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Dr. Noelani Rodrigues

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Aloha & welcome to my page. Do you feel like you have lost your way – that nothing feels quite right – or that the past seems to be repeating itself? My view is that we all begin from a place of wholeness, but we sometimes lose belief in ourselves along the way. I have the depth of professional and life experience to see and work with you as a unique individual. Let me be a... Read More
Aloha & welcome to my page. Do you feel like you have lost your way – that nothing feels quite right – or that the past seems to be repeating itself? My view is that we all begin from a place... Read More
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An Overview of Mental Health in Auburn, Washington

Auburn, Washington is a large suburban area with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and attractions for its residents to enjoy and outdoor trails and parks designed to let residents experience nature without having to leave the city. It features a large downtown area where the community gather to participate in large events, including the famous Veterans’ Day Parade. The Muckleshoot Reservation is located within Auburn as well and includes the Muckleshoot Casino. Located mostly in King County, the city is a short drive to both Seattle and Tacoma. Auburn is home to 80,776 residents who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The citizens of Auburn have a median household income that is consistent with the national average at $64,400. However, the poverty rate is higher than the country as a whole with 13.6 percent of people living below the poverty line. The city also has a very high crime rate of 51 per 1,000 people. This rate is one on the highest in the entire nation, and your chances of being a victim of a crime in Auburn is 1 in 20. These statistics reveal that the citizens of Auburn experience their share of struggles and are prone to mental health issues. Accessing treatment is essential for these residents to deal with these mental health challenges in a healthy manner.

Mental Health Risk Factors in Auburn

While mental health issues are spread out among all demographics of people, there are certain populations within Auburn with whom these issues are likely to be more prevalent. Identifying these risk factors help health professionals and authorities know where to focus their efforts.


Minorities in Auburn are poorer than their white counterparts with the highest poverty rates occurring with pacific islanders at 51.33 percent. The majority of Auburn residents are white with 68.2 percent reporting to be white alone. The second largest reported race is Hispanics at 14.4 percent. While only 9.72 percent of whites live in poverty, 29.33 percent of Hispanics live below the poverty line. Since poverty is linked to mental illness, this indicates that metal health issues are very common among Hispanics living in Auburn. Additionally, only 56.77 percent of Hispanic students graduate from high school. There is a strong correlation between youth mental illness and high school dropout rates, which reveals Hispanic youths are likely struggling with mental illnesses as well.

Substance Abuse

King County, including Auburn, has seen a rise in substance abuse issues with the rate of fatal overdoses rising by 58 percent. Opiates are the main type of drug to blame, especially heroin. Auburn specifically experiences an 85.21 percent increase in the amount of heroin the Auburn Police Department seized from 2014 to 2015 and a 24.21 increase in cases that involved a controlled substance from 2012 to 2016. Substance abuse issues are often linked to mental health issues. People who suffer from a mental illness might try to self-medicate by taking drugs, which can lead to addiction, homelessness, and other severe consequences.

The Challenge of Finding a Suitable Therapist in Auburn, Washington

Residents in Auburn experiencing a mental health issue struggle to find treatment for their problems. The stigma surrounding mental health, lack of access to care, and no insurance are some of the factors that can prevent someone from receiving assistance from a mental health provider. In Washington as a whole, there are 330 residents per every provider. The number of providers available to citizens countrywide is only expected to get worse as more psychiatrists near their retirement and less professionals are willing to enter the field.  In Auburn, 10.8 percent of the population does not have health insurance which can contribute to cost being a barrier for people who are trying to get treatment for mental illnesses. The consequences of people not receiving care is severe with issues including suicide, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Find a Therapist in Auburn

Residents of Auburn living with mental illnesses can find the help they need locating a therapist by visiting E-Counseling. Their easy-to-use website includes a directory of therapists available to people in Auburn, Washington and other surrounding areas. Check out the site today, and make the decision to change your life for the better and battle your mental health issues with the help of a qualified professional near you!