How Millions are Overcoming Depression from Home

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The rise in technology has created more viable options for people to receive all kinds of services and care from home. For example, instead of going to an urgent care or emergency room after hours for swollen tonsils, individuals are receiving access to medical professionals over the phone from home. They are able to get the quick treatment and prescriptions they need in order to get well without it hurting their bank account with ER fees. In regards to mental health, services like the suicide hotline have existed and served people for many years. While acute care is vital, what about those who need long-term, mental health services? There are plenty of barriers in place that prevent people from seeking in-person counseling related services. Fortunately, with the advances in technology, the presence of online counseling services, such as those offered by BetterHelp, has enabled more people to seek treatment from the comfort of their home,that might not have otherwise.

Here are some of the benefits of online counseling that can nullify potential barriers to mental health services:


A person can seek services in the comfort of their own home. If they are anxious about asking for time off work to go to counseling, they can seek online services. If they live several hours away from the services they need, they can find someone online. There are plenty of situations that make online counseling services more convenient for people.

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Health services, including mental health services, can be expensive. Part of those charges is to offset things like the cost or running a private business. Some of the expense is dependent on the type of healthcare coverage a person had. It makes it difficult when someone might want and need long-term services but cannot afford it. The convenience factor enables professionals to provide affordable and quality counseling services.


There are many areas all over the country that may be considered rural. Think about the small towns where there is one grocery store and the nearest hospital is more than an hour away. The people who live in those places have limited resources especially in terms of mental health care. The options may be extremely limited or they might not even exist at all. As long as a person can receive access to an internet connection, they now have counseling services available to them. One of the largest online counseling services, Betterhelp has helped over half a million people to date.


With the concept of reachability comes accessibility. Not only can online services reach people who at one point could not be reached, but the services can also provide types of information that might not have been accessible before. Technology can allow people to maintain a more up-to-date understanding in terms of the latest mental health issues. Information has become more accessible than ever before.


When someone breaks their foot, they visit with an orthopedic surgeon. They see someone who specifically specializes in that area. Mental health issues are not just one note. They are often complex and vary from person to person. Like medical doctors, mental health professionals specialize in areas like depression, trauma, and substance abuse. With online counseling services, people have the ability to find a specialist who can help their specific issue. People now have access to more diversity in terms of mental health services.

There are plenty of obstacles between individuals and staying mentally well. The presence of online counseling services provides people with viable options for seeking mental health services, allowing them to bypass issues preventing them from seeking treatment. To learn more about receiving anonymous, professional therapy online, visit BetterHelp online counseling.