Holly Lark

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About Me

Are you a teen or young adult who overthinks, worries too much, has difficulty focusing because of stress, or fears you're falling behind? Do college, choosing a career path, managing relationships or life transitions feel overwhelming? The pressure to be attractive, fit in, feel understood, earn top grades, and get into the best schools are hard on teens. Choosing a career path, interviewing, living on your own or supporting yourself, or making big relationship decisions can feel scary as a young adult. You don’t have to go this alone. I help people just like you through these challenges.

Pressures to succeed can cause anxiety, depression, burnout and health problems. I can help you diffuse the pressure, reduce perfectionism and critical self-talk, and find direction at school and home, and on to a career path you’ll enjoy. You'll have tools for starting a job, living on your own, serious dating, marriage or parenting.

I provide therapy in a caring and supportive manner in my office and online so you can safely process whatever is keeping you stuck. I’ll provide you with tools to help you heal, get back on track, and enjoy your life. If you want to make changes to create a more fulfilling life.

My Location

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