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An Overview of Mental Health in Millcreek, Utah

Located in warm, beautiful Salt Lake County, Millcreek is a cozy, rural township in the northern region of Utah. Founded in 1848 by the Smith family, Millcreek achieved most of its growth following World War II, as industry moved into the area from nearby Salt Lake. The town boasts stunning natural vistas and a moderate climate, but residents also face a variety of mental health problems.

Causes of Mental Illness in Millcreek

Millcreek, Utah, is facing a mental health crisis. Residents are suffering from an increase in mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety disorders. In surrounding Salt Lake County, 15.7 percent of residents reported having seven or more poor mental health days per month. According to a study by the Salt Lake County Health Department, local mental health services are woefully lacking compared to the need. They estimated that over 35 thousand adults and another 12,500 children require present or future mental health services, yet there are only 372 mental health providers per 100,000 people in this area.

Therapy is one of the best ways to combat mental health complications, but with so few therapists, access can become a serious barrier. Those who need treatment the most are often at the greatest disadvantage when it comes to actually finding help. Transportation, scheduling, and financial strain are some of the worst culprits and often go hand in hand. People undergoing serious work stress, for example, may be unable to take time off for therapy, or may find that taking time off creates a hole in their budget that they can’t afford.

Though most insurance companies cover therapy in some form, it can also be difficult to find a therapist that works for you who accepts your specific form of insurance. Some private therapists don’t work with insurance companies at all, or only accept certan major companies. Other cases may require you to pay out of pocket for your services, then submit a form for reimbursement to your insurance company. This can be difficult for patients who can’t afford the up-front costs.

Divorce in Millcreek

One of the biggest complaints facing Millcreek residents is divorce. Nearly 12 percent of Millcreek residents over the age of 15 are divorced. Some of the most common factors that lead to divorce include difference in parenting styles, financial management, and future priorities. Though the median income for Millcreek households is slightly above the national average, property values are sky high, which can lead to stress, especially among young newlyweds, when it comes to saving up for a home. The cost of living in Millcreek is also higher than average, leading to potential problems simply paying for everyday expenses.

Does Therapy Really Help?

Though it may not save every marriage, couples’ therapy is an important tool for any couple who might be struggling. Whether the lawyers have already been called or you’re just going through your first major fight, a therapist can help you sort through the negative emotions and take a step back from the situation. If you think your marriage can be saved, therapy is a great way to show your partner you still care and mediate your differences. If, however, you think the marriage is unsalvageable, it’s still important to seek therapy. Therapists can help couples to part ways amicably, even if the divorce is unavoidable, but they can also help individuals to overcome the stress and mental impact of divorce.

If there are children involved, it’s especially important to seek a therapist’s help to avoid causing future problems for the child, as well. You can talk to your therapist, either together or individually, to discuss ways to protect the child’s mental health. It may also be a good idea to bring the child to see a therapist on their own. Seeking therapy early is one of the best ways to combat future mental health issues. An adequate therapist specializing in children’s mental health can help your child to process their emotions and express their own concerns throughout the divorce process.

Finding Help in Millcreek, Utah

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