Diana Lightmoon
Diana Lightmoon
Diana Lightmoon

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About Me

We live in difficult times that challenge all of us to maintain fundamental emotional well-being while not going into denial about our real life circumstances. Not an easy task! It's no wonder that depression and anxiety are at an all time high. But it is possible to let the conditions and issues we face to wake us to a life of deeper and meaning purpose.

I integrate hands-on bodywork with talk psychotherapy, as well as meditation and sandplay, to help you come into a deeper and healthier relationship with yourself, other people, the earth, the universe, and life itself. Mostly what blocks of us from this is our inability and/or unwillingness to embrace our emotions fully and let the deep wisdom of our hearts and body be our guide. We just want to be "over it already." But this dismissal of our inner experience cuts us off from our adaptive capacities and resiliency.

As all the wise sages have said, everything you need is already inside of you, but accessing it has always been the big challenge. My job is to help you open the doors to your inner self and the energy of life flowing through you so that you can flow more easily through life.

My Location

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