Lucy Cotter

Lucy Cotter


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Lucy Cotter, LMFT is dedicated to Narrative Therapy and the power it gives clients to rewrite their own stories. From such challenges as relationship issues, life transitions or anxiety, Lucy brings many years of experience to helping clients renegotiate problems and actualize new visions for the present and future. Working with individuals, couples and families from a strength-based lens, Lucy's 25 years of experience in art-making and writing informs the creativity she brings. Lucy holds an MA in Child/Marriage Counseling from Pacific Oaks College, and an MFA from Otis College of Art. As an Adjunct Faculty member at Antioch University, some of her courses include Brief Therapy, The Psychology of Couples in Fiction and Film, Postmodern Psychotherapies, Critical Psychology and Existential Psychology. Lucy has also taught Narrative Therapy at the Postmodern Therapy Program at Phillips Graduate Institute and has been an adjunct faculty member of Pacific Oaks College.

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