Melissa Carpentier
Melissa Carpentier
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Melissa Carpentier

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About Me

Does anxiety run your life? Do you avoid certain situations or find yourself consumed with worry about a number of things in your life? Has your anxiety prevented you from achieving the goals you once envisioned for yourself? Has your anxiety negatively impacted your ability to form or keep relationships? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please know that life does NOT have to be this way. You should also know that you are not alone. So many individuals struggle with anxiety yet they delay seeking help for fear of being seen as “crazy” or “weak.” If this is you, trust me, you are not doing yourself any favors!

I can help you understand triggers for your anxiety and teach you strategies to manage and overcome anxiety so that it stops getting in the way of your personal and/or professional life. Our work together can take place in-person or via HIPAA-secure video sessions. Whichever modality, you will be provided with a warm, accepting, and respectful environment.

I’ve seen some amazing positive changes in the people I’ve been fortunate to work with throughout my career. Truth be told, though, there is nothing that warms my heart more than seeing ALL of these individuals come to realize that they are more than capable of overcoming their anxiety. If you want to be one of them too, please reach out today!

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