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For over ten years I have enjoyed working with youth in camps, schools and the community. For nearly eight years I have worked at multiple youth residential treatment center. For two of those years I was a counselor. For five years I was a paraprofessional in the academic program. I am currently employed as a mental health therapist.

Ever since I was young my friends knew that they could come to me to talk about their problems. Some friends even referred to me as their “bartender.” Since then I knew that I wanted to help others overcome their problems. I have always been physically fit, but I didn’t appreciate it. Until 2004 when I contracted a very rare disease called Guillain Barre. It completely paralyzed me. Through my months of physical therapy I discovered the power the mind has over the body as I was able to push my body to limits that doctors couldn’t have expected. I worked to a miraculous recovery. Defying all doubt and criticism both from within and from others, I was able to continue to improve my body and mind to excel in sports and academics. Through coaching and playing I discovered even more the importance between the connection of the mind and body. This drive and passion led me in attaining a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Physical education – mind and body.

I am a certified personal trainer and I continued my education to become a therapist as I worked to get my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Beyond this education, I have years of experience working in both of these diverse fields.

After getting licensed as an Clinical Mental Health Counselor I began working as a therapist at multiple addiction and treatment centers, both outpatient and inpatient. Through my experience and education I have created a therapeutic tool that incorporates physical exercises to assist in the treatment of mental health issues. This program is called Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) and can benefit a client by helping their body to heal from hormone and neuro-chemical deficiencies caused by their disorder.

I took my skills and knowledge to improve the businesses that I have worked for. I have been able to market to multiple different outlets, both in fitness and mental health. My unique experience has drawn in clients who wouldn’t normally participate in a therapeutic program. I don’t want to just work for an amazing company; I want to be a catalyst in its growth and success.

  • License Number: 8671479-6004
  • License Type: CMHC
  • License State: Utah
  • Experience: 5 years
  • Languages: English

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