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 — Updated March 3, 2020

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Online therapy has become one of the most popular methods of counseling for people of all ages and groups. There are a number of reasons why online therapy is desirable.

  • It’s accessible to people who do not have access to traditional counseling in their locale. Online counseling is available to anyone that has an internet connection. There are various forms of counseling available and people can get help with video chat, phone calls, and text messaging.
  • It’s affordable. Traditional counseling is known for being quite expensive but in many cases the prices can stack up quite quickly. E-counseling is often much cheaper and you get better prices when you pay for multiple sessions.
  • There’s no stigma. Many people refrain from getting therapy because they’re worried about what their friends or family might say. With e-counseling, you can get all the benefits of therapy without letting anyone know.

Because of the ever-increasing popularity of online counselling, a number of companies are springing up that offer these services. It’s important to develop a healthy understanding of these companies before handing out your money to them.

In this review, we’re going to give you a breakdown of Timewith, one of the newer e-counseling companies. By the time you’re finished with the review, you should know whether or not this is the company that you want to stick with.

Company Profile:

Timewith Homepage

Timewith is a company that was developed in an effort to provide convenience to people who are thinking about getting therapy. They recognize how overwhelming it can be trying to find your own therapy: searching through directories, meeting new people, and trying to find your way to a good therapist can be intimidating, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

Their company mission states that they’re hoping to change the way that people access therapy by providing a simple and pain-free alternative to traditional approaches. By providing a platform from which people can reach out, they hope to make counseling easier to access.

Signing Up:

Timewith makes signing up quite easy – all you need to do is go to their website and you will be given an opportunity to start the sign-in process. The questions that it asks are simple but will help you determine the best type of therapy. An interactive menu will ask you, in this order:

  • What your name is
  • Who will be receiving therapy (an adult, a young adult, a couple, a child, a family, or an employee assistance program)
  • What you need help with (depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationships, sex, marriage, or something else)
  • Your location (you will be prompted to enter your postal code)
  • Your email address, so you can be emailed a list of therapists and any updates to your therapy
  • Your mobile number – they use text messages to encourage a simple login process
  • What you’re reaching out for (details about the situations, happenings, or things that you’re thinking about that can help them select the best therapist for you or your family)

Timewith Signing Up

After doing this they will send you a login code or an email confirmation with which you can verify your information. After this you’ll be able to check out your recommended therapists and book a session.


Timewith has a fairly competent pricing system that’s based on the type of therapy that you require and what sort of counselor is required to treat you. In general, prices for different types of therapy are:

  • Traditional counselors cost roughly £45 an hour.
  • A traditional psychotherapist will cost roughly £55 an hour.
  • A traditional psychologist will cost roughly £91 an hour.

Some people might find these prices expensive, but it’s important to note that the counselors available on Timewith are trained and certified by some of the leading bodies in the United Kingdom. The UK has some of the most rigorous training and testing for psychotherapists in the world, so you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality treatment.

Usability (Desktop & Mobile):

Timewith provides users with a very simple and straightforward platform with which they can choose, contact, and get counsel with their therapists.

The matching procedure occurs within minutes of accessing the website and can be done directly through the browser. Once you’ve matched with a therapist, you can easily book sessions with one of your chosen therapists.

Timewith allows you to book face-to-face sessions with your counselors, but you can also choose to work with them exclusively over the internet or the telephone. Your responses to the questionnaire will help to determine the therapists recommended to you, but you can still pick and choose after you’ve been matched.

Counselor Support & Effectiveness:

Timewith currently works with more than 500 qualified psychotherapists and counselors. All of these psychotherapists and counselors are background-checked and have undergone rigorous training so that they can be certified by one of the governing bodies in the United Kingdom.

The reason that Timewith screens you with a short questionnaire before pairing you with a therapist is so you can find one that’s specialized in the areas that you need help with. This allows you to get the maximum amount of support without having to bounce around between different therapists.

It’s important to remember that everyone will have a different experience. However, you will be receiving help from a trained professional.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Timewith recognizes the importance of privacy, especially when dealing with some of the intimate things that are discussed during therapy. Their privacy policy states that anything that you talk about with your therapist is strictly confidential and will remain only between you and your therapist.

Furthermore, all messages that are sent between you and your therapist are heavily encrypted. This means that you can talk openly and honestly without any worries that your discussions will be accessed by any criminal hackers or third parties.

Even the information filled in on the questionnaire is kept confidential. Timewith makes a promise that they will never sell your information or have it shared with anyone besides the therapists that you are working with directly.

Timewith Counselor Qualifications:

The Timewith counselors are certified by leading psychotherapy groups such as HCPC, COSCA, The British Psychological Society and UKCP. The UK is known to have one of the strictest psychological testing structures throughout the world.

Timewith Therapists

Specialties & Areas of Expertise:

Timewith is able to help people manage a wide variety of conditions. They have many counselors available with different specialities, and can assist you in managing anything from anxiety to marriage problems. Though they do cover every area of mental health, these are some of the areas in which Timewith truly excels:

  • Anxiety. There are many forms of anxiety, the most common being social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and panic disorder. Socially anxious people struggle in social settings and have a hard time making friends, and those with panic disorder are prone to experiencing panic attacks. People with GAD generally feel anxious throughout the day. Timewith has many counselors available to help you manage your anxiety. They can also help you manage more specific forms of anxiety, like those that were developed in response to trauma.
  • Depression. Depression is one of the most common mental health problems throughout the world, and it can strike in many forms. A huge number of the counselors working with Timewith specialize in depression.
  • Stress. In our busy lives, it’s often hard to meet all of our deadlines and show up for every meeting without developing at least some degree of stress. Unfortunately, stress can manifest in the form of physical or mental health problems and should be managed properly. Fortunately, Timewith can connect you with counselors and therapists who specialize in helping people deal with their stress. These counselors are available for online, phone, or face-to-face counseling.
  • ADHD. ADHD was considered an ailment that primarily affects youth for some time, but now it’s recognized as an issue that affects people of all ages. Timewith has many counselors who can help you manage the condition.
  • Relationships and marriages. Timewith has a number of relationship counselors that can help you repair any damaged relationships or encourage you to improve the health of your marriage. Timewith encourages group sessions, so you can attend a therapy session with your significant other to receive the best benefits.
  • Sexuality.  Many people struggle with sexual addiction, a lack of sexual confidence, and other issues that prevent them from healthily expressing themselves sexually.  In addition to helping people manage their relationships, Timewith works with counselors who can help people manage sexual problems.
  • Spirituality. The world is ‘waking up’ at an ever-increasing rate, and more and more people are beginning to focus on their spiritual health by practicing things like yoga, meditation, and the like. These things can be difficult to focus on without a guru, but in the West, a guru can be a bit hard to find. Spiritual counselors are a great alternative for people who want to progress spirituality but don’t know where to start.

As noted above, Timewith has a number of counselors who specialize in other things, such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, attachment disorders, various forms of personality disorder, dissociation, different eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, chronic conditions like Tourette’s and autism, and various family issues.

Their therapists are qualified and happy to work with people who struggle with physical disabilities and past traumas. There are also a number of specialists trained to help people struggling with addictions to drugs, sex, gambling, and the Internet.

Bottom Line:

There are a lot of different online counseling companies emerging nowadays, and it’s important to choose one that works for you. What works for you is probably different than what works for the next person, so it’s important to approach companies like Timewith with the appropriate knowledge.

Fortunately, Timewith seems to be a very honest and transparent company with the people’s best interests at heart. Their prices are fair and their counselors are qualified and capable of helping people manage a wide variety of conditions.

If you’re looking for an e-counseling company that’s reliable, then you might want to start with Timewith.

Pros & Cons

  • Free call or chat with therapist prior to beginning therapy
  • Therapists can be changed at any time
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