Online therapy for teens

Should Parents Seek Out Online Therapy for their Teens?

With headlines like A dangerous wait: Colleges can’t meet soaring student needs for mental health care, parents can feel justified in wondering how best to help their stressed-out college kids. However, in the event that the parents find an online or in-person mental health therapist willing to become involved with their suffering child, things can […]

Doctor being lazy with online therapy

Is Your Doctor Becoming Lazy with Online Therapy?

Doctors tend to be dedicated professionals, but some of them find it daunting to convey that professionalism online. The issues are multi-faceted. Wikipedia gives us a solid at-a-glance definition of online mental health therapy with “Telemental health (or telebehavioral health, telepsychiatry) is the use of telecommunications technology to provide behavioral health services.” It’s a good starting point for some […]

I'm a Good Listener

Therapist vs. Listener: Which One Should I Use?

When it comes to maintaining or restoring, even starting to have mental health, it’s a smart move to consult board-certified therapists rather than amateurs. College degrees in counseling are one thing to assure the public of therapeutic skill, and certifying agencies another. One proves academic success, the other competency. There’s more to consider when it […]

Technological vs Traditional Counselling

Technological vs Traditional Counselling: Relating via the Screen – An Oxymoron?

Many of us do not remember a pre-Internet world and the World Wide Web is the go-to resource for addressing our needs. Whether it’s online shopping, understanding the best treatment for a sore back or connecting with a distant cousin the Internet has become a companion and guide for many of us. This has extended […]

Betterhlp vs Talkspace

BetterHelp Versus TalkSpace: The Ultimate Showdown

Online therapy is making inroads with a public increasingly using digital devices. Though the counseling profession still holds face-to face meetings, too, preferences for one form of mental health input over another exist. Fans of online therapy are having an impact on themselves and the counseling profession. The popularity contest that seems to be going […]

free online counseling

Free Online Counseling – Will I Get My Money’s Worth?

The concept of free supportive therapeutic services is not new. We need only look to organizations such as AA, crisis intervention and call-in centers to see the concept of people looking to volunteer networks of their peers and professionals for support and guidance. Does this concept translate online? Do we find services that offer free […]

top online counseling universities

Online Counseling for Universities

University students face astonishing amounts of pressure from financial constraints, hormones, relationships with family and friends let alone lovers, plus academic workloads. There’s even a website that lists The Top Mental Health Challenges Facing Students. College campuses worldwide offer on-site and online counseling options to calm down distraught students and to help them to put […]