Chloe Demisch
Chloe Demisch
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Chloe Demisch

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About Me

Are you trying to make a change or dealing with an inevitable turning point in life? My specialty is helping people work through stress, depression, relationship problems, work issues, and life transitions. Most clients who come to me find themselves overwhelmed with worry, feeling lost, shut down or burnt out. I especially enjoy working with millennials, new transplants building a life in the Bay, young professionals in demanding tech or biotech start-ups, college/grad school students, new mothers, and individuals uncertain of what step to take next. I can help you clarify your values, career path, and identity.

If you're feeling lost, I can help you figure out what’s important to you and take action towards those things while simultaneously managing painful emotions/thoughts that for so long have been obstacles. We will work on dismantling unhelpful thought patterns, building motivation, learning how to better handle conflict, and improving relationship skills.

Let’s explore your options so you can “get out of your own way” and make decisions. My approach is validating, collaborative, and supportive. I provide an open, inviting space to explore what's bothering you and lead you towards lasting change. I look forward to hearing from you!

My Location

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