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About Me

Are you a couple in crisis, who can’t communicate, who argue, or live in silence? Are you wanting to make your relationship work, but are stuck? Has the stress affected your health, sleep, work, or parenting? Although we think “the kids don’t know”, they DO notice, and are impacted when they sense their parents are hurting. I am certified in emotionally focused therapy and specialize in helping couples hear and validate one another, truly listen, and commit to make changes in order to grow personally and reconnect with one another. It can be transformational and bring you joy, connection, and a positive future as a family.

Have you decided to divorce? If so, I offer objective, supportive mediation (and co-parenting counseling if you have kids. Many children want their parents to stay together. When that’s not possible, it’s important to not have them choose sides). I'll address the unique issues in your family and together we will form a plan that is fair to all.

When a marriage cannot be saved, the last thing you need is financial burden. I know because I am a licensed attorney, certified mediator and social worker. Mediation is much more affordable, comprehensive, and tailored to meet your family’s needs, and not as traumatic as court is for children. I'm available to answer questions and get started.

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