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Santa Fe, New Mexico

We live in difficult times that challenge all of us to maintain fundamental emotional well-being while not going into denial about our real life circumstances. Not an easy task! It's no wonder that depression and anxiety are at an all time high. But...
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New Mexico

I want to help you. Call me now to schedule an appointment. I provide quality counseling services to address your specific needs in a timely manner. I support people experiencing stressful life events: divorce, custody issues, court cases,...
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Los Alamos, New Mexico

Tom Steward is a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He is licensed in the State of New Mexico as an LCSW and also in British Columbia as an RCSW. Tom received his Masters Degree in Social Work from San Diego...
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New Mexico

Talk therapy can be helpful, but sometimes it's just not enough. Maladaptive patterns of stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression lie in our bodies. You and I will untangle these problematic patterns to get to the root of your pain together. Our...

An Overview of Mental Health in Santa Fe, New Mexico

A rich Native American, Spanish and European history flows throughout the beautiful city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tourists and the year-round 83,776 residents enjoy breathtaking scenic mountain, forest and desert views. The capital city is home to a diverse group, including 54.7 percent of people from Hispanic or Latino descent. In addition to historical sites, the area boasts abundant art, cultural, and dining amenities.

Currently, an estimated 18.3 percent of adults in the United States suffer from some form of mental illness. Unfortunately, adolescents fare worse with a prevalence of approximately 49.5 percent across the nation. Those living in Santa Fe are not immune from mental health issues. Factors such as finances and relationship concerns may negatively impact the emotional well-being of the inhabitants. Fortunately, local counseling services are available to support the residents of this picturesque town.

Mental Health Statistics for New Mexico

The state rate for mental illness in the adult population is slightly higher than the 18.3 percent national average, at 19.19 percent. The adolescent trend for depressive episodes in New Mexico is commensurate with the US rate of just under 13 percent. However, substance abuse is a relative problem for both adults and teens. According to data from Mental Health America, the state is above the national rate for adults (9.09 compared to 7.93 percent) and adolescents (7.15 in comparison to 4.61 percent). There are a variety of therapeutic interventions available for people prepared to face their addictions and enact change.

Another pressing mental health issue for the state is the overall suicide rate. Nationally, 13.42 per 100,000 people commit suicide. In New Mexico, that number rises to a staggering 22.49 per 100,000, placing it fourth in the US for prevalence. This statistic is especially heartbreaking because suicide can be prevented. Professional counseling support is crucial for anyone experiencing extreme sadness or suicidal ideation.

Economy and Cost of Living in Santa Fe

Universally, issues related to money are common stressors. Those living in Santa Fe are generally comfortable financially. The median household income, local job growth and unemployment rates are like other areas around the United States. However, the Santa Fe Cost of Living Index of 121 is higher than the set US index of 100. This is primarily due to the price of housing. The median home cost of $332,900 is significantly higher than both state ($187,100) and national ($216,200) values.

In addition to anxiety surrounding home prices, a percentage of the Santa Fe population has more severe financial concerns. The United States Census Bureau reports that 15.1 percent of the city’s residents live at or below the poverty level. This is higher than the official 12.3 percent average for the nation in 2017.

Oftentimes finance struggles impact other aspects of life, such as self-esteem and relationships. In New Mexico, approximately 10.4 percent of people are divorced by the age of 30. In Santa Fe, the divorce rate climbs to 17.7 percent. Approximately 20 percent of residents are single parents. Single income households with children face an additional fiscal burden. Marriage counseling helps partners navigate the storms together to build a stronger union. If the coupling does not work out, individual counseling bolsters self-esteem and develops coping methods to move forward.

The Challenge of Finding a Therapist in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Just over 56 percent of people with mental illness in New Mexico do not receive treatment, corresponding to the 56.4 national percentage. Those who do not seek help may perceive that lacking health insurance precludes them from accessing support. Others may feel stigmatized or overwhelmed at the process of finding therapeutic services that are a good fit for their needs.

In Santa Fe County, there are approximately 638 providers of mental health services per 100,000 people. Counselors have a variety of specialties for individual hardships. Some areas of expertise for local therapists include substance abuse, relationship matters, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and grief. Counseling is structured in a multitude of formats, such as individual, group, couples, family and even through online support.