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7 Cups of Tea

It may come as a surprise, but 7 Cups of Tea is probably the largest e-counseling platform by far in terms of actual numbers. They claim to have helped over 25 million people since launching in 2013. So how did they become so large? How is their relatively bare bones service able to compete with today’s leading online counseling brands like BetterHelp and ReGain Counseling? Let’s take a look at why millions of people have flocked to 7 Cups of Tea for help.

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Company Profile:

How does a company in a very new industry attract so many customers in such a short time span? Simple. Like everything in life, money is a crucial factor. Thus, 7 Cups of Tea started as a 100% free platform while every other e-counseling service charged money. Having a free service to turn to is still a large benefit to countless potential customers. Most people want to evaluate its effectiveness for free, which is understandable given that this is disruptive technology in an area (therapy) that has always been an offline service. Hence the massive growth that 7 Cups of Tea experienced. Furthermore, 7 Cups of Tea is the only e-counseling service that acts as a social network of sorts. While you can speak to licensed professionals with 7 Cups of Tea, they also have a community of ‘listeners.’ These are not licensed professionals; rather, they are average Joe’s who really want to help people live better.

Signing Up:

Signing up to 7 Cups of Tea is not as straightforward as other online therapy services. Keep in mind that you must choose what type of service you want. You can choose a free account whereby you speak to a listener or a paid account where you speak to a certified professional. Since I had tried other paid services before, the thought of getting advice from a non-licensed professional intrigued me. So I navigated to the ‘Browse Listeners’ section and chose a listener based on the user ratings this person had received. There is a ‘Chat Now’ button on the page. Once you click on that, 7 Cups of Tea takes you to a dedicated and private chat room. There was no need to sign up for an account or enter in any credit card information. I found this to be particularly beneficial, because many people (myself included) want a trial term to see how the system works and what level of support is provided. As for a paid account with a certified professional: it is similar to every other e-counseling service. You will need to answer a few questions that a 7 Cups of Tea ‘bot’ asks you. Once you have completed that short question and answer session, 7 Cups of Tea pairs you with a professional therapist. You will need to enter in your payment information prior to trying the service. This is standard in the industry. Moreover, with 7 Cups of Tea, there is a 3-day free trial on the paid service so if you don’t like it, you can simply cancel your account at any time.


As mentioned above, 7 Cups of Tea offers two types of support options – a 100% free service with a ‘listener’ or a paid service with a certified therapist. Since the paid service is very new to 7 Cups of Tea (they have been offering their service 100% free until very recently), it is very difficult for potential customers to find any information on their pricing. Go ahead – try to find any information online about 7 Cups of Tea’s price. Good news though – I have this information for you. 7 Cups of Tea charges $150 per month for unlimited chat with your therapist, which is pretty competitive. Additionally, users tend to love them specifically because of its community-based orientation.

Usability (Desktop & Mobile):

7 Cups of Tea provides for one heck of a user experience. This is quite surprising given the fact that it was originally a startup with no real funds for expansion. In the above section, I detailed how simple the free service is. The concept and usability is virtually the same with a paid account. Simply answer a few questions and you are directed to a dedicated chat room that only you and your therapist can access. If you’ve ever used an online messaging platform such as live chat, then this is nothing new for you. Even if you haven’t, the messages are laid out in a plain and simple manner. Your correspondence appears in a chat box while there is a separate box below to type your messages. The same features apply to their mobile app as well.

Counselor Support & Effectiveness:

Naturally, counselor support will vary from person to person, especially if you choose the free version (no certified professional). Moreover, unfortunately, oftentimes you are connected to listeners with no formal education and a limited knowledge of the English vocabulary. Thankfully, this was not the case with me. I browsed listeners and found ‘Lauren’ – a 20-year-old woman based in the UK. Perhaps it was luck of the draw but Lauren was currently studying psychology in the UK. Even though she wasn’t licensed, the truth is I found her to be as helpful as certified professionals on other e-counseling platforms such as BetterHelp. Forget the fact that she was insightful and had stellar communication skills; she genuinely cared about my issues and in fact made a personal connection with me. It did not feel like a therapy session; rather it felt like a conversation with a friend who was trying to help by bouncing different ideas off me. Furthermore, there was a very humanistic approach to it, as she told me about herself as well. In traditional therapy sessions, this is not the case. You don’t get to ask questions about a therapist and if you do, they often times sidestep your questions. Lauren connected with me on a personal level and this made me feel as if she cared for me like a friend. It is also important to note that because this was a free service, I knew her intentions were 100% not financially driven. This had a very big impact on my fondness for 7 Cups of Tea.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

You may hypothesize that 7 Cups of Tea security protocols are sub-standard. However, that assumption would be false. Even regarding listeners who are not licensed professionals, they are forbidden, by law and by the 7 Cups of Tea Terms of Service, to divulge any client information. More importantly, the licensed therapists working within the platform are required to stay HIPAA compliant. Additionally, both the website and dedicated chat rooms are SSL secured. And to top it off, 7 Cups of Tea does not retain any data from your correspondence with your listener or therapist.

7 Cups of Tea Counselor Qualifications:

If you have made it this far into the review, then you understand the counselor qualifications for 7 Cups of Tea. There are listeners who are essentially non-licensed life coaches and there are also certified (clinically licensed) therapists with various degrees. Though they aren’t required to show a certain amount of hands on experience prior to joining the 7 Cups of Tea network, therapists do need to show that they possess malpractice insurance. For the most part, licensed therapists who hold this type of insurance have several years of experience under their belt.

Specialties & Areas of Expertise:

Both listeners and therapists can help in virtually any area you need. Even if you are adamant about using a trained therapist, the ones within the 7 Cups of Tea network cover all areas of help. This includes:

  • All Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Career
  • Chronic Impulsivity
  • Conflict
  • Depression
  • Eating
  • Educational Assessments
  • Family
  • Grief
  • Health
  • Intimacy
  • Life Transitions
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Religion
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sleeping
  • Social Behavior
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Trauma & Abuse

Bottom Line:

7 Cups of Tea is certainly a unique company trying to incorporate a sense of community into the therapy industry. The ability to chat with a listener for free, as much as you’d like, in addition to a 3-day free trial for the paid service, makes 7 Cups of Tea a service certainly worthy of consideration.

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  1. Avatar Samantha S. says:

    I used the app & site for neatly 3 years as a member and volunteer teen listener. 7Cups CEO, Admin, partners (LA county department of mental health) and their advisory board all refuse to address the issue of teen safety publicly. Especially regarding the topic that some it’s teen users have been sexually abused and groomed by adults on the 7Cups platform. Some of the predators have even been adults who had official approval to work with teens on the site. 7Cups refuses to state that this happens on its platform, leaving teens unaware of the real dangers that exist while accessing the site. Teens tell listeners their inner most secrets, thoughts, and feelings…listeners with bad intentions know how to manipulate teens on the site. 7Cups admin will ban you and remove you from the site if you even try to talk about teen safety issues like this because they don’t want people to know that it actually happens on their platform. Adults make catfishing accounts and pretend to be teens to find more victims. 7Cups pretends like they can stop this from happening but they can’t. The company only does the bare minimum to limit their legal liability and at the same time appear to be safe in order to attract investors. The CEO doesn’t care that teens are left in the dark about issues that affect their personal safety while using the service. They don’t even protect their teen volunteers. I would not encourage people to use this service

  2. Avatar Jennifer B. says:

    This website allows listeners to be abusive. I reported a listener for discussing inappropriate topics and yet the website banned me instead. I tried to figure out what happened but there was no further response. Avoid this website. People are inappropriate and abusive.

    It is also a scam website. You pay for therapy and don’t receive refunded money if the therapist does not speak to you at all.

  3. Avatar Darienne C. says:

    STAY AWAY. THIS SITE IS FULL OF TRICKERY PURPOSELY NOT VETTING ANY MEMBER OR GUEST INTO THE “COMMUNITY” TO FORMULATE A SO CALLED SELF HELP ORGANIZATION. ANYONE CAN SAY ANYTHING TO ELIMINATE A MEMBER FROM THIS CULT AND IT HAPPENS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL BE MADE TO FEEL SHAME AND HUMILIATION FOR WORDS THEY HAD NOT USED OR FOR ANY INTENDED REASON TO HARM. JUST RANDOMLY WILL BE SHAMED INTO FEELING THEY DIDNT FOLLOW THE RULES. Humans need to feel like they “belong” and for this reason this cult mentality of the group process here is dangerous to the human psyche. No on knows who they are speaking with behind the screen, they could be ANYBODY, yet all these anonymous users are faking their true selves by way of phony profiles and screen names and self serving identities in the name of a so called community. BE AWARE/ THERAPIST IVE TRIED ARE HORRIBLE, AND THIS SITE CONTINUES TO MAKE HEAPS OF MONEY .

  4. Avatar Rose B. says:



    The odds of you finding a ‘trained’ listener that actually wants to help you and provides advice/comfort/feedback/etc. is slim to none. More times than I can count, I’ve received “oh” and “I’m sorry” to issues that I’ve had going on. What is the point of being a listener when you cannot even make it seem like you’re trying to put effort into helping someone?

    The matching system to find a listener isn’t the best. I have long wait times before being matched with someone, and of course, the person I am matched with is less than willing to listen.

    Granted, this is a free site if you want to just talk and vent, but it goes a long way to be a listener and to actually act like you care towards someone who’s going through a lot. That’s why we come onto this site. I have nowhere else to turn that’s not $$$ for an actual therapist.

  5. Avatar Pyrtes P. says:



    This website has deteriorated in quality by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

    When I joined, there were genuinely caring listeners and some of them stayed with you through whatever you were going through.

    Now there are two things that are absolutely disgusting about this website:

    1. The chat rooms have unprofessional moderators who have ‘friends’ among the users. This means they ban anyone new without a genuine reason, and are so unprofessional, it makes my McDonalds server look like a 5-star chef. Like if you are being discriminated against, then the moderator actually sends ‘you’ a written warning to block the person who is discriminating, but no warnings for the culprit as they are the moderator’s friends. This is so common that in any given week, this will happen in at least one chat room.

    2. There are some rare incredibly good listeners (note – stay away from any listener in the chat rooms as these listeners frequenting the chat rooms are the worst in the community). But if you do happen to be picked up by a civilised listener in the normal 1-2-1 chat, then try and get repeat chats with this listener. They don’t get paid money, but are genuine people with a heart of gold and very rare.

    Advice to 7 cups: You neither pay the good listeners nor give them any support in chat rooms, which are vile. At least let them get on with the good work without interfering.

  6. Avatar Isabel S. says:

    7 cups illegally charged my mother for two years. I signed up for one therapy session which she kindly paid for. She didn’t realize that they were charging her each month because she is financially well off and missed that it was a recurring payment. I never subscribed to any recurring payment. When she noticed I went to my account and I was not subscribed to anything which confirms they were illegally charging me. They ran me in circles by email for weeks saying I don’t have an account when I can login so I do and they were telling me nonsense. I showed them the transactions and they ignored it continuing to say I don’t have an account and not responding to the transactions I sent them twice. I wish my mom was more mad about it but she said to leave it. If I were her and I was financially capable I would have sued. I hope someone does one of these days! I used to do hundreds of chats as a listener. Never volunteering for their site again.

  7. Avatar Cass S. says:

    Listener here: 7 cups of Tea is a wasteland.
    I volunteered to listen after my own experience with listeners was awful and I figured I could do a better job. Honestly? For every five people I reach out to – two of them will be perverts trying to sex chat, two will vanish or not make sense (or worse, cuss me out), and then there’s that one last person just trying to get through their day. There’s a chat queue visible at the bottom of the screen, and there can be up to 30 people waiting on a busy night. If you’re experiencing a delay in getting help – this is the reason why. There’s very little support for listeners other than requesting a block, and it’s easy to burn out and not come back after the fourth time someone threatens you for not listening to their sexual tirade.

    There are good people coming here expecting help, needing someone kind and getting taken advantage of instead by toxic / perverted listeners – and that’s just not right. 7 cups needs to be shut down or massively overhauled, so that people who are vulnerable will go to professional helplines and get the help they deserve.

    Don’t use 7 cups of tea.

  8. Avatar Brenda G. says:

    I’m a listener on the site, and I do my very best to listen with empathy. There are many kind and effective listeners but there are also terrible listeners. I tried it to get advice one day, and the two listeners I was connected to were awful. I think the site is a good idea. It gives many online tests to help one become a better listener. However, there must be a better way to weed out the people who don’t know how or can’t really empathize with others.

  9. Avatar Anne K. says:

    I was disgusted with this site and the free listeners. The first listener asked what I wanted to talk about, when I said depression and isolation they asked what I looked like, asked me to describe my appearance and asked if I was thin or curvy. I ended the chat, reported them and requested another listener. The second listener asked the same question and when I replied I wanted to talk about depression and isolation they responded with a string of verbal profanities. This site needs to be more careful about who they allow to be a “listener”. Obviously anyone can become a listener and there are people doing this for kicks. Completely unacceptable.

  10. Avatar Natasha P. says:



    I have had a couple of bad experiences with listeners on 7 cups (one in particular that made me feel absolutely horrible about myself, but its a give and take site. You can rate the listener and leave reviews, so if you get a bad one, don’t feel bad about leaving a bad rating/review. I did. And you’ll only help others with avoiding bad listeners, again it’s completely anonymous, and you can block certain listeners so you don’t randomly connect to them again or get messages from them if you review them badly, although I think the review portion is also anonymous to avoid anxiety (I’m fairly new to this site, I’m sorry.) on the users part and to avoid conflict on the site, cus hey, that’s what the site is all about. Just remember everyone on the site is there to try and help you.) , but I recently found a listener that works very well for me. The conversation we had made me feel like I was less talking to a random person on the internet, and more talking to a friend. The listener tried to get to know me and my situation, was not judgemental at all, and ended up asking me questions that I didn’t even think I needed to consider. We ended up talking about a completely different subject than what I told Noni (the website bot) that I needed,
    Which helped an insane amount, and the listener even tried to re-direct to the subject I had come to them for. I see a lot of negative reviews on here about 7 cups, but it is more about the person you are talking to than the site itself. If a “listener” isn’t working for you, leave the conversation and try someone else. Like previously stated in my comment, I have had horrible experiences with listeners on this site, thats just the territory of talking to people on the internet, who have no formal training (7 cups provides a paid service for trained therapists as well, but you honestly don’t need to sign up for the paid service when you find a listener that works for you) but I eventually found someone who works with me (you can follow listeners, btw, so you can contact them later. Just talk to your listener about it and they’ll be cool with it and get back to you as soon as they can) It is a very good outlet for when you need immediate attention to your stress/anxiety/depression or any other mental illness you may have, you just need to find the right person, whom you are comfortable talking to and feel a good chemistry with. Overall, I would definitely recommend this site to anyone. It takes some work on your part to find a listener you are compatible with, but when you do, it can mean the world to you. Also, I love how this site offers a completely free experience for people in need of support via the listeners. 7 cups has helped me so much, speaking as a person who has been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, depression, and PTSD. I hope well for anybody reading this review or considering 7 cups as an outlet :).

  11. Avatar Jennifer F. says:

    My daughter doesn’t get to have a birthday party now because 7-cups robbed us. I signed up for a FREE trial, and instead of waiting until after the trial to charge me, they took $150 from my bank account, which overdrew it. I now have no money for food or for the party that is now cancelled, and 7cups won’t return what they stole. I went there for HELP and they ruined my life.

  12. Avatar Jennifer F. says:

    7 Cups ROBBED me. I signed up for a 3 day FREE trial, but they charged my card $150 at the time I signed up for the trial, instead of when I agreed to join after trying it. I went there for HELP and they, without telling me, overdrew my bank account. Now my daughter can’t have a birthday party or presents, WHICH I TOLD 7CUPS, and they still won’t refund my money until after the three day trial WHICH I CANCELLED 5 MINUTES AFTER STARTING because they’re website didn’t function properly. My life is now ruined, thanks to 7 Cups. They are no better than armed robbers on the street, stealing from children!!!

  13. Avatar Kyle M. says:

    Does anyone know what the upgraded service on the app is all about for $12.99 per month or like $94.xx per year or $399.99 lifetime?

  14. Avatar Mike Z. says:



    If you are Not female then really dont bother had a few conversations,but hate to say it, if there from india or close by really expect to be ghosted. shame

  15. Avatar Ashley H. says:

    I will never trust online therapy of any type ever again after using this service. Several years ago, after my girlfriend of four years broke up with me, I was awake in the middle of the night and didn’t want to wake any family or friends but desperately needed to talk to someone. I’d heard about 7 cups of tea, so I made an account and logged in. The person I was assigned to talk to listened to my sorrows about losing my girlfriend, and after hearing me express suicidal urges, decided this was the best time to suggest maybe the answer to everything was to try sleeping with men instead. He then proceeded to try to lightly bully me into cybersex.

    Atrocious. It was appalling at the time, even moreso now that I look back on it. I have been warning anyone who even mentions this website to stay far away ever since.

  16. Avatar Jennifer T. says:



    Ahhh I totally thought I could get help from you without paying I did at the beginning and it was so nice and good what is happening now with subscription and **** like what a way to make us feel more mentally ill that we actually need card subscription for help we could go to our local psych for that this was supposed to be special and free and understanding and helpful booo guess I’m just ******* ill again

  17. Avatar Duane B. says:



    I’ve been a listener on 7 Cups for several years now. I’m not a trained professional but I care and I don’t have an agenda. Judging by the feedback this seems to be helpful to most folks. As far as vetting . . . Each of the listeners has a rating . . . it seems to me if someone has listened to over 50 people and has a 5 star rating, they are vetted to a large degree. Just don’t take a random listener. Read profiles and choose your listener.

  18. Avatar Sarah S. says:

    I was not impressed with the listener.

    • Avatar Renita B. says:

      This was the most awful experience. I went to the site very sad and lonely and was teamed with a listener who didnt know how to listen at all, told me I didnt have to identify with my Mental health diagnosis and that my personality disorder could be fixed! This in the first 7 mins of chatting!
      When I challenged her assertions she simple left me high and dry and stopped responding. I since discovered that these people have NO TRAINING in even basic listening skills.When I took my concerns to what I was told was someone like a moderator, he too left the conversation without replying.
      I dont know who these people are helping but it seems very hit and miss if you get someone who knows anything at all about listening and empathy or a total dork.

    • Avatar Pyrtes P. says:

      Same Sarah, their moderators are incredibly racist and do not understand what being a moderator means.

    • Avatar Jennifer B. says:

      I reported a listener for abuse because they threatened me and said horribly inappropriate things to me. Yet the website banned me instead.

  19. Avatar Katy M. says:



    Absolutely atrocious website. I went there seeking help for depression and anxiety. I talked with two “listeners” – the first made a suggestion that I said couldn’t work in my situation, directed me to 7Cups pay-for-therapy service, and dismissed the conversation. The second listener tried to sweet-talk me about being my friend. After I told him about horrible living situation, which included not being able to find a job remotely, and he told me “I should just get a new job”. I felt even more lost and hopeless after that, I couldn’t even try again for a third time to seek help. Sites like this should not exist – bots and uncaring “volunteers” who think they’re doing a good job by dismissing people’s real life hardships and situations.

    • Avatar Natasha P. says:



      I just started using 7 cups, and I have also had some horrible experiences with listeners, but once you find the right one, it works very well. If you’re up to it, I’d try again and just leave conversations with listeners who aren’t helping you until you find one who does. ( I know that can be hard to do, because the point of 7 cups is to find someone who can immediately help you, but people aren’t always compatible.) On my fourth try talking with listeners, I found one that works very well with me and helps me a lot.

  20. Avatar Hope K. says:



    There is so much hate here in the reviews about the chat rooms. This is the best part of the service in my honest opinion! Why do you think social media sites like reddit and facebook groups work so well? Because it’s a bunch of like minded people getting together to vent. Sometimes we just need to vent! The internet should bring back chat rooms!

  21. Avatar Vlad A. says:

    Avoid this piece of crap!!! A very very bad administration, fake profiles and admins that randomly deactivate accounts, with no reason. Don’t be stupid like I was, to waste time on that crap, just to be humiliated and kicked out!

  22. Avatar Taylor E. says:



    I signed up with this 7 cups back in March 2018. I had been going through extreme bouts of depression. I wasn’t in a constant state of depression but it came in waves for me. I went to the chat room which made me laugh. It’s true it wasn’t all that helpful but it was the first time I genuinely laughed at something in months when I was by myself. Then I spoke to one of the volunteer listeners. This was where my 7 cups journey really began. Jason was extremely supportive of me and helped me in my darkest times. Seriously there were a few times that he literally saved my life. I am not saying this will be the case for everyone but Jason was able to get me to pick up the phone and call the suicide hotline. Jason also realized he was not a certified counselor so he encouraged me to see someone. I told him I don’t have the money for one. $250 per session was out of the question. So he told me to try the 7 Cups paid service. I told him it wouldn’t work. He then said something like “well your sessions with me are working aren’t they?” That’s when I really thought about it, said $130 per month won’t kill me, but I may kill myself if I don’t get this help. I signed up only one month after starting my 7 Cups journey. I have to say that my depression still comes around but Alison, my 7 Cups certified therapist, has truly helped me manage it. My life is a hell of a lot better now. I also signed up just a month and a half ago to become a volunteer listener on the 7 Cups platform. This has helped me become a better person as well. Knowing that I can help people who were like me only 9 month ago is really a good feeling.

  23. Avatar Velvet P. says:



    You’re lucky if you get someone to listen to you. Even more lucky if you get someone who doesn’t give you awful advice or makes you feel worse. Don’t touch this site!

  24. Avatar Tiffany C. says:

    i had a really bad experience on 7cups, i used the free version and i was venting to a listener about a fight i had with my friend. they replied asking if i was a lesbian, then proceeded to say they wanted to talk about my breasts, and asked what the size of them were, saying they “could only imagine”. i immediately closed the tab and havent gone on the site since. it was disgusting how a sick creep disguised as a listener took advantage of me in such a vulnerable moment. ive used 7cups before that experience and had a few really good listeners, but after that one i get a sick feeling whenever the site is mentioned. it was just so humiliating.

    • Avatar Laurie B. says:

      I’ve used 7 Cups several times. It’s good. Even if the listener doesn’t know how to help you, try to talk to them and it will help you sort out your own thoughts and feelings. I feel bad for the member who got sexually harassed by a bad listener. I hope you’ll give them another chance. Just for your own sake. Try to vent because what that one person did stinks.

  25. Avatar Anonymous says:



    This is a terrible website and I would not recommend it to anyone for any reason, ever. The listeners are horrible, don’t respond in à timely manner and have no real grasp on empathy. I’ve been told to just suck it up multiple times on the website. The purpose of the website is to vent to someone and have someone help you work through your thoughts and listen to you. What actually happens is a whole lot of uneducated, unempathetic individuals who feel qualified to give advice simply because of their listener status. I have tried this website many times and not once have I had a good experience. I have tried being a listener too. I would not recommend it. The website will allow people of all ages to contact you. When I was a teen, an old man started to talk to me in detail about his sex life. When I went to the website and 7cups listener support chat room, I was scolded for sharing the venters story and given no support. A 16 year old should not have come into contact with an old man, and he should not have been able to share his sex life with me. I can only imagine how many other teen listeners that that has happened to. The website did nothing. Please, please, PLEASE do not use this website if you need help or a kind ear or friend. I think you could get better help from a rock outside your house. If you want to try therapy, please see a professional, I would not trust anyone hired by 7cups. Thanks for reading my review.

  26. Avatar Austin H. says:



    Funny thing about this service. I immediately signed up for a paid account to speak with a licensed therapist. It was unhelpful to say the least. I then went to speak with one of the volunteers (Carla) to ask them why they waste their time with this. We started chatting and this turned into an extended chat. I have been going back for close to a week now and even though it’s not real help, it’s addictive and enjoyable. I like talking to Carla and strangely look forward to it. I’ll give them credit where it’s due. I never thought a chat room would be useful!

  27. Avatar Don R. says:



    When I saw that 7 Cups of Tea helped 25 million people I knew I needed to try the service. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to the hype. It’s essentially a glorified chat room. Like another reviewer said, it’s “AOL circa 1995” except slightly better. You don’t have people tying random stuff for attention. People try to interact in an adult manner but it gets too cluttered. That’s when it becomes pointless. You can find someone to talk to one on one which is helpful if you’re just having a bad day. But I totally would not recommend that for someone with a bad mental illness.

  28. Avatar Celeste L. says:



    I had been on the fence about signing up for a paid service with 7 cups of tea. It was $150/month and every dollar counts for me. A few months ago they lowered the price to $33/week. I know…not a big difference between $132 and $150 but for me it’s a very big deal. I am living dollar to dollar. Still, counseling is a necessity for me. My last therapist had basically shown me that by improving my mental state I’d become a better version of my current self, and the likelihood of making more money was very real. I came back to write this review to show people that counseling DOES help significantly. I now make an extra $500/month in my paycheck, something I thought was impossible just a few months ago. I owe this to my therapist on 7 cups.

  29. Avatar Vanessa S. says:



    My volunteer listener Jessica was pretty good all things considered – she’s not a therapist. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years and needed someone to talk to. I got to talking with Jessica and turns out she was in a similar position just a few months prior. Though it doesn’t help my emotional pain it’s nice to know other people have gone through something similar and have come out happy in the end.

  30. Avatar Rachel T. says:



    Not sure what’s with all of the negative reviews here. Yes the chat rooms are a bit over dramatic but that’s the nature of the internet and people behind screens. Everyone becomes an expert. If you don’t know to take their words with a grain of salt then you need to grow up and understand the internet. As for the paid service: it’s just like any online counseling service. You pay to receive counseling from a licensed counselor. I have been with 7 Cups of Tea for 2 months now and while it has it’s drawbacks, overall it’s a good quality service especially considering it’s cheaper than both Betterhelp and Talkspace. My 7 Cups of Tea therapist has helped me personally deal with pretty serious anxiety.

  31. Avatar Claudia N. says:



    7 Cups is another name for “support community”. If I want to talk to strangers I can do so elsewhere. I am probably dealing with severe depression. The last thing I want is to talk to some random construction worker with little insight into how to fix real life issues.

  32. Avatar Ethan G. says:



    I used both the free and paid service. The free service is basically Reddit. There’s almost no difference except you experience chats in real time. Otherwise, it’s a bunch of people who get together in one big circle jerk claiming to have all of the answers (and they almost always have the same answer). I barely lasted 2 days. Then I switched to the paid service which I held out on because $150 a month is no joke at least for me. That’s a lot of money. I’ve been on the paid service for 3 weeks now. The one thing people like the people of Reddit are correct about? There is no substitute to getting mental health support from a qualified professional. So far so good but we’ll see if it continues. I have my doubts. It’s therapy online…

  33. Avatar Epi. S. says:



    a great concept with a seemingly altruistic goal. execution is poor and opens itself to dangerous situations. no vetting of listeners. you never know what or who you’re going to get matched with. unprofessional. many problems seemed to be overlooked due to contrived positivity. kinda unethical. profit is made of the backs of vulnerable members and listeners who are mostly looking for support and community. a lot of people in distress with no vetting offering support to people in distress.

  34. Avatar Jaimie R. says:



    This website is specifically tailored to manipulate those who are at their most vulnerable. The “therapists” do not need to provide credentials nor is there training. Therefore the person you are paying to speak to will not only NOT be a therapist, they have the capacity to be HARMFUL.

    Various chats on this website have lead to me being told that I don’t deserve happiness because I am not religious, that I don’t deserve love from my husband because I’m not “a real woman” and various other insults that I cannot fathom.


  35. Avatar Asharanh A. says:



    One of the best e-counselling services ever. Being a listener myself, I cannot express how fortunate I am to have stumbled upon 7 cups.

  36. Avatar Balint A. says:



    very cool website and very easy to use. also found it to be private. you can basically get an idea of how the service will work by talking to someone for free – on the free service. thats what i did before upgrading to the paid plan. from a user standpoint its great. as for really helping me overcome my depression? well it didnt help so much. talking to a psychologist is hard enough, try doing that over sms.

  37. Avatar Tony A. says:



    Amazing service
    I was in a very bad shape when I lost my job. I found 7 Cups of Tea online and was immediately connected with a listener who supported me through a very stressful phase for almost 2 months. I got another job and a big reason is that listener’s support in keeping me sane and going. Highly recommended!

  38. Avatar Simon L says:



    After seeing many 7 cups of tea reviews about their free listeners I decided to skip that and go straight for a psychologist. Truthfully it was the best decision. Online therapy is new and perhaps a little strange/takes time to get used to but in the end it has been working for me so far. Good and responsive therapist. Billing is accurate which is not a given with many sites. I have heard horror stories about other people being charged additional fees with other therapy services. This is not the case with 7 cups of tea. It has done what I thought it would and I am sticking with it.

  39. Avatar Michelle L. says:



    i just needed someone to talk to. i didnt feel like talking to friends or family about some of my social problems. so i started using 7 cups of tea. the bottom line? it really helped me. if you need someone to talk to online especially for free about minor things this is definitely the place to be. if you need therapy for depression or stress or anxiety and things of that nature i dont know if 7 cups of tea is the right place as i didnt use it for this.

  40. Avatar Tom B. says:



    I lost my full-time job of 16 years. I was diagnosed with cancer. My wife lost her full-time job. She was diagnosed with cancer. We are underwater in medical bills. We are in bankruptcy. Our house is in foreclosure. I signed up for 7 Cups. I needed a kind ear; maybe a shoulder to cry on. The only advice that I got was “focus on those things in your life that you can control.” I misinterpreted the terms, which I feel were not explicitly laid out. After 72 hours, 7 Cups dinged my checking account for $150 that I did not have. My bank paid it and the dominos fell on follow-on payments that incurred huge overdraft fees. Focus on things that I can control? Brilliant! Now 7 Cups is making my bad situation worse. I asked for a refund and was ignored. From my chair, these people are nothing but a bunch of greedy psych hacks practising vague California garage disclipines. Caveat emptor.

    • Avatar Gerard M. says:

      Caveat Emptor indeed; it’s online, unregulated and you’re already vulnerable. You could be lucky, but like playing the lotto don’t bank on it.

  41. Avatar Anon J. says:



    I feel obligated to do this review. I think the site is a great idea. I think its a great place to connect and socialize with other people when your not doing well in life and want a ear and to relate to others. In my experience it was very useful to chat with other people struggling and knowing I wasn’t alone in the chat rooms. So there I give this site a huge thumbs up. Now with that of course comes the other side. The chat site rooms becomes too personal, a lot of drama and personality conflicts. In other words it becomes a power play after a while with no real supervision other than a report form and screen shots. I honestly feel like this site is a place for people with various mental health issue to hang out and bond and many times turns into something else besides the issues. I wont go deeper but I hope you get the idea. I also feel like this site is more for teens and younger adults. I’m not a fan of points and progress and levels to mental health. I don’t feel that’s useful. Overall, I think its a lot of people in pain meeting. And that doesn’t always turn out right. From my experience on the site there is a lot of unfairness and I don’t feel like the admin really wants to correct this. The listeners are really bad and the its not their fault. The training or lack there of is concerning. People come to sites like this in many states and I think its wise to have people you call a listeners to be up to par, trained in a way to be there. I wasn’t happy with admin as they just seemed to ignore suggestions and do their own thing. To be honest, it felt like high school to me and I tried my best to get along. Just a lot of people in distress in the rooms and the moderation and all that just let it go. Overall, its a decent site. I think the vision is good but the overall product when it comes down to it online has a lot to be desired.

  42. Avatar Flory H. says:



    This website/platform is a huge scam. They invite you to get 3 days free and require a cc. Ok. That is fine. If I liked it enough, I would have been happy to pay. 5 min later I get an alert about a charge to our card for $150! They do not make this clear. They are not open about this. This is scammy. They know it. This is why they have huge complaints and so many articles in response to users being upset. So, no thanks. We will see if they actually refund us. I immediately cancelled my account. Never again. And websites wonder why people are so hesitant to enter card info! This is why. They should have waited until day 4 to charge the card and they know that. They try to get out of it by saying you are charged the balance up front. Losers. This is no way to conduct business for those needed help and support. The cancellation process was easy, but let’s see if they actually refund us.

  43. Avatar Petra N. says:



    I found 7 Cups of Tea about seven years ago when I was going through a really tough time with relationship issues with my parents and my partner and I lost one of my best friends so I was feeling really lonely and desperately needed someone to talk to in the middle of the night when I felt the loneliest. I think I spoke to three different people, all of them free. I found all of them to be great listeners, when I needed their point of view as an outsider looking at my situation, they were always very kind and thoughtful in their responses. One of them was so helpful to talk to that I ended up donating to him (which back then was an option for free services, I’m not sure if that’s changed). But I just really appreciated his help. I always based who I chose to speak to based on the person’s rating. I haven’t had to use the service since but I wouldn’t hesitate to use the site again if I ever did need it. I was a student when I found this site and couldn’t afford a local therapist… so I was really glad I found this site.

  44. Avatar Zoe B. says:



    I started the free trial as my past experience with therapy has been rough and I wanted to see if this was a better fit. I realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t. My therapist gave mediocre responses hours if not days later. Not really good for someone with anxiety. When I cancelled my subscription I was charged the full fee and when I contacted the company they refused to give me a refund. (I remember closing it within the time of the free trial but according to them I didn’t. Okay…) Not even a partial refund as they offer financial aid. Now I’m out $150 for a crappy therapist to send me an article about meditation. The company’s policies skeeve me out as their goal is supposedly to help mentally ill people. Crappy interface, crappy ethics.

  45. Avatar Shane Y. says:



    Using 7 Cups Of Tea for me was good but a bit weird. One of my cousins uses the paid service but I was too cheap to sign up for the paid service. So I tried the free service which sucked. The listener was atrocious. But my cousin told me that if I really wanted to see results that I should stick with the paid service only. $150 per month is a lot of money for me, but there was a free trial which I tried. It was weird talking to a therapist over chat but somehow someway there was this strange feeling of comfort and satisfaction that came over me. Unfortunately my money situation isn’t great so I canceled after two days. But at least I can say that I didn’t call it quits because the service was bad. Overall it was helpful

  46. Avatar Naomi S. says:



    I saw 7 Cups of Tea reviews both here and on Reviewopedia, many of which make the claim that it’s a scam. THIS IS NOT A SCAM! Like, seriously. Do you not read the terms of service? And, it’s not like most other sites that have long and drawn out terms. It’s very clear from the beginning what you will be paying for. And anyway, cancellation is easy. I mean, I even received an email mid month from the 7 Cups of Tea team asking how things were going and if I’d like to cancel I can do so at any time!!! And though many people have a point about the 7 Cups of Tea listeners being awful, so grow a damn pair and put your money with your mouth is. Go straight for a paid subscription with an actual psychologist like I did! The only difference between 7 Cups of Tea and any other tier one online therapy service is the actual platform. But other than that, they are the same. Licensed psychologists are pretty much the same. They’re all licensed and trained no matter which therapy service you use. You may click better with one psychologist over the other, and if you don’t like yours, then request a change. I don’t see why people are bashing 7 Cups of Tea. It’s been an absolutely fantastic service for me. My psychologist is excellent.

  47. Avatar Tammy W. says:



    Even if you just want someone to talk to on a semi regular basis which is what I was going for, this isn’t the place. Their listeners are beyond bad. I went through at least 5 people and every single one of them made my day a whole lot worse.

  48. Avatar Amber D. says:



    its been a rough few weeks for me. besides having little family and scattered all over i have no friends where i just moved to. im a single mom whos recently divorced and needed someone to talk to specifically about my financial problems. and thats how i found 7 cups. when i connected with someone they were TERRIBLE and basically said i should not have gotten married in the first place. literally…it made me worse. much worse. and to top it off this person then disconnected from our chat…which i guess was a blessing in disguise. thankfully im not quick to give up so i tried another listener (same result)…and another…and another. until i finally got to someone who honestly seemed like he cared. i dont think he was as good as a professional would have been but at least he tried. the whole 7 cups experience has been pretty awful even with the last listener putting in alot of effort.

  49. Avatar Clark W. says:



    I use the 7 Cups paid service and I was beyond pleased. Great support, great system, overall excellent. The only downside is the price. My 7 Cups therapist costs $150/month. I shouldn’t complain since going to a therapist in my neighborhood costs around that per session. But when I see lower pricing from larger online therapy companies like Betterhelp and Talkspace, it makes me think about switching. I haven’t done so yet b/c 7 Cups is working for me now. But perhaps I will try another service. I need help but I’m also not willing to pay an increased amount just because.

  50. Avatar Brian S. says:



    There are two types of services 7 Cups of Tea offers: free and paid. The free service is a community of strangers that simply want to help. The paid service is therapy with a designated certified therapist. I have used both and my personal experience is that the paid service is better than the free one. First of all, finding a stranger is extremely time consuming. Then when you finally find someone, most of the time they stop communicating after 2 or 3 messages. I have found a good listener but it’s very hard to come by. Also, 7 Cups of Tea offers live chat rooms which may seem like an added benefit but I felt like it was AOL circa 1995/6. It’s hard to follow conversations and it’s definitely hard to receive the help I needed. On the other hand, the paid service was much better. I got a designated therapist that helped as you would expect. But with that said, I should say that even though there was no comparison in regard to the paid service being better than the free, it was an interesting experience to say the least. I’m not sure I will stick with online therapy long term.

  51. Avatar Aaron F. says:



    i literally had a 2 hour conversation with a listener named jennifer from the UK. 21 years old, studying psychology (no degree yet). im 38 years old so of course i laughed when i heard her age and credentials, or lack thereof. but i gotta give it to her – she not only listened but used some of her knowledge in what she had already learned in school and applied it in our session. ive never gone to a therapist before so i cant comment accurately on how much worse (or better) jennifer was than a licensed pro. but, she really helped me and honestly made me look at a few things differently. whenever i go back and feel myself regressing, i try and keep my conversation with jennifer in mind. so far it has helped. oh yeah, this was completely free so that was a huge positive for me lol. the fact that she gave so much time for free is mind boggling but hey i didnt question it!

    • Avatar Rafael V. says:



      you are very lucky then, if it was with me that goddess would had blocked me

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