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Dr. Kimberly Walsh

Dr. Kimberly Walsh, PsyD, MSCP

Do you want to make changes in your life? Feel better? Be more productive? Deal with conflict and stress effectively? Our lives are so busy these days and it seems we are constantly expected to do more and be more. Setting aside time for self-care is critical to meeting life's ever-increasing challenges with grace and resilience. I am a Utah licensed psychologist with over 20 years of Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 28 years

Samantha Acosta

Samantha Acosta, LIMHP, LMFT

Hello- My name is Samantha Acosta I am a Licensed independent Mental Health Practitioner(LIMHP) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT) in the state of Nebraska, and a LMFT in the state of Utah. I started my practice in a community mental health agency in the state of Utah gaining perspective and understanding of how poverty, addiction and Trauma, can truly impact a family dynamic. I have worked with families and individuals who have Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 3 years

Wendy Reiersen

Wendy Reiersen, MS, CMHC

Hello. :) Pleased to meet you. I am a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I have a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Mental Health Counselors are trained to take a positive and proactive approach to helping people. I believe that you have a lot of potential, and the answers for you will be found within you. My role is to guide you and help you to tap into your inner strengths, and you have Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 11 years

Erin Vasquez

Erin Vasquez, LCSW, LISW, LMHP

Understanding a persons story is the foundation to healing. I have over 20 years experience with a bachelor degree in psychology and a master degree in social work. I am a license clinical social worker and licensed independent social worker (LCSW, LISW) . I have been married for 42 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My husband is a retired United States Marine and we have lived from coast to coast. I Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 20 years

Eliana Downing

Eliana Downing, LCSW

I was raised in Peru. I attended Brigham Young University and graduated with my Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Social Work. I married while in school and raised six children. I started work at a state social services agency, working for children and families. I attended the University of Utah and earned my Master Degree in Social Work. I have worked as a therapist, most recently in Read More...
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  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Experience: 3 years

Suzanne Sexton

Suzanne Sexton, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Salt Lake City with over 25yrs years of experience working as a therapist and life coach. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1992. I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, grief and female issues. I enjoy working with people to help them be all that they can be, and have Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 26 years

An Overview of Mental Health in Orem, Utah

Orem, Utah, is home to almost 100,000 people, almost evenly split between male and female. The median age in the area is just over 26 years old, lower than the average in Utah of 30 years. The median income is slightly lower than the rest of the state at $59,776. The city is made up of a small percentage of American Indians and Pacific Islanders, with larger populations of Caucasian and Hispanic citizens.

The cost of living in Orem, Utah, is slightly less than the national average at 86.4. Home sales have been on an upswing since 2009 and a large percentage of the population have a high school diploma or higher, at almost 93 percent. Close to 60 percent of the population is married while the divorce rate is only at seven percent.

While life in Orem, Utah, seems to be positive on the outside, the city has its fair share of crime in the form of rape, robbery, assault and burglaries. There are also fewer police officers per resident in Orem compared to the rest of the state.

Because of the proximity to the Salt Lake Valley and the yearly inversion and heavy pollution, the air quality in Orem, Utah is poor compared to the rest of the country. This can lead to heavy depression through the winter months, also known as seasonal affective disorder, common in women, people age 15-55 and those who live in an area with shorter daylight hours such as Orem.

In the United States, there is a rate of 19.3 percent of self-reported lifetime depression, while Utah cities come in significantly higher at 22.5 percent. Women in Utah are more likely to have depression diagnosed by a doctor, along with white adults.

High Suicide Rates in Orem, Utah

Every year, over 4500 Utahans try to commit suicide and an average of 578 succeed. This creates a major public health issue in Utah. On average, 12 Utahans are treated each day for suicide attempts while two die on average every day. Utah males are more likely to commit suicide, and most emergency department visits for suicide are caused by job problems, criminal problems, school problems and intimate partner problems.

For youth ages 10-17, suicide is the leading cause of death in Utah. This makes the national average for the state more than 60 percent above the average in the rest of the United States. Experts believe religion, LGBTQ issues and technology factor into the high suicide rates in Utah.

Mental Health Resources in Orem, Utah

The state has 20 suicide crisis hotlines that receive almost 2,000 chats and tips per month. In 2018, the legislative session required the local schools to increase funding for suicide prevention programs to $1,000 per student. This is in a state that seriously lacks access to mental health care with one counselor available for every 2,333 students.

Mental health problems are not limited to any demographic, religion, ethnicity or gender. America loses $193 billion in earnings each year because of mental illnesses, highlighting the fact that it is important to deal with mental health problems early. Common problems that affect the people of Orem, Utah include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Drug addiction, specifically opioids

Professionals encourage family members to watch for signs of dramatic mood changes, withdrawal from family and friends, feelings of hopelessness, an obsession with death or dying, unusual anger or rage and anxious or agitated feelings. These may all be signs of an individual that needs help fighting a mental illness.

The Challenge of Finding a Suitable Therapist in Orem, Utah

Despite efforts by local government and health professionals, the reality is that Orem and the rest of the state of Utah seriously lack in the mental health resources needed to treat conditions that can quickly become dangerous. Many who require treatment find themselves waiting 6-8 weeks for an appointment with a specialist or therapist.

Mental illness can be a lifelong condition or just caused by a traumatic occurrence in your life like a divorce, job loss or death. No matter what you are dealing with, finding the right therapist can make all the difference in your quality of life. At, we’ve created a directory of therapists in Orem, Utah, to help you find one that will fit your budget, your personality and your treatment goals.