Rehna Schuyler
Rehna Schuyler
(385) 217-7821
Rehna Schuyler

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About Me

My work with clients starts at the heart using a strength-based, person-centered approach. Navigating life's uncertainties and learning how to grow through difficult times can be challenging. Past events in our lives are part of our story, but they are not the entire story and they do not define our whole life. I embrace people and their stories with an open heart and innate sensitivity. Creating a safe and nonjudgmental environment to explore relationship and life patterns that are no longer serving you is of utmost importance to me. Therapy is a journey that we can take together, navigating the challenges in a collaborative way.

My goal is to help guide clients through challenging life transitions gracefully. My interests include working with women, couples, and transforming trauma. I have a heartfelt connection to helping people heal from trauma and am passionate about working with the unique set of challenges facing the LGBTQIA+ population.

Transformational healing doesn't happen in isolation. I truly enjoy working with people to guide the process of connecting with the truest version of themselves in therapy. I help clients learn how to transform pain into peace by providing a safe place to heal through compassion and love.

My Location

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