Shira Myrow

Specialties: Creating Intimacy & Attunement, Conflict Resolution & Self Regulation, Codependency & Self Esteem Issues, Infidelity, Trauma & Rebuilding Trust, Conscious Uncoupling & Break Up Recovery, Sexual Intimacy & Desire Discrepancy, Navigating the Unpredictable World of Dating, Mindfulness & Meditation Practice, Healing Attachment Injuries & Trauma: Adult Children of Schizophrenics, Bi-polar, & Borderline Parents, Divorce, Pre-marital & Discernment Counseling, Relationship Skills 101: Building the Basics for a Strong Foundation for your marriage or for your Relationship
Credentials: LA, LMFT
Languages: English
Experience: 11 years
Telephone: 310-916-7479
Address: 1150 Yale St., Suite #9 Santa Monica, CA 90403

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