Scott Alpert
Scott Alpert
Scott Alpert

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About Me

Dr. Scott Alpert has worked at the first Mental Health Urgent Care Center in the country and treated over 7,000 people in a ten year period there. He has written two self-help books. He is a lecturer and has appeared on National Radio. His education is in Spiritual Psychology - a newer branch of Psychology that mixes and matches a minimum of ten Psychological approaches. He attended the University of Santa Monica who's focus is on the underlying core issues at the root of addiction and mood disorders. What was incredible about this school was the student boy practiced the approach on each other and not only did they heal profoundly, but it showed Dr. Alpert a great format to use with people who needed treatment. Dr. Alpert started his career using the 12 Step model, but as he continued his education he strictly used a Psychological approach. In 2013 Dr. Alpert opened a Residential treatment facility in Washington State using this approach exclusively. In 2017, he opened Basic Steps Mental Health, an Outpatient facility that helps people, more long-term. He realized that one or two months of treatment was a good start, but ongoing treatment showed better odds of success. The Basic Steps Mental Health program doesn't feel like a program because it is educational in its scope. We teach people the psychological tools that they can use on themselves! Basic Steps Mental Health offers a three-day a week program, a five-day a week program, individual and couples, and family sessions. Major insurance plans are accepted. This treatment takes a current emotional reaction, rides it back in time, and treats the core issues. This is treatment the way you always wanted.

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