Karen Kerschmann
Karen Kerschmann
Karen Kerschmann

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About Me

At the beginning of my work, I practiced what is called the ‘eclectic approach’, which uses different techniques depending on the client. Meanwhile, over the last 20 years I discovered cognitive therapy consistently resulted in more effective and long-lasting results. After specialized training under the Cognitive Therapy and Training Center, certified by Academy of Cognitive Therapy, did I consider myself to be a true cognitive behavioral therapist.

Clinical hypnosis, alongside CBT,  can  ‘amplify’ the desired shifts in thought and behavior. Although qualified cognitive behavioral therapists and hypnotherapists are available in San Diego, there were few clinicians who specialize in both. Therefore, I moved ahead to complete Michael Yapko’s intensive training in clinical hypnosis for mental health specialists. The results are gratifying, and I am so pleased that I can offer both modes of treatment.

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