Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon

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About Me

My passion as a therapist is to help individuals, couples, and families make healthy and happy decisions that will benefit their lives. My style as a therapist is an extension of myself: warm, genuine, easy, and accepting. I try to foster an open, understanding, non-judgmental atmosphere wherein people can feel relaxed and comfortable as they work through their thoughts and feelings. I always strive to provide my professional opinion, knowledge, and experience, while still supporting and encouraging clients to move forward at their own pace toward achieving goals that are important to them.

I work with many issues, but anxiety and trauma are what I work with the most. With these I try to help clients heal the cause of their suffering, rather than simply providing temporary symptom relief. For this to occur we can do many things, including EMDR or energy tapping, which don't require clients to re-live or fully disclose their trauma.

If for any reason you are hesitant to discuss your feelings or your past, or if your spouse or other family member feels this way, we can still move toward healing without it, using EMDR, tapping or biofeedback, which don’t require full disclosure from clients in order for healing to occur. Contact me for a free consultation! I also speak Spanish if needed.

My Location

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