Rachel White

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About Me

I specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy and work with individuals, couples, and families to develop healthy communication strategies, address relational issues (i.e., infidelity, trust, attachment, parenting, boundaries), and decrease feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. I utilize a systems perspective, which highlights processing our patterned experiences throughout our lives (i.e., in relationships; work/life balance; stress; anxiety; how we take care of ourselves).The goal is typically to create new patterns that feel healthy and positive. I am known for creating a safe, empowering space.

My specialty areas include:

***Couples/families in a rut, with continuous communication, conflict, trust,& infidelity issues ***High achieving adults that want to explore issues with relationships, career, finances, family, work/life balance,& parenting ***Women experiencing overwhelm, depression, anxiety, motherhood challenges & emotions related, postpartum ***First responders & military personnel/families. As a military wife, I am passionate about serving military & 1st responders and families, coping with experienced trauma together, & competing work and home life.

In totality, I encourage all clients to ensure that their therapist feels like a good fit. Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

My Location

static image of 18301 North 79th Avenue, Suite B125, Glendale, Arizona
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