Jasandra Oeffinger
Jasandra Oeffinger
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Jasandra Oeffinger

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About Me

Seeking therapy doesn’t mean you’re failing. Instead, it may mean you’re ready for personal growth & lasting transformation. When you feel overwhelmed, on edge, & pressured to “get it right," it’s tough to live the life you imagined. Anxiety gets in the way of trusting yourself & knowing how whole you really are. As humans, we all encounter difficulties -big & small- but you don’t have to face yours alone. Therapy is a safe, fully accepting space for self-exploration & breaking free from the things that hold you back. By working together, you can gain insight & a fresh perspective on how you got here & the ways you want to heal.

I work with adults who struggle with anxiety, stress, trauma, parenting issues, & the general slump of not living in a way that feels authentic & fulfilling-- People who want to conquer their inner-critic & live a life that truly aligns with their values. With deep respect, compassion, & honesty, I’ll help you uncover your strengths & make meaningful change.

I wholeheartedly believe that you are the expert of your life so I won’t give you all your answers in therapy. Instead, I’ll work with you to develop the skills, insight, & self-trust needed to come to your own conclusions & sense of meaning.

You don't have to distance yourself from therapy during this COVID pandemic. I offer telehealth sessions on a secure platform that is easy to set up! All you need is a phone/computer and a private space in the comfort of your own home. Get in touch by emailing me at jasandra@hsmcounseling.com to get scheduled.

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