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Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones, LPC, RN, CEDS, CEDRN

Hello! My name is Carolyn Jones and I have worked in the mental health field in Colorado for the past 27 years - both as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Registered Nurse (RN). I received my Bachelor's in Nursing in 1978 from the University of Nebraska and my Master's Degree in Counselor Education in 1994 from the University of Wyoming. I have had the opportunity to work with older adolescents and Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 27 years

Dr. Josh Briley

Dr. Josh Briley, PhD

Hello. I am a licensed psychologist in Texas with over 20 years experience providing therapy to a wide range of populations. I am passionate and committed to those individuals who honor me with their trust in asking for help in their struggles. My approach to counseling is to focus on you as an individual. Each person I work with has strengths and coping skills he or she has utilized to get Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 20 years

Ashley Harmon

Ashley Harmon, LCSW-S, LCDC-I

Welcome! My name is Ashley Wallace and I have been in the counseling profession for about 6years now. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the state of Texas and received both my Bachelors of Social Work and Masters of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin. My current full-time role is working with primarily young adults Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 6 years

Linette Tovar

Linette Tovar, LPC

Sometimes a person can feel lost after experiencing a traumatic event. Coping with all of the confusing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors can be difficult. Depression, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances can set in, causing disruptions at work, school, and home. I aim at helping clients feel heard, understood and whole again. Every individual is unique, thus requiring individualized treatment. I use a combination of different modalities to help meet the needs of each individual. Some Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 5 years

Dr. Ashley Streeter

Dr. Ashley Streeter, LPC, NCC

Dear Future Client, Welcome and make yourself at home. Though this is an online platform, our chat space is yours to make yourself comfortable and at home. I truly hope you feel hopeful, safe, and warm as I believe those feelings are needed to support change and healing. If I can do anything to help create such an environment for you, please let me know. I am a licensed professional counselor in the states of Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 5 years

Dora Cumpian

Dora Cumpian, M.Ed, LPC

I pursued my Master's Degree in Counseling and later my License as Professional Counselor in Texas. I believe that counselors help people grow. When a person wants to change it is the perfect opportunity for a counselor to help. I am a person centered-existentialist with plenty of experience with transitional counseling. I am an enthusiastic road cyclist and believe on nature and adventure processes. Read More...
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  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Experience: 8 years

Kathi Turner

Kathi Turner, LCSW, ACSW

Welcome. You are seeking change. You know you want something different or something more, but you have not yet found ways to make change happen on your own. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable seeking help because, in our culture, many of us are taught to be tough and figure things out on our own. Being strong and independent will always be an asset, but those same qualities can help you learn, grow, and change even more Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 3 years

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, LPC

Welcome to the start of your new life. My name Michelle Williams, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas. With today's stigma and false beliefs about counseling, many individuals go without help. Others wait till all else fails before getting help. However, no matter when you seek help you should be able to do so with a professional who is willing to understand and listen to your story and help you on a Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 4 years

Debra Lawson

Debra Lawson, LCSW

Hello. My name is Debra Lawson. I am very happy to have this opportunity to work with you. I have 27 years of experience providing counseling. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Texas 23854). I was in private practice for 6 years during which I provided individual, family and marriage counseling to children, adolescents and adults. Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 27 years

Tabatha Gunn

Tabatha Gunn,

I am Tabatha Gunn. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S) through the Texas State Board of Professional Counselors. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX and my Master’s Degree in Counseling at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX. I completed the certification process for LPC Supervision at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. I have been a licensed therapist for 10 years. Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 10 years

An Overview of Mental Health in Longview, Texas

Longview is a cozy little town of 81,522 in eastern Texas about 130 miles from Dallas. It has a suburban feel with adequate shopping and dining. Nearby Lake Cherokee provides plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing. The downtown area features a number of historic landmarks. Residents and visitors can learn more about local history at the Gregg County Historic Museum. As with nearly everywhere in Texas, sports are popular, especially with youth.

The town benefited from the discovery and development of the East Texas Oil Field. The local economy continues to be influenced by the state of the oil and gas industry.

Mental Health in Longview

Life in Longview can be challenging for some residents. In addition to regular stressors of daily life, these east Texans face some unique issues. This part of the state has been ranked as the least healthy in Texas in a recent survey.

  • Poverty: 3% of Longview residents live below the poverty line. This population is likely to need mental health services but have the hardest time accessing them.
  • Crime: Gregg County has the third highest homicide rate in Texas. Anyone who has been a victim of crime or who fears the nearby violence could benefit from mental health services to help cope with post-traumatic stress (PTS), anger, fear and other emotions.
  • Obesity: A local community health needs assessment (CHNA) listed obesity as the main health challenge facing the region. Obesity can lead to a variety of other physical health challenges, but the mental health aspect shouldn’t be overlooked either.
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction: The CHNA also listed substance abuse as a problem in Longview and Gregg County. Mental health services may be able to help anyone dealing with the effects of addiction.
  • Community Health Resources: Many residents lack the proper nutrition and access to healthy activities in order to live a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. The CHNA identified that the lack of community health resources may play a role.
  • Economic Downturn: Since the local economy is so dependent on the oil and gas industry, any downturn in prices can hit residents. Economic downturns can be an especially stressful period for individuals and families.

Mental Health Resources in Longview

Texas ranks poorly across the United States in terms of access to mental health care resources. Despite these state-wide shortages, there are counselors in the Longview area.

Counselors in Longview have been qualified as licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors and licensed psychologists. A few therapists have doctorate degrees in clinical psychology as well. Given their wide training backgrounds, these counselors can pull from a variety of therapy modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based practices.

They have helped clients navigate complex traumas, cope with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD, bipolar, OCD, panic disorder, agoraphobia and general life stress and career challenges. They have worked with adults, children and families in a variety of care settings. These therapists know that each client is unique and will work with you to develop a care plan that meets your needs.

The Challenge of Finding a Suitable Therapist in Longview

The cost of mental health services may seem prohibitive to some residents in Longview. The 22.7% of residents who don’t have health insurance and the 18.3% living in poverty may find it to be especially difficult to get the care they need. There are alternative offerings that may be able to help those facing a cost barrier seek help. Non-profits and community groups sometimes offer free services such as help lines and support groups as well as counseling on a sliding-scale basis based on income. Text- and video-based services may also be more affordable.

The large Spanish-speaking population in Longview may also face an obstacle to treatment. While it’s increasingly popular to provide services in Spanish, this offering is not guaranteed. Even if these residents speak English as a second language, it’s always better to conduct therapy sessions in a native language.

Find a Therapist in Longview

To make the search for a therapist easier, we put together a detailed therapist directory. Our listing includes experienced care providers who have worked with individuals and families in the Longview area. They can be trusted to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for you to share and process whatever you’re going through.