Seth Houdeshell

Specialties: EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma and PTSD, Addiction, Couples and Marital, Relationships, Personal Growth
Credentials: LCSW, SAP
Languages: English and Spanish
Experience: 20 years
Telephone: (512) 466-0835
Address:  6700 Manchaca Rd. #14, Austin, TX 78745

Discomfort prompts us to seek change. This feeling may come from an old problem or from old pain that seems to follow you through the years of your life. It may also come from a new problem that has caught you by surprise or left you feeling stuck. Maybe you just feel drawn toward your potential to improve the quality of your life in some way. Together we will tailor the course of counseling to meet your needs and your goals. I strive to create an environment that provides warmth and humor in order to provide the comfort required to address life’s difficult problems.
I use an outcome-based approach by seeking the client’s feedback about whether or not their life is improving in key areas. When the client reports progress, we know we are on track. If no progress is being made, we then decide on a new approach to take.
I have the experience of treating hundreds of couples and thousands of individuals in the past 20 years.