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 — Updated March 3, 2020

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If you’re a therapist and you’re hoping to offer your skills to a wider range of people, you might want to consider beginning to work as an online counselor.

Online counseling is a novel form of therapy that has become available in recent decades. Online counseling makes use of various forms of communication technologies such as the internet, smartphones and telephones to help bring therapy to different types of people across the globe.

There are a number of reasons that e-therapy is particularly attractive, particularly to younger people. These are some of the reasons that e-therapy is becoming increasingly popular.

  • It’s easy to access. A lot of people aren’t able to get the therapy or counseling that they need simply because they don’t have access to it. Not every town or village has access to a reliable counseling center and not everyone is able to drive to a different city to get therapy. E-counseling is also easier to access for people with disabilities or agoraphobia because it doesn’t require that they leave their home.
  • It’s judgment-free. Many people, especially youth, are worried about seeking counseling because they’re worried about what their peers might think. E-counseling can be done from the comfort of a patient’s home and nobody – not even family or close friends – needs to find out about it.
  • It’s affordable. In some cases, e-counseling services cost just as much as getting therapy face-to-face. This is great for clients, but what about for therapists? Many e-counseling databases, like the one we’re reviewing today, pay their counselors competitive wages similar to those that they’d earn in face-to-face sessions.

In this review, we’re going to provide a detailed overview of Thera-Link, one of the many companies that helps connect therapists and clients. If you’re a therapist and you’re wanting to share your skills with the world then it’s probably wise to ensure that you are working with a reputable company. This article should help you decide whether or not Thera-Link is for you.

Company Profile:

Thera-Link has been around for a few years now and has experienced impressive growth in these few years. One of their main goals is to ensure that they are able to bring online counseling – or rather, therapy in general – to as many patients as possible.

The company has humble origins. The CEO and COO were friends and the idea for developing an e-therapy company budded out of a casual conversation. Together, they discovered that it wasn’t only possible but quite feasible to develop a platform that brought qualified counseling with private practitioners to others across the globe while maintaining international standards for quality assurance.

After formulating the plan for what would become Thera-Link, the two head developers hired a third member to work on the technological side of things. From here, they created a platform that allows people from all walks of life to access reliable, affordable, and qualified mental health treatment from a wide variety of different mental health professionals.

Signing Up:

Signing up for Thera-Link is quite easily, and registering gets you a free 15-day trial as well. Doing this doesn’t require a credit card – once your trial has been completed, if you want to continue using Thera-Link you can finish your registration with your payment information.

It’s easy to sign up for this free trial from their website. Once you press the button, registering as a service provider is as simple as providing the name of your practice, your email, and your name. You’ll be taken to a page in which you can decide how you want your clients to pay you and you can begin setting up your preferred clients.


For service providers, Thera-Link offers reasonable rates with different services. There are several different plans, each of which provides different benefits. The basics included with every plan are:

  • HIPAA compliance. All of the interactions with therapists will comply with HIPAA, and BAA will be included with any and all plans that you sign up for.
  • Good customer support. Thera-link provides their customers with customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 degrees a year. Their customer support workers speak multiple languages and can provide assistance no matter where you are in the world, provided that you have internet access.
  • Customizable waiting rooms. You can change your settings to develop a waiting room that’s suited specifically for you.
  • Group and individual sessions. Depending on what you or your loved ones are treating and how you’re wanting to deal with these issues, thera-link provides group sessions and individual sessions at the discretion of the patient.

Different plans, however, provide more or fewer benefits. Considering you make your money depending on how many clients you can obtain and how many successful sessions you complete, the amount that you make is dependent on you. Deciding the plan that you want will depend on your personal methods of providing therapy.

  • BasicLINK, which costs $30 a month, allows you to conduct five sessions a month under one provider.
  • UltimateLINK costs $45 a month and provides you with unlimited sessions, an office manager account, a client schedule, and the ability to request payments before completing a session.
  • PracticeLINK, or UltimateLINK Plus, costs $65 a month and provides you with everything that you’ll get in Ultimate LINK in addition to access to secure messaging and notes on all your sessions and clients.
  • TreatmentLINK, or PracticeLINK Plus, costs $100 a month and provides you with everything that you’ll get in PracticeLINK as well as your own branded portal, API access, data important, and an option to open annual contracts.

Usability (Desktop & Mobile):

Thera-Link provides therapists and counselors with a very simple and reliable platform from which they can access their clients and participate in therapy.Depending on the plan that you get you will be able to use different features.

  • A detailed scheduler that allows you to schedule different clients for different times.
  • A payment organizer that allows you to organize payments and decide which clients will pay you in advance.
  • A session note taker that allows you to take notes on clients and on the individual sessions that you have with them.
  • Apps for different devices. You won’t be constrained to just using your computer for therapy – you’ll be able to use it on different platforms.

All of this can be found easily within your web browser shortly after being registered in the system.

Counselor Support & Effectiveness:

All of the therapists working for Counseling on Demand are fully licensed. Many of the counselors have well over 10 years of experience, which makes the support overwhelmingly effective as noted by many customer reviews on their site. However, as we note in other reviews, therapy is personal and each person will have a different experience. Nevertheless and generally speaking, the more qualified a counselor is, the higher likelihood of success.

Additionally, since each counselor has different qualifications, the best thing that you can do is read about them individually on their site. Doing this is easy as all their biographies are posted and easily accessed.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Just as with any form of therapy, you will be expected to maintain a strict code of confidentiality with your clients. You are bound to avoid discussing any personal details of your sessions with anyone else. Some counselors prefer not to even save notes on their computers, should they be discovered by anyone else, and just use the platform’s provided note taker.

Thera-Link Counselor Qualifications:

All of the counselors working through Thera-Link are qualified in their areas of expertise. You will be working alongside other professionals and you will be known for providing a high standard of service to your clients.

Specialties & Areas of Expertise:

Since Thera-link accepts counselors and therapists in a variety of fields, there are a huge number of areas that clients can receive help in. You can bring your own specialty to the table. These are some of the areas that counselors are currently offering help to their clients.

  • Anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most common problems mental health problems and it strikes in many forms. Because anxiety is one of the most common problems it makes sense that there is such a great need for therapists that can help with the various forms that anxiety comes with.
  • Stress and the related problems. Many people deal with high levels of stress on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught how to properly manage stress. Offering counseling for stress can help people manage their physical and mental health.
  • ADHD. Many people struggle with a condition known as ADHD. This condition is marked by an inability to focus on tasks and can make it incredibly difficult for people to maintain social relationships or perform well in school or at work. Fortunately, working on Thera-Link allows you to reach out to people struggling with ADHD..
  • Sex, relationships, and marriages. If you’re a counselor that specializes in helping people manage their sex lives or their personal relationships, then you’ll find a receptive audience on Thera-link. Many people need assistance restoring balance and harmony to their personal relationships and marriages, and you can be the one offering that help.
  • Identity. Many people, particularly youth, struggle with their identity. This can come in the form of sexual or gender discrepancies or problems with self-esteem and self-confidence. Many people need assistance with that and Thera-Link is happy to connect people with therapists who can help in this area.
  • Religion and spirituality. Sometimes, talking to the pastor isn’t enough to answer all of your religious questions – and many people are beginning to develop a sense of spirituality without being a part of any institutionalized religion. For these folks, seeking a spiritual counselor can be immensely beneficial and can improve their lives.

That’s not to say that you can’t be a part of Thera-Link if you’re not qualified to help deal with any of these problems. Many therapists are able to help patients who struggle with addictions or other mental health problems like Tourette’s, or even helping people work through an existential crisis. If you’re qualified to help in any area, there’s no reason to think that you wouldn’t find a good client on Thera-Link.

The best way to find out if you’ll be able to help people on the site is to sign up. After doing that, you’ll be able to connect with clients who are seeking someone with your expertise. If you are qualified for helping people in a relatively obscure area, you may still find clients on this platform.

Bottom Line:

Thera-Link is a great platform that can help qualified therapists and counselors connect with clients over the Internet. If you’re looking to spread your counseling further, or simply aren’t able to work in an office or in your local area, Thera-Link can be a great way to connect you with people in need.

Pros & Cons

  • Custom virtual waiting room allows clients to waiting until the therapist is ready to being the session
  • Sessions notes can be taken and saved under each client’s profile
  • Secure online payment
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