Dora Dui Chen
Dora Dui Chen
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Dora Dui Chen

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About Me

Overwhelmed with the fear of not being good enough? Worrying about how to build and maintain relationships? Feeling stuck, even though you're trying so hard to move forward? Difficulties in life are painful and frustrating. However, these challenging moments can also be the “trailheads” leading to a self-discovery path. The essential goal of my work is to help you discover, access, and trust your inner wisdom and strength. So you will get unstuck, reach personal goals, and continue personal growth, even after the therapy session ends.

Safety and connection are the things I value the most in the therapy room. While meeting you where you are, I also aim to add clarity and change to the therapy session. I would like to support you develop a kinder, stronger, and deeper relationship with yourself, so you can invite joy and stability into the other relationships.

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." It takes compassion and courage to truly embrace yourself and make changes. Let me help you make this happen.

My Location

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