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Jill Koehn

Jill Koehn,

Hello and Welcome! I am licensed as a professional counselor Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico, and a licensed addictions counselor in both Colorado and Wyoming. I have a Masters Degree from the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and a Bachelors degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. I have been in the field for over 30 years and gradually gained experience with a wide range of issues including but not limited to depression, anxie Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 30 years

Leslie  Harvey

Leslie Harvey , LPCC,

My belief is that everyone has the capacity to change, confront challenges and grow each day. Therapy is a tool that can help people find their capacity to change. My counseling practice respects that power to change in each person. My counseling approach is rather eclectic involving both client centered and existential theory. I utilize a personalized approach combining interventions from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, moti Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 9 years

Skye Norton

Skye Norton, MA, LPCC,

My life has been forever altered by engaging in therapy as a client and continues to be shaped by helping others engage in their own therapeutic process. I was one of those people who did not believe that life had anything to offer me and that I simply had to accept and suffer with the difficult hand I had been dealt…. How wrong I was! It was a lot of work and it took a long time, but a little bit at a time I started to overcome my past and was shocked Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 14 years

Dr. Jim Nolan

Dr. Jim Nolan, Ph.D.,

I'm here to help you discover and live your Vision of what you want your life to be. I work mostly with international clients..... Kuwait, Singapore, Nigeria, UK, Peru, Romania, Canada, Qatar, India, and so on..... In my first weeks with BetterHelp, I got over a dozen clients from all over the world. We are working together almost daily to try to create a better life for them. I think they can feel that I have been doing this work for a long time, and have had success with Read More...
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  • Experience: 30 years

Sandi Grabasch

Sandi Grabasch, MS, LMFT,

Hello, my name is Sandi, I practice therapy with individuals, couples and families who are motivated to learn new skills which may lead to more joy filled lives. I enjoy seeing people grow towards their ultimate potential while practicing self-compassion and self-love. I believe problems are holistic and so are the solutions, understanding the connections of our mental health and everyday lives can be the key to improved relationships and life satisfaction. I am a licensed Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 6 years

Kassandra Williams

Kassandra Williams, LMFT,

I am Kassandra Williams, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). I have experience working with a variety of client needs and find joy in helping clients work through barriers to their health and wholeness. My areas of interest include: -Attachment Disorders/Issues -Relationship Problems, including Interpersonal, Intimate, and Family Relationships -Mood Disorders such as Anxiety and Depression -Parenting Issues -Career Issues Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 3 years

Celeste Campos

Celeste Campos, LMFT,

Hi there, my name is Celeste Campos, I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families across the lifespan . Throughout my childhood and early adulthood, I moved several times between Mexico and the United States. With each move I encountered a different challenge. As a result I developed an interest in how individuals adjust and develop resiliency vs resisting change (which I encountered several times). With this said, I enj Read More...
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  • Languages: English, Spanish,
  • Experience: 3 years

Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong, LMHC, LCPC, LCPP,

My name is Karen F Armstrong. I am licensed in three states as a behavioral health and relationship therapist along with certification in two states as an addiction professional. I am also a certified employee assistance professional/career coach. I have worked for over twenty years in the field of behavioral health/relationships/addictions. In each area I counsel I provide good Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 25 years

Kellie Tomlin

Kellie Tomlin, LCSW,

We all face challenges in our lives & seeking therapy can help us navigate them more successfully. As humans, we need compassionate listening & connection to be able to heal and grow. Taking a brave step towards therapy can be the beginning of becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Therapy can feel uncomfortable due to having to confront & reveal negative emotions but change begins with setting goals & outlining steps to get there. The process is confidential & safe Read More...
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  • Languages: English,
  • Experience: 5 years

Tania Valente

Tania Valente, LMFT,

Hello! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with the State of New Mexico (LIC# CMF0200391). If you decide to work with me please know that I take an interpersonal, systemic, and supportive approach. Simply, I believe that people can be healed through compassionate relationships with others. I am here to work with you on any goals you may have for yourself – with empathy and open-mindedness. I have over 10 years of counseling e Read More...
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  • Languages: English, Portuguese,
  • Experience: 11 years

Overview of Mental Health Resources in Albuquerque, New Mexico

When we think of Albuquerque, New Mexico, we tend to think of dry, desert heat. And, for the most part this is true. But Albuquerque is also the biggest city in New Mexico. It is a thriving metropolis full of the same stresses all major cities have.

A lot of people don’t realize that mental disorders make up the greatest burden of disease in the United States. Because mental health has an impact on physical health, it is important that we seek treatment for mental health issues.

New Mexico does have initiatives to help prevent mental illness in teens and adults. New Mexico administration has recently undergone improvements in their health system to help increase mental health services. However, like any other city, there is no way the government can reach everyone who needs help.

Mental Health Statistics for Albuquerque

The depression rate in New Mexico is high – it averages about 10% across the state. And this figure is only for those officially diagnosed. When asked about their own feelings on depression, this average increases to approximately 17%. This is in line with the national average. However, it does show that assumptions about life being easy in the southwest are wrong. Even in New Mexico, especially Albuquerque, mental health issues are prevalent.

On a positive note, drug related overdoses are much lower in New Mexico than in the rest of the country. The number of drug related deaths in New Mexico is about half that of most other states. The same cannot be said of alcoholism. Although Albuquerque is on par with the rest of the country as far as alcohol related issues, this wasn’t always the case. The incidence of alcohol related mental health issues in New Mexico has almost doubled since 2010.

Impact of Not Receiving Treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The reason New Mexico has created initiatives to identify and offer help to those prone to mental illness is because they understand that this is an issue. There are too many residents in New Mexico who don’t have access to proper mental health care. This is for several reasons:

  • Lack of health insurance
  • Lack of information
  • Difficulty navigating the mental health care system
  • Fear of stigma
  • Education level
  • Cost of treatment

Unfortunately, lack of proper mental health treatment can lead to many problems, such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Higher crime rates
  • Institutionalization
  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Suicide
  • Drug and alcohol related deaths

This is why it’s so important that people have access to mental health counseling. There needs to one central place where people can get information. They need to be able to get the name and numbers of available counselors who can provide help quickly. The longer it takes to see a counselor, the greater the chances are that the person will continue to suffer.

What Makes Albuquerque Unique When it Comes to Mental Health?

No city is immune to mental health issues. Regardless of what part of the country you are in, you are going to deal with stress. There are genetic and chemical mental disorders that require treatment. Albuquerque is unique in the following respects:

  • Climate: Albuquerque is located in the southwest part of the US. Believe it or not, it has some very seasonable weather despite being located so far south. There is a hug range in temperatures though, and this can have an effect on people.
  • Unhappy State: Studies have shown that New Mexico is one of the unhappiest states in the United States. They have the fourth highest suicide rate in the country. They also have the fifth highest divorce rate in the country. Out of all the states, New Mexico ranks 40 on the happiness scale.
  • Unemployment Rate: Albuquerque has a relatively low unemployment rate, at 4.4%. Although it is on par with the national average, it is low compared to many other cities in the US.
  • Socioeconomic Factors: Albuquerque has a median household income of almost double the rest of the country. The national average is $28,555. In Albuquerque, this number increases to $47,413. Although this sounds like a reason why mental health issues would be lower, that is not always the case. With greater income comes greater responsibilities. We also know that mental illness does not discriminate by income. It affects all socioeconomic groups equally.

Divorce Rate in Albuquerque

Albuquerque’s divorce rate is very high. In fact, it is the fifth highest in the country. A lot of this can be contributed to the fact that very few people in Albuquerque are happy in their work. They report being miserable at work and this carries over into the home.

People in New Mexico simply aren’t very happy. They have one of the lowest self-reported emotional well-being rates in the country. This could be because they don’t have access to services such as couples counseling.

Couples counseling and therapy is known to boost self-esteem and emotional well-being. If the residents of Albuquerque knew how to find this sort of help, they would have more successful and happy relationships.

Mental Health Resources in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is suffering from a shortage of mental health professionals. They were already short on resources. Then, a few years ago, a large Medicaid fraud scheme shut down many, much needed offices. Now a state that was already plagued with very high substance abuse issues and depression is in worse shape than ever before.

E-Counseling Solves the Challenge of Finding a Therapist in Albuquerque

E-Counseling is an avenue for people in need of a mental health professional. It makes information available in a convenient and user-friendly way. It is the goal of E-counseling to help provide fast and reliable mental health counseling.

Everyone should know how to find a good mental health professional. E-counseling makes that possible.