Malia Hagen

Specialties: Mood Disorders, Grief
Credentials: RP (Unlicensed )
Languages: English
Experience: 2 years
Telephone: 719-285-9747
Address: 3101 Illinois Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I believe that every therapeutic issue we face comes back to relationships. Some of our struggles are in relationships themselves: with our partners, our parents, our children, our friends, our bosses, and most importantly with ourselves. Some struggles, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or addictions will all affect our relationships. My primary goal as a therapist is to help you establish (or re-establish) healthy relationships.
I love to hear your story and understand what life has meant to you, in all the good and all the bad: and we all need someone in our lives who walks beside us through both the good and the bad. I have worked with adults with anxiety, life transitions, stress, grief, depression, and couples with broken relationships.
I believe you are the authority on your own life and you know yourself better than anyone, and I would love to come alongside you to establish goals and, through hearing your story and your desires, to work with you to begin living out the life you dream of.