The Downside of Free Online Counseling Chat Services

Figuring out when to use free online counseling chat and when not to, is a simple task. It might not be pleasant, but it is simple. Figure out what you want to gain from the free online counseling chat service Research the free online counseling chat services and compare them for features that do or […]

Therapist Help

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Professional Online Therapy

Certified online mental health professionals are as qualified as therapists who meet their clients in offices. Potential clients for such services can verify those qualifications in several ways, assuring themselves that they may safely proceed with therapeutic conversations or realizing that they must look elsewhere for the services they require. Websites offering mental health services […]

Death Taxes and Therapy

Death, Taxes…and Therapy

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. Pre-teens hear about that fatalistic look at life as they head into adulthood. Adults tend to sigh when they think of it. As today’s high-pressured employment, academic and digital worlds increasingly threaten the mental and physical health of the public, people are opening up to the need for mental […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Therapy

Before launching into a list of 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Therapy, let’s look at a concept that empowers therapy clients plus the public at large: Mental Health is an entity all its own, not a medical problem. Psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser specialized in Reality Theory and Choice Theory. He defined mental health as […]

Navigating Online Therapy

Navigating Through the New World of Online Therapy

There are enough statistics indicating the efficacy of online therapy to leave little doubt that it works, especially for clients who function on the Internet with ease. The range of digital therapeutic opportunities range from classic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Life Coaching, all the way to the Breakthrough site’s self-administered psychological assessments and ease of […]

Traditional vs Online Counseling

Comparing the Costs of Traditional vs. Online Counseling

Many factors such an in-patient, out-patient, frequency of appointments and similar factors affect the overall costs of psychotherapeutic care. Comparing the on-site costs of psychotherapeutic care to online fees requires a look at the issues involved, not mere dollar-to-dollar analyses. A Range of Therapeutic Needs and Prices The average mental health therapy client enters their […]

Is Online Therapy the Next Big Thing?

Is Online Therapy the Next Big Thing or Is It Really a Giant Scam?

One of the blessings in online life is the ready accessibility of competent therapists. They can streamline your efforts to solve problems by preventing time- and gas-guzzling commutes. That gives you more time for working together and for effecting the solutions to problems that once seemed to defy you or your loved ones. The bonus […]

Breakthrough vs 7 Cups of Tea

Breakthrough vs. 7 Cups of Tea – Professionalism vs. Community

The Breakthrough Confidential Online Counseling and Therapy site broke barriers as it increased access to professional therapists to an increasingly large online population of distressed people. Digital technology enables clients to use hard-to-describe opportunities to get the mental health support that they need, when they are able to seek it out. Breakthrough’s format utilizes such […]

Counseling Relationship

The Counseling Relationship in Online Psychotherapy: What Does the Research Say?

My previous article on online counseling defined and explored the impact of technological counseling on the nature of the therapeutic relationship. This article takes this discussion a bit deeper through exploring some of the research into establishing and maintaining a counseling relationship in online psychotherapy. As discussed in the previous article, the relationship between counselor […]

Therapy encryption

How Safe and Secure is Chat Therapy?

You’re vulnerable when you reach out to a therapist. Confiding your sorrows and other problems to a stranger is a scary tangle of trust issues and self- plus public respect. In today’s digital age of piracy and hacking nightmares, though, your concern for confidentiality is further endangered by morally bankrupt hackers who expose defenseless people […]