Roser Camats Falip
Roser Camats Falip
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Roser Camats Falip

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About Me

Are you ready to embody your life fully and fulfill your Soul potential? Independently of where are you in your life and how you got here, my purpose is to support you in your unique development and personal growth. For access to a more complete understanding of what creates trouble in your life, you need to "be known in relationship," and while you are being known, you will be able to begin making the right changes that can transform your life. I firmly consider that Psychotherapy is not a tool for being "fixed". Mostly the contrary. This is a creative place where you can meet yourself unconditionally and redefine your life and who you are. This can take place easily with the support and guidance of an authentic and professional other that can assist you in accessing your personal resources, talents, and gifts. My approach to Psychotherapy is eclectic but I am primarily offering an integration of two main orientations: Depth Psychotherapy (Jungian) and Body Psychotherapy, known as (Somatic) Psychology. In this sense, I have the opportunity to offer you these two modalities of treatment. The two are integrated in the way I practice, and both are offered and utilized to best serve your needs and foster your personal growth. My main goal is to help people learn to activate their inner psychological, emotional and spiritual resources during life's challenges in order to make more healthy and conscious choices that lead to a more satisfying and fulfilled life. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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