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Rubina Haroutonian
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Rubina Haroutonian

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About Me

Rubina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Play Therapist. She has a private practice at Sync Counseling Center in Sierra Madre. She received her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology, Marriage Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Her specialty is to work with families that have a loved one(s) with Autism or special needs. In addition, she works with siblings of special needs and has a monthly support group for siblings. Furthermore, Rubina works with children that have behavioral issues through play therapy. She has a play therapy room dedicated for her work with children. Likewise, Rubina works with premarital couples, individuals, couples, families, as well as with women on such issues as postpartum depression, anxiety and parenting.

Rubina provides trainings on various topics such as:

What is Autism? What does it mean for your child(ren) and for you?
What to do when your child(ren) is diagnosed with Autism or special needs?
What is the impact on the entire family system to have a loved one with special needs?
Aging (aging parents or caregivers of someone with special needs; the aging of the person with special needs and how their needs change overtime).
Planning for the future of someone with special needs.
Behaviors and how to help children in various settings.

Furthermore, Rubina assists in developing sensory rooms at schools and provides trainings on varies topics such as:

Sensory Development
Children's Behaviors
The Impact of the Brain (Neurobiology) on Children and Development
Technology and Your Kids
How to create a Sensory Room or a Safe Room at a school. For more information and to see pictures, please visit the Sensory Room tab.

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