Shandelynn Hillard

Specialties: Couples, Individuals (including Adolescents and Young Adults) and Families
Credentials: LMFT Associate
Languages: English
Experience: 1.5 years
Telephone: 346-372-0220
Address: 723 W. 17th St. , Houston, Texas

Has it been difficult for you to pay attention to things, feeling as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Have you noticed anxiety, depression and stress creeping up on you more and more? Maybe this isn’t how you pictured your life, or even what you expected from life and it’s taken you by storm. It’s time to own your space, take action and take your life back! Sometimes attention is all a situation needs to start moving. Seeking a therapist to take that walk with you by helping to create accountability and restoration is a great first step.

When deciding to open Tea Time Therapy, PLLC I envisioned a place of healing and empowerment through dialogue. At Tea Time Therapy, PLLC I enjoy helping people become their best selves through discovery.
​You are worthwhile, let me help you get back to that place. Do something that you don’t normally do, “Come Talk Life with Me” at Tea Time Therapy, PLLC. Are you ready?