Lori Carpenos
Lori Carpenos
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Lori Carpenos

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About Me

I received my MFT license in 1985 and learned about a spiritual psychology that is non-religious but goes to the heart of psychology - that explains how we experience life through the workings of 3 Principles: Mind, Thought and Consciousness. I had been depressed for most of my adult life at that point, and took it as normal but what I learned was that I and everyone else has an innate mental well-being that simply gets covered up. I enrolled in a year-long post graduate program shortly after my depression literally disappeared as I explored deeper into the workings of the mind. I now had something very valuable to share with my future clients.

As a result, I don't believe in diagnosing people with a label, but that is necessary for people who want to use their insurance benefits. My mentor said, "in the future there will be one diagnosis, the misuse of the ability to think." I have found that to be absolutely true as I have witnessed this fact with my clients and clients of my colleagues, all featured in: www.3PGC.org which is open to everyone to join as a free member to watch videos and read research studies. There is also a practitioner list there and you can work remotely with many.

I love sharing what I found about the human experience and watching people have their own transformational insights. Negative behaviors then drop away on their own; no will-power or techniques, just understanding how the human experience works. I ask that clients (students, mentees) read at least two of these books before coming to see me: www.sydbanks.com, Simple, easy to read books that are extraordinarily profound in their ability to wake people up to their spiritual essence.

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