Katie Flach
Katie Flach
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Katie Flach

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About Me

Finding the right therapist for you can feel daunting! You might wonder if it's possible for someone to really get you and if opening up is worth the risk. I connect well with those who feel set apart from those around them or have difficulty connecting with others. We come to know and understand ourselves in the context of relationships. Without authentic connections, we can end up feeling really stuck - disconnected from those around us and from ourselves. Through the experience of being with another person in a safe and accepting space, the therapeutic relationship offers a unique and meaningful opportunity for self-discovery and healing.

Our work together will help you understand how the ways you've learned to protect yourself may also prevent you from living a fulfilling life. Making contact with the wounded parts of yourself can restore your connection to your own sense of authenticity and aliveness, so you'll be able to achieve your fullest potential.

Embarking on this therapeutic journey is one of the most longlasting gifts one can ever give to themselves. I encourage you to contact me by phone or email, even if a part of you feels scared or hesitant to take the first step. We can set up a complimentary phone consultation, so we can see if we're a good match to do this very important work together.

Feel free to learn more about my practice, Of Two Minds Psychotherapy at www.oftwomindstherapy.com

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