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Audra D'Eliso

Audra D'Eliso, MS, LPC

My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't always change difficult situations, past or present, we can work together to heal the scars of the past, eliminate negative self-beliefs, and explore new possibilities. I can help you to better understand and resolve day-to-day challenges as well as discover behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 7 years

Eric Felber

Eric Felber, LPC

Looking for practical wisdom and guidance? I'm here to help sort through the wreckage of our past, get centered and grounded in the present and develop a newfound clarity towards an inspirational future. Through courage, compassion, and a lot of curiosity, we will find a better more fulfilling and fulfilled path. Life requires a lot of tough decisions and I would like to be on your side to help you make them. For over Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 10 years

Gregory Hayes

Gregory Hayes, LCSW

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your counselor. I have had 20 plus years working with individuals, couples and families, many of whom were experiencing acute distress, hopelessness, and were generally in some type of crisis; typically, they presented with complex and difficult problems often involving the courts, child welfare agencies, etc... Therefore, out of necessity I have learned how to promptly identify core problematic issues, connect with the person(s) Read More...
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  • Languages: English
  • Experience: 25 years

Overview to Mental Health professionals in Gilbert, Arizona                    

Located southeast of Phoenix in the East Valley, Gilbert, AZ is the most populous incorporated area in the United States. Due to the popularity, this area has seen an explosion of population growth in the past several decades resulting in an annual population growth of 13% for consecutive decades. Now, 247,600 residents call this family-friendly area home as it was recently ranked as the 2nd Safest City and the 22nd Best Places to Live. Gilbert was also named the 1st Most Prosperous City in the United States and ranked 1st in Place to Raise a Family in Arizona. Additionally, Gilbert’s school district was ranked 4th Best School District in America by National Council for Home Safety and Security and boast 11 A+ Schools of Excellence. The area boasts an atmosphere in which citizens and tourist can enjoy experiences of the West in the Heritage District while feeling safe in their surroundings.

But life is not perfect for those living in Gilbert as a nationally ranked divorce rank, increased suicide rate, and mental health problems are issues that need to be addressed. The state of Arizona is a no-fault state in which neither spouse needs to give a reason for the divorce but needs to declare that the marriage is broken. Due to this type of law, the state was recently ranked 13th-highest rate of divorce in the country. Yet, Gilbert has another unfortunate title as the state’s hotspot for opioid and heroin addiction for the past decade. With drug addictions and a mental health crisis, the citizens of Gilbert face several growing problems including suicide. The rate of suicide increased threefold during 2000-2010. In 2000, the area saw only 7 suicides during the year and by 2011, it was as high as 31 deaths. On average, the Gilbert Police Department reports that they receive four suicide threats or attempts weekly. Youth suicides are on the rise as well in Gilbert. In a six week span during one summer, Gilbert lost teenagers through seven suicides – six by hanging – which resulted in educational suicide alertness training within the public school system.

With mental health issues, along with an increase of divorce and suicide, our Gilbert therapists can provide support as well as enhance coping methods for those feeling anxious, grief, and stress management along with other personal problems. Mental health wellness is important for you and your family’s well-being and we welcome you to take the first step to receive help. You are unique and the issues that you suffer from and need to be treated as such. Whether you suffer from an eating disorder or feel that you may have bipolar disease, you will need to research and interview your potential therapist. Together, our therapists guide you to a solution and empower you to become successful in your journey. Investing time to review the practitioners’ bios and blogs on our site is an important step in learning more about each therapist, their skill set and style. While you navigate our website, consider the following questions:

•    Why am I seeking help?
•    What are my goals in therapy?
•    Am I more comfortable with a man or a woman?
•    Are there any personal aspects I’m not willing to discuss?
•    Do I want to be able to lead the discussion, or have it led?
•    How long do I plan to attend therapy?
•    Does my problem need extra specialization?

Your mental health, along with your physical health, defines your overall well-being. Together, we can help identify and help manage mental illness issues as our therapists help individuals and couples transition during difficult times. It is important that when you select your final choice for your therapist, pay attention to their office hours and certifications to ensure that they are able to assess your needs. All of these attributes will aid in the success of your treatment. You need to feel comfortable with your therapist as well as having the ability to keep your appointments.

There are years of collected experiences that you carry with you and it takes courage to receive help. During this period, your journey to well-being may take a few months to a year as each mental health issue is complex and took time to develop. We will respect your rights during your treatment series. Our professionals’ mission is to help guide you through the barriers and opportunities and make effective changes that provide long-lasting solutions. It is time to take control of your life which is what matters the most and if you are feeling lost, unable to resolve stress and frustration, our Gilbert therapist can help. Today, by visiting our directory on our website, you are one step closer to a newer, healthier you.