Thomas Steward
Thomas Steward
Thomas Steward

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About Me

Tom Steward is a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He is licensed in the State of New Mexico as an LCSW and also in British Columbia as an RCSW. Tom received his Masters Degree in Social Work from San Diego State University in 1986 and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the California State University at Bakersfield in 1983.

Tom has worked in the mental health field in California and New Mexico since 1982, being employed in group homes, psychiatric facilities, public schools, hospitals, and clinic settings. Since 1990 he has been mostly self-employed in the private practice setting. Tom has provided clinical services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, being comfortable with any population. He is proficient with trauma and grief, in particular, as well as anxiety, depression, and psychotic disorders.

In 2017 Tom developed an energy psychology protocol called Spirit Code (see website below). Spirit Code is designed to explore the depths of the body’s subconscious in order to transform body, soul, and spirit. If you are interested in becoming a certified Spirit Code practitioner, you may attend one of our trainings.

Tom is also studying to be a Functional Medicine Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. He has realized that much of our health and mental health issues stem from diet and lifestyle, because “disease enters the body through the mouth.”

With all of this in mind, Tom hopes to blend traditional psychotherapy, energy psychology, and nutrition from a Functional Medicine perspective, to help himself and others achieve optimal well-being.
Tom has also written the following five books:

Into Solitary Places- One Father’s Journey of Faith Through His Son’s Struggle With Psychotic Mental Illness (2009, Book Surge)

True Mind- How Truth Can Change What You Believe and How You Live (2011, WestBow Press)

Holy Pride and Love of Self- The Untimely Death of a Son and the Unanticipated Revelation of Heaven (2013, WestBow Press)

Spirit Code— The Healing of Energies in the Body’s Subconscious (2018, Xlibris)

A Present Moment Embrace— The Breath Within the Breath and the Music Between the Notes (2019, Xlibris)

Tom can be reached at:

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