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Hans Meyer
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Hans Meyer

Hans Meyer


Everyone runs into difficulty in life. At times we are hit with situations that feel unbearable, or we just feel 'stuck'. This is often worse for men because of the stigma around therapy and counseling. Generally, men struggle to ask for help and suffer unnecessarily, missing out on having the life they really want, and deserve.

Very common and treatable male concerns include; sleep problems, sexual dysfunction, insecurity or difficulties with mood, anger, relationship concerns, sexual identity, financial stress, prolonged sadness or depression, general anxiety, drug or alcohol concerns, pornography, marital strife, difficulty launching and/or developing independence, job related troubles, etc.

Often, it is the women in our lives that push men toward getting help. This includes mothers, wives, sisters, and co-workers. If you or someone you love is struggling and could benefit from personal and professional help, don't hesitate to contact me.

My practice is aimed at demystifying 'therapy' and providing a highly discreet and safe environment for men to discuss any, and all concerns.

  • License Number: 50793
  • License Type: LCSW
  • License State: Texas
  • Experience: 15 years
  • Languages: English

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