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Amanda  Francis

Amanda Francis , LPC

Welcome! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Connecticut with 7 years of experience in varied settings including inpatient, outpatient, and private practice. I earned my Master's degree from Southern CT State University and since 2011, I have worked with young adults, families, and individuals. I sincerely love building relationships with my clients and empowering them to become the very best version of themselves. I look forward to sharing with you my Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 6 years

Alex  Boianghu

Alex Boianghu, LPC, EMDR

Being a psychotherapist for over 25 years, I have had the honor and privilege of working with individuals, couples, and families providing holistic support for all of life’s challenges. I deeply love what I do and I bring all of my education, experience, and most of all compassion and understanding to help you understand yourself. From my perspective, the goal of therapy is to let go of outdated ways of living that make you feel Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 28 years

Kelley Machado

Kelley Machado, LCSW

Hello, my name is Kelley Machado, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Connecticut. You may wonder what does Licensed Clinical Social Worker mean, what does that allow me to do? As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have the unique opportunity to help people work through various points in their lives. In the years I have been a social worker I have worked with various populations of people from many Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 0 years

Mary Delorenzo

Mary Delorenzo, MS, LPC, BSW

My name is Mary DeLorenzo, LPC, Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health. I have experience with Individuals, young mothers, couples and elderly. I have a solution focused approach, CBT and mindfulness practice are evidence based therapies , which i have found to be very helpful. Now that we have that out of the way... It's important to know I have experienced many different seasons of life, I understand we all are on Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 10 years

James Julian

James Julian, PhD, LPC

Hi! I am Jim Julian and hold a doctorate in General Psychology and am licensed in the state of Connecticut. It has been my pleasure to work with people who might have more personal distress than they wish to handle alone. My treatment approach can vary from person to person depending on their wants and needs. However, I am a Humanist at heart and have a positive view of human nature. Therefore my approach could Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 17 years

Stephanie Noto

Stephanie Noto, LPC, MFT, M.ED

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of CT with 15years of experience in the mental health field. My area of expertise has been with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, anger, trauma, grief , self esteem, and family & relationship issues. This has been through my work providing individual, family, couples and group therapy with the adult population in both a Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 15 years

Heather Revill

Heather Revill, MS, LPC

Welcome! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor that believes in working collaboratively with her clients to meet goals set forth by the client. The journey to wellness includes validation, empowerment, and a comfortable therapeutic relationship to allow you to grow and reach each goal that you set. I specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution Focused approaches that allow you to get specific about your goals and empower you to achieve them, however I do not believe Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 5 years

Alicia Murray

Alicia Murray, MS, LMHC

I am a licensed mental health counselor in New York with over 5 years of experience working as a chemical dependency therapist, a case manager for veterans with severe mental illness, and a therapist in private practice. I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including trauma, addiction, life transitions, depression, anxiety, coping with severe mental illness, family dynamics, and couples counseling. I also helped many people who have experienced physical trauma Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 5 years

Stephen Witte

Stephen Witte, LCSW-R

I am a clinical social worker, licensed in Connecticut and New York State. I have been helping individuals, couples and families grow and change over my entire 40 year career. Change can be frightening to contemplate, but in reality change is normal. People grow and change on a daily basis as we learn, adapt and grow wiser and gain more experience. Often, being human, we make mistakes or we find that our lives Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 35 years

Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker, LPC, MA

As an experienced Connecticut Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling I have experience in helping clients reduce, navigate and prevent anxiety, panic attacks, OCD symptoms, depression. I also have experience in treating trauma and in reducing reactivity to triggers of trauma. I also counsel clients with mood disorders and can help clients learn how to self regulate. I have worked with adolescents, college students, adults Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 0 years

Overview of Mental Health Resources in Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut. It is also known as the insurance capital of the world. Insurance is the main industry in the city. Believe it or not, Hartford used to be one of the richest cities in the country following the Civil War. However, is now ranks as one of the poorest cities in the United States.

The median household income is only $30,000. This reflects the outrageous poverty level of 32%. Today, 3 out of every 10 families are living in poverty in Hartford. Because of the rough conditions there, more people are leaving the city versus coming to the city.

If you don’t work in the insurance industry, chances are you’ll have a hard time finding a job in Hartford. And, most of the insurance jobs are taken by people from out of town. This does little to help the local economy.

Mental Health Statistics for Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is a small city. The population is only 124,000 people. A lot of these people are living in poverty and are hit hard by financial stressors. They don’t have medical insurance so, when they are suffering from a serious mental illness, they don’t have the resources to get help.

Hartford (and Connecticut in general) used to have one of the best mental health systems in the country. Over the last decade, however, lack of funding has caused this system to seriously decline.

Impact of Not Receiving Treatment in Hartford

Connecticut has identified some of the major problems when it comes to mental health. Their focus is really on the economic situation of most of its population. They simply don’t have the access or information to obtain necessary mental health treatment.

A lack of mental health resources can lead to:

  • Suicide
  • Divorce
  • Homelessness
  • Unemployment
  • Cyclical poverty
  • Substance abuse

When people are worried about feeding their family, things like mental health take a back seat. This is the problem in Hartford. The State has already said there is a lack of funding. Sadly, they don’t have a solution for this.

What Makes Hartford Unique When It Comes to Mental Health?

People in Hartford have to worry about day to day survival. The last thing they have time to worry about is getting mental health treatment. With poverty levels close to 32%, it is understandable that people put their mental health on the back burner.

  • Culture: The culture in Hartford is just like every other poor city in the country. The people who have good jobs and education have left the city and rarely come there unless it’s for work.
  • Economic: The poverty level is so high in this city, people have a hard time putting food on the table.
  • Climate: The climate in seasonal. There are mild springs and hot summers. Fall in Connecticut is one of the most beautiful sights you could ever behold. The winters are rough – they are very cold and snowy.

Divorce Rate in Hartford, Connecticut

The divorce rate in Connecticut is about 11%. One reason is that there are so few people who come to the city to get married. Most people leave as soon as they can. These numbers would probably be even higher but people can’t afford to get divorced.

Poverty is one of the biggest issues when it comes to marriage. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce. People in Hartford have more than their share of this.

Mental Health Resources in Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford has its share of mental health issues. People are suffering and don’t have the insurance to get help. The system is lacking in funding and people on Medicaid just don’t have access to mental health resources.

There are about 421 mental health professionals for every 100,000 people in Hartford. This is one of the higher ratios we see for a city of this size. The problem isn’t the number of mental health professionals. It is a matter of having the money to afford mental health treatment. It also has to do with people’s frustration with the system so they are afraid to reach out to find information about mental health. If they had a place to get information quickly, they would be more likely to seek the mental health treatment they need.

E-Counseling Solves the Challenge of Finding a Therapist in Hartford

E-Counseling believes that everybody deserves good mental health treatment. People in Hartford are frustrated and tired of suffering. If they had access to a one-stop resource for mental health information ,they may be more liable to get the help they need. It is important that E-counseling provide this much needed information in it’s directory.