayed sociopaths as killers, thugs, and criminals.  Although some […]

low motivation

Low Motivation, Am I Depressed?

After a fun and leisurely weekend, Sunday night seems to creep up on us without warning.  We begrudgingly lay out our work clothes, prepare lunch for the kids, and set the alarm to go off in the wee hours of the morning.  It can sometimes be difficult to prepare for another work week, mentally adjusting […]


Why Am I So Paranoid and What Can I Do To Make Myself Feel Better?

In horror movies and thrillers, the main characters are often seen running through dark woods or carefully navigating dimly lit corridors.  As they stealthily creep through the shadows, paranoia sets in and they vehemently look in all directions for signs of danger.  In nearly every film, the main character has good reason for their paranoia, […]

anger issues

What Can You Do When You Have Anger Issues

Life can be maddening.  The car breaks down while you are in the middle of nowhere, you get passed up for a big job promotion, you burn Thanksgiving dinner, or you arrive home to a leaking roof.  Anger is a healthy, universal emotion that arises from a broad array of triggers and causes.  Some people […]

appetite loss

How is Anxiety Linked to the Loss of Appetite?

Anxiety can send the human body into fight or flight mode, which enables a person to manage perceived threat.  During fight or flight mode, various changes occur to the gastrointestinal system, as digestion becomes suppressed, elimination is quickened, and the stomach stops breaking down food.  These responses are helpful if a person is truly in […]


Social Isolation and Seeking Help

Human beings have an innate need to connect with others.  Psychological research has consistently demonstrated that there is a significant linkage between a person’s connection to others and to physical, psychological, and emotional health.  Emotional support and friendship act as important buffers to stress and have a direct impact on self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.  […]


How to Stop Enabling Grown Children and Why It Is Important

Undoubtedly, at one point or another, we have all come across a parent that treats their adult child like a teenager.  We watch incredulously as the adult child lives at home rent-free, while the parent is working two jobs to keep the family afloat.  We witness the parent making their child’s doctor’s appointments, cooking dinner, […]

regression psychology

What is Regression Psychology?

Often times, life does not turn out the way that we plan.  Strategic decisions, calculated movements, and premeditated events can turn out much differently than we expect, rendering us bewildered, overwhelmed, and downright stressed.  How we handle this stress is indicative of our personalities, our resilience, and the strength of our coping mechanisms.  Ideally, we […]


Understanding the Stages of Grief

Grief is like a punch in the gut you never see coming.  The wind gets knocked out of you without any warning or time to prepare.  Even if the loss is somewhat expected, it is nothing like you ever imagined.  Perhaps you have engaged in some mental preparation beforehand, or perhaps you were caught completely […]