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Malia Hagen
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
In-Person Sessions:


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I believe that every therapeutic issue we face comes back to relationships. Some of our struggles are in relationships themselves: with our partners, our parents, our children, our friends, our bosses, and most importantly with ourselves. Some...
David Schlosz
LPC, Ph.D.
In-Person Sessions:

Round Rock, Texas

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David J. Schlosz, Ph.D, NCC, LPC I am a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Austin and Round Rock, Texas, and am a father of three incredible teens. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and bring an international and multicultural perspective...
In-Person Sessions:

West Lake Hills, Texas

I want to help you create the relationship of your dreams and attract love, peace, and connection into your life. Whether you want to rekindle your relationship, are recovering from infidelity, feel frustrated and distant from your partner, give...
Seth Houdeshell
In-Person Sessions:

Austin, Texas

Discomfort prompts us to seek change. This feeling may come from an old problem or from old pain that seems to follow you through the years of your life. It may also come from a new problem that has caught you by surprise or left you feeling stuck....
In-Person Sessions:

Round Rock, Texas

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Angela Hayes provides life coaching and psychotherapy services to clients in the North Austin/Round Rock/Georgetown/Pflugerville areas as well as across the state of Texas. She offers in-office, phone, and video conference sessions to make services...
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Round Rock, Texas

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I get it! On the outside, maybe you seem fine. You’re balancing everything life throws at you...but there are times when you’re overwhelmed. You feel like whatever you do, it doesn’t seem to be “enough.” Everyone around you seems to be...

An Overview of Mental Health Resources in Killeen Texas

Cities big and small across the United States share one undeniable commonality – the need for adequate mental health resources and professionals. Though each community is somewhat different with regard to the issues faced, most people seeking the help and guidance of a trained mental health professional want to know one thing – ‘Can I trust this person to help me?’ Killeen Texas is no different but it does have one overwhelming component that most cities don’t: a large military population.

Killeen’s neighbor to the north is the U.S. Army’s Fort Hood, one of the largest military installations, in the world. More than 200,000 military personnel and their families are stationed at Ft. Hood adding to the nearly 140,000 residents of Killeen, of which a great number work on base or are retired military themselves.

Mental Health Statistics for Killeen

A general sense of wellness and well being and knowledge that everything is going to be alright are signs of good mental health. Modern day stresses that most of population experience such as financial insecurity and an understanding that while basic needs might be met, there is still a want to have added creature comforts. The median income of $48,000 in Killeen Texas is lower than the national average by more than $10,000, possibly leading to some of the areas mental health issues.

However, because of Killeen’s large military population, the area suffers from an overabundance of suicide, especially among service members. Among civilian mental health professionals there are just 192 per 100,000 people in Bell County, in which Killeen sits. Of that, there are only 88 listed licensed therapists in Killeen itself.

Killeen’s Mental Health Differences

Killeen residents suffer from a variety of mental health related issues, much like anywhere else in the United States. Issues driving poor mental health range from lower income than the national average, extended family separations, infidelity and retail cost of living.

  • Recent studies establish a correlation between depression, anxiety and substance use with financial stress, which Killeen residents may have due to the lower than average household income.
  • Killeen and the surrounding Bell County area are known for having a higher than average retail cost of living, meaning the price of goods is equal to large metro areas on the east coast.
  • Neighboring Ft. Hood has a population greater than Killeen, many of which are regularly deployed overseas, increasing the rate of separated families.

Divorce Rate in Killeen Texas

Slightly more than half of the population is married. Killeen Texas has a low divorce rate at approximately 11 percent. This low percentage may be the result of the median age of the population sitting at just 28 years old. Many marriages may be relatively new and studies show that getting married later in life can lead to healthier relationships.

A low marriage rate of just under 7 percent may also account for the low number of divorces. With marriage rate so low it’s no wonder there are just 41 marriage and premarital counselors in Killeen.

Mental Health Resources in Killeen

Currently, there are approximately 130 licensed therapists and mental health counselors in the Bell County, of which Killeen Texas is located. That’s just one professional per 2,669 people in the area, 4.5 times higher than the national average of 590:1.

Challenges of Finding a Compatible Therapist in Killeen

With just 130 mental health professionals easily found on the Internet, it may be hard to to know if you are simply being forced to settle for who’s available. Nearly all of the available mental health professionals in Killeen and Bell County Texas have an online presence, with many using local and national review sites to display positive reviews.

Community outreach organizations, insurance and health providers often offer a referrals to local Killeen mental health professionals. Unfortunately, this means you will be required to go through the formal paperwork process long before you have an opportunity to meet with you therapist. If you decide that this person isn’t good fit for you, you’ll likely need to start the process over to some degree.